“Nightclub Overview”
Store name: Sabudara Hotel
Club Type: Brothel
Price: 170 lari
Address: 13 Tskalsadeni St, T’bilisi, Georgia
Hidden inside the Sabudara Hotel, the brothel operates under the guise of a restaurant.
Sabudara Hotel is out of the city center, get off at Sarajishvili station by metro and walk for 10 minutes.
It is worth noting that from the subway station to the brothel, you have to cross a wide road, but there is no sidewalk to cross the road. Cars are driving at high speeds, so extra care should be taken when crossing the road.
My companion and I arrived in front of the hotel at 10:30 in the evening and mustered up the courage to enter.
Hotel and Restaurant written on wooden signboard. There are a few cabins with lights inside, which should be the rooms.
After entering the gate, turn right and there is a bar.
The two of us entered the bar. The whole bar is divided into two sections by a screen, the left area has a bar counter, and the girls basically wait for customers in the right area.
We bought a glass of beer at the bar, drank it while walking, and went to the right area to find a lady.
Before coming here, according to a friend, there are many young and beautiful ladies here. But most of the ladies at this time are aunts, maybe we came too late.
We sat down at an empty table, and a lady next to me started talking to us. The young lady has fair skin and a dignified appearance, which is considered pretty compared to other young ladies. But judging from the nasolabial folds on her face, she should be around 35 years old. The lady quoted 170Lari to go to the room to have sex, the price is still cheap.
I found a young and beautiful lady among the ladies, but the lady’s eyes were dull and her expression was very cold. She was originally a beauty, did she take some kind of drug? It seems to be disillusioned, what a pity.
After that, ladies with heavy makeup, frivolous behavior and moderately plump bodies came to the bar one after another.
Neither my partner nor I wanted to have sex here, so we decided to leave.
The two returned to the city by subway.

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