If you lose money in a casino, have a small pocket, and want to find a lady, the most suitable place is a hotel in Macau. Usually the ladies are waiting for the guests in the lobby, and when the guests come, they go upstairs to have sex.
In hotels that used to have maids, such as “Fucheng Hotel” and “Fuli Hotel”, now there are no maids.
After investigation, the author found that the hotel lady did not disappear, but moved to other hotels.
There are less than 10 ladies in each hotel. Although the level of the girls cannot be compared with that of the sauna, it is still passable.
The price is 400 Hong Kong dollars for a short time, and 100 Hong Kong dollars for blowing flute, the price is the same.
Hotel (1) Peace Hotel
The lady will wait in the lobby all night.
Address: Floor 1-2, No. 39, Baiyantang Hengjie
Hotel (2) Oriental Hotel
Address: No. 11 Fulong New Lane, Avenida Libero, Amerida
Hotel (3) Dalai Hotel

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