Walking on the streets of Colombia, you can see the police everywhere. It can be seen that the law and order in Colombia is not optimistic. However, the sex industry in Colombia is very developed, with many nightclubs, escort services, street girls and so on.
This time, I tried Medellin’s Go-Go Bar and Bogota’s escort service separately.
Medellin’s Go-Go Bar “Discoteca FaseⅡ” Experience
While at Medellin, I went to the Go-Go bar “Discoteca FaseⅡ” in the evening. The store is near the tram stop “Industriales” and not far from the Premium Plaza commercial center.
After paying 25,000 COP, enter the store. The store is very large and there are many customers visiting. The shop is a bit old. There are hundreds of women in the hall, some dancing and some walking. After the dance, the dancers approached the guests to ask for tips. Some guests and their companions watch the lady while drinking; some guests negotiate the price with the lady. Very confusing.
I find a place to sit down, buy a glass of beer, and drink while watching the dancing girls and the women walking around. The dancers danced well, not in a haphazard way like in a typical Go-Go bar, but in a rehearsed way. The dance itself attracted many guests, and as a reward, many guests paid tips.
Feel, the atmosphere here is a Go-Go bar, a brothel and a strip club all rolled into one.
At the end of a dance, a lady came to ask for a tip. One of the girls was pretty, so I negotiated sex with her. Finally, it was sold at 150,000 COP.
After paying the fee, the two went to the room in the store together. I am very excited to be alone with the lady who was dancing just now. Pants down ready to fuck, had a quick sex. Very satisfied.
There are many girls here, and 30% of the girls are very beautiful and lovely. Don’t worry, just look slowly, and you will definitely find the lady you like.

Colombian sex establishments
Escort Experience in Bogota
After leaving Medellin, I went to the capital Bogota. Experienced escort service.
I chose the escort agency “GEISHA Academy”.
On the Internet, Bogota was designated as the search place to find a lady, and finally a 25-year-old Colombian lady was selected. The lady is 170cm tall, has a slim figure, and has big buttocks and big breasts. There is nothing to say about the figure.
Use text messages to contact the lady, who speaks very good English. The lady agreed to come to my residence at 330,000 COP per hour.
When the appointed time came, I finally heard a knock on the door. I opened the door a little nervously and was pleasantly surprised. On the Internet, the photos of the lady are all mosaic, and the face of the lady cannot be confirmed. I am a beautiful woman.
The young lady’s dress is very fashionable and sexy, and her conversation is natural and cute.
At the beginning of the sexual intercourse, the young lady was generous, familiar with the car, and did not twitch at all. And, always take care of my feelings, be very friendly and considerate. Left me with good memories.

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