Experience Alex 2022.07 at La Suite BCN, Barcelona’s exclusive brothel

barcelona senior brothel

The first stop of summer travel is Barcelona, Spain. In the evening, we visited the high-end brothel La Suite BCN. I got off the tram at Barcelona-Sants station on a Saturday night, walked east and within a few minutes I was at the brothel. Ring the bell in front of the door and enter. The […]

Aspects of Kiev’s nightlife Jiaojiao 2019.01

Kiev's Porn place

Ukraine is a famous country with beautiful women in the world. This diary provides a comprehensive overview of nightclubs in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. For tourists who come to Kiev for the first time, after reading this notebook, they can fully grasp the whole picture of Kiev nightclubs and experience the nightlife of the capital […]

Zurich FKK Globe revisits Alex 2022.09

Zurich FKK Globe

On this trip to Zurich and Zermatt, I checked out the FKK Globe again. This time, I didn’t bring Swiss francs with me, so I paid the whole trip in Euros. I arrived in FKK at 7:30pm on a Friday night. To pay the entrance fee, the price was 95 Swiss francs, and the reception […]

Introduction of nightclubs in Oslo, the capital of Norway Shirafu 2020.04

Striptease shops in Oslo

Norway is a small country located in the western part of Northern Europe, bordering Sweden to the east and Denmark to the south. The capital, Oslo, is located on Norway’s south coast, surrounded by sea and greenery. The city has many resources such as museums and art galleries, attracting countless tourists to come for sightseeing. […]

Brothel Shirafu in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania 2021.07

The brothel of Vilnius

Lithuania is the southernmost country among the three Baltic countries, and borders Belarus, Poland, and Latvia, the great beauty countries. In the capital, Vilnius, there are many nightclubs that operate behind closed doors. There are estimated to be around 3,000 women working in the sex industry in Vilnius. There are not many local girls, most […]

Prague Brothel ShowPark MARKET Inspection Alex 2022.08

Prague brothels

This time I came to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a world-famous tourist city, where there are many unique buildings like Minaret and Prague City. Like other Eastern European cities, Prague’s prices are low; at the same time, the security is good. The sex industry is also thriving. Probably because there […]

Underground brothel inspection in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia Twin Peaks 2021.03

Underground brothels in Tbilisi

“Nightclub Overview” Store name: Sabudara Hotel Club Type: Brothel Price: 170 lari Address: 13 Tskalsadeni St, T’bilisi, Georgia Hidden inside the Sabudara Hotel, the brothel operates under the guise of a restaurant. Sabudara Hotel is out of the city center, get off at Sarajishvili station by metro and walk for 10 minutes. It is worth […]

Strip huts and erotic massages in Helsinki Sausage Lovers 2023.01

Helsinki erotic massage

This time, I investigated nightclubs in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and found some of the weirdest nightclubs in Northern Europe. Finland is located at the northernmost tip of Northern Europe and borders Russia. You can often hear people speaking Russian on the street. In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, the streets are neat and […]

Nightclub Shirafu in Vladivostok 2020.07

Sex venues in Vladivostok

Compared with Moscow, most of the girls in Vladivostok are unpretentious, kind-hearted and warm to others. Fengyue Field in Vladivostok (1) Primorye Hotel Primorye offers its guests a unique form of sexual service. Ladies wait for guests in a room in the hotel. When a male guest checks in, the front desk will immediately notify […]

Cologne FKK Samya Current Situation Survey Alex 2022.12

Cologne FKK

I went to FKK Samya on Sunday evening for a status check. Official website: Samya Address: https://goo.gl/maps/iCcv4WiS286Qfwb9A. I took tram U16 from Cologne tram terminal and got off at Michealshoven station, then walked for about 10 minutes to reach FKK. I went in at 7pm and the ticket was raised from 50 euros in May […]