Go-Go Bar in Angeles City Raiders Jiaojiao 2018.10

In Southeast Asian countries, the price of nightlife is rising day by day, but in Angeles City in the Philippines, the consumption of nightclubs has been maintained at a low level.Go-Go bars abound on Walking Street. When night falls, the whole street is filled with the unique coquettish atmosphere of the red light district in […]

A Thorough Analysis of Saunas in Macau Jiao Jiao 2020.07

For those who are new to Macau nightclubs, they must really want to know how to use saunas in Macau and which one should go to for a better experience. This note will answer these questions.The author’s friend has been to Macau more than ten times. Based on his detailed introduction and the author’s field […]

Current Status of Hotel Girls in Macau Midnight Tour 2021.03

If you lose money in a casino, have a small pocket, and want to find a lady, the most suitable place is a hotel in Macau. Usually the ladies are waiting for the guests in the lobby, and when the guests come, they go upstairs to have sex.In hotels that used to have maids, such […]