Columbia nightclub experience He Sanyang 2021.05

columbia nightclub

Walking on the streets of Colombia, you can see the police everywhere. It can be seen that the law and order in Colombia is not optimistic. However, the sex industry in Colombia is very developed, with many nightclubs, escort services, street girls and so on. This time, I tried Medellin’s Go-Go Bar and Bogota’s escort […]

Tijuana Strip Club Hong Kong Status Conch 2022.08

Tijuana strip clubs

What is the status of Hong Kong Club, a strip club in Tijuana after the epidemic? To find out, I did fieldwork. The results of the investigation are now summarized in this note. “Beer sold outside the store from 10 p.m.” By 10pm, the number of guests peaked. At this time, beer is sold at […]

Striptease clubs in Guam Shirafu 2020.12

Striptease clubs in Guam

When you come to Guam, you have to experience a strip club In Guam, there are 30-40 strip clubs, about half of which are very popular with customers. Most of the guests are locals or tourists from Europe. Compared with strip clubs in other places, the biggest feature here is that you can take dancers […]