For those who are new to Macau nightclubs, they must really want to know how to use saunas in Macau and which one should go to for a better experience. This note will answer these questions.
The author’s friend has been to Macau more than ten times. Based on his detailed introduction and the author’s field investigation, this account is summarized. The purpose is to let netizens who go to Macau for the first time have a perfect experience after reading this note.
Let me first talk about the conclusion of the author’s investigation of nightclubs in Macau.
• As a sex experiencer and erotic lover, you should come to Macau at least once;
•The price is indeed not cheap, but the experience environment is first-class;
• Average price/performance ratio, not suitable for people who like to budget carefully;
• If you don’t want to spend more money, it is difficult to find a very beautiful and lovely lady;
• Recommended Oriental Spa and Prestige Spa
Categories of nightclubs in Macau
Saunas are the hottest nightclubs in Macau and are usually located in hotels. Guests can take a sauna, soak in the jacuzzi, have a leisurely meal, enjoy a massage, and have a good time at the right time. Stay as long as you want.
“Nightclub・Club (with Chinese ladies)”
In the nightclub, guests can have fun with girls in the store, and when they meet a lady they like, they can take them out of the store. Usually within an hour, there will be 3 ladies accompanying you one after another, and then Mommy will ask you, is there any lady you like? Want to see some more ladies?
It’s fun to go to the store with your companions.
Drinks are expensive, $500 including the presentation fee is not surprising.
Miss is very beautiful and lovely.
“Nightclub・Club (with white ladies)”

Hotel Fortune
Unlike nightclubs with Chinese girls, there is no time here, you need to buy tickets and pay for drinks. At the same time, there are stage performances such as pole dancing, sexy performances, live bed fights, etc., but tipping will be mandatory, 50HKD each time.
It costs almost $500 to take the lady out of the store. If you negotiate privately with the lady, you can use WeChat to get in touch with the lady afterwards, and the lady can go to the guest’s hotel for only 300 US dollars.
Hotel Guia Macau
Don’t charge tips like Hotel Fortune, it will save money, but the lady’s level is poor.
“Massage Brothel (MP)”
There are 2 massage brothels, Darling 1 and Darling 2.
The lady sits in the display window and waits for customers. There are Chinese, Southeast Asians, and Russians (rarely seen these days). There are no facilities such as a sauna, and the 90-minute package costs about $300.
“Migratory Fish·Floating Warbler”
The migratory fish at Hotel Lisboa are history. But around large casinos or hotels, there will be wandering warblers. For example, in the casino of the Venetian Hotel, there will be women who will take the initiative to talk to you. They don’t place bets and play games, so you can tell they are wandering warblers at a glance. There are also girls who stand in front of the elevator, but don’t take the elevator when it comes. They are also wanderers.
When you meet a liuying you like, you can negotiate the price with her, and take her back to your hotel after the deal.
The price is 1500HKD, and sometimes the price will be reduced to 1000HKD. A few girls speak English, and most of them speak Chinese.
At the disco, there are quasi-professional whores, warblers, and after-get off work sauna girls. They would gather around the table, talking and laughing while drinking. After the guests muster up the courage to talk to them, they can negotiate to take them back to the hotel.
Around the reception desks of cheap hotels there are street girls waiting. What used to be a boom, priced under $100, is now all but extinct.
For the latest information on saunas, go to “Travel Agency”
Go to a travel agency, you can grasp the latest information about the sauna in real time.
The most representative travel agency is the travel agency at Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong. There are several travel agencies there, and each travel agency may cooperate with different sauna shops, so you can go to a few more travel agencies and buy package tickets.
Macau’s representative sauna
There are many saunas in Macau, which one should you go to? The following will introduce representative saunas one by one.
Each sauna was scored based on price, utilization, level of access and attitude.
A: best
B: General
C: Poor
“Eighteen Sauna”
Score: B
Eighteen Sauna, located in the Golden Dragon Hotel, is a mid-level store and used to be the best sauna in Macau. In its heyday, there were more than 100 ladies from all over the world standing in front of the guests for the guests to choose. There are Asian ladies, there are blacks, blondes and blue-eyed whites.
In recent years, the quality of service has been low and there have been fewer and fewer customers.
“Golden Pool Sauna”
Score: B+
Jinchi Sauna is an old shop for general customers. The shop is small in scale, and there are many customers every weekend. There are many young Chinese customers who come to consume.
The service of the lady is very good. Although some of the ladies have tattoos on their backs, all of them have good personalities and are friendly to guests. Most of the ladies are Chinese.
“Rio Spa Finnish Bath”
Score: B+
Rio Spa Finnish Bath is a luxury shop located in the Rio Hotel. The store is clean and tidy, and the ladies come from all over the world with a high standard.
There are private rooms for temporary sleeping, which are very popular among customers.
The price is very expensive.
“Triumph Sauna”
Scoring: A-
Triumph Sauna is a premium sauna located in the Arc de Triomphe Hotel.
The sofa in the lounge can lie flat, and the TV screen is also very high-end.
There is no fixed time for the lady to meet with the guests, and guests can arrange it at any time when they need it.
The disadvantage is that there are not many ladies, and the foot masseurs are all uncles.
“Boss Finnish Bath”
Score: B
Boss Finnish Bath is a popular shop located on top of a high-rise building.
There are not many ladies, the level is average, but the price is cheap.
“Oriental Spa”
Score: A
The Oriental Spa is a mid-level sauna located in the Waldo Hotel.
There was aggressive service at the lady show. The lady show is held in the rest area of the guests. The lady will sit on the lap of the guests, dance close to the music, and provide blowjob service.
“Extreme Sauna”
Scoring: A-
Ji Pin Sauna is a high-end store located in the Emperor Entertainment Hotel in Macau.
The price is more expensive, even if you just spend the night in the sauna, you will be charged about 800HKD.
However, the number of ladies is large, the appearance is good, and the level of customers is also high.
“Prestige Spa”
Score: A
Prestige Spa is a newly opened premium sauna located in Harbourview Hotel Macau. The facilities are brand new, clean and tidy.
The service is excellent, and some popular ladies have moved here from other popular sauna shops. It is foreseeable that in the near future, the sauna will take the leading position in Macau sauna.
“Great Sauna Palace”
Score: C
The sauna is the largest sauna in Macau. However, the facility is outdated and lacks a sense of luxury and cleanliness.
The level of the lady is acceptable.
“Darling Bathroom 1”
Score: B
This is a well-received popular store. Strictly speaking, this is a massage brothel (MP). It is very suitable for leaving immediately after a shot.
The girls are rich in race, among which Vietnamese girls, Thai girls and Chinese girls are well received.
Conclusion: The recommended Macau saunas are Oriental Spa and Prestige Spa.

How to use the sauna in Macau

If you have a set meal coupon, you must show it when you enter the store.
After putting your clothes and backpack in the closet, go to the shower first, and then you can go to the bathtub or go to the rest area.
In the bathing area, there are waiters who help guests wash and scrub their bodies, etc., all at an additional cost.
There will be a lady show every 1-1.5 hours, and all the ladies will appear on the stage, and guests can choose the girls to have sex.
Guests can go to the rest area to eat, go to the jacuzzi or go to the sauna, and freely use any facilities in the hotel.
In the sauna, English and Chinese are common, and some girls only speak Chinese.
level of miss sauna
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Basically, the appearance of the lady can be scored 6-7 points. In the Asian wind and moon field, it is considered a high level.
sauna price
The price of the sauna depends on the level of the store (high-end store, mid-level store, public store), the nationality of the lady, and the level of the lady. The price is between 1400-6000HKD.
In intermediate and public stores, choose ordinary girls, the total amount is basically between 2000-3000HKD.
In-store expenditures are the sum of entrance fees and service charges.
Usually, tickets are divided into three standards: 4 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Tickets include drinks and meals, alcohol will be charged separately. If the guest does not choose the lady, he will only pay for the ticket and alcohol; if the guest chooses the lady, the ticket will be free.
Girls come from mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan, etc., and the price varies according to the nationality; at the same time, girls are divided into standard class and model class, etc., and the price will also vary.
The price of the standard class lady is: 1400-1800HKD;
Model-level lady, the price is: 2000-2600HKD
Miss Japan: 6000HKD
There is an additional charge for body wash services, massages, nail clipping, ear cleaning, testicular massage, etc. in the bathhouse.
Beer is about 70HKD per glass.
How to Save Money in the Sauna
“Purchase Package Coupon”
You can save money by purchasing package coupons at a travel agency in advance.
The package coupon includes a round-trip ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Macau.
There are several kinds of packages, for example, “Shanghai style” includes tickets and a 60-90-minute massage; “full set” includes tickets and a sex fee; “, “Japanese style” and “star style” (model lady), etc. It is recommended to buy the standard-level “full set” package. If you fancy a model-level lady in the store, it will not be too late to add more money.
It is worth noting that if you buy a “full set” package coupon, even if you don’t meet a lady you like, you have to compromise and choose a sex.
“Spend the night in the sauna and save money on accommodation”
Sleep on the sofa in the lounge area or on bunk beds in the sleeping area. See if you have any requirements for the sleeping environment.
“Free meals in the sauna”
The food in the sauna is delicious, much better than FKK.
“Good Relationships with Waiters”
If you get acquainted with the waiter, you can exchange LINE accounts with each other, or get VIP membership cards (free of charge), or get discount coupons.
The author’s first sauna experience in Macau
The author experienced the Oriental Spa and the Prestige Spa.
The author set off from Hong Kong Airport without changing the money. After buying the ticket with a credit card, he took the bus to Tsim Sha Tsui.
After 30 minutes, we arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui and exchanged money at Chungking Mansions. The exchange rate here is really good.
From Tsim Sha Tsui, take the MTR Tsuen Wan Line to Central Station, then change to Hong Kong Island Line to Sheung Wan Station. After getting off the bus, go to the shipping terminal.
I bought a package voucher for the Oriental Spa (round-trip ferry ticket, entrance ticket, 20-minute massage, 50-minute sexual intercourse) at the Oriental Travel Agency, and the cost was 2298HKD.
Arrived in Macau after 1 hour by boat.
Walk to the Sea Cube Casino and store your big backpack here.
Walk to Oriental Spa.
The Oriental Spa Experience
enter the store. Put your clothes in the closet, take a shower, and go to the rest area.
Soon the lady show began, first the interaction between the lady and the guests.
• A young lady straddled the author’s lap and asked the author to play waves;
• Changed a lady, she took the author’s hands and stimulated the author’s penis with her buttocks;
• Changed another lady, she used her breasts to stimulate the author’s penis;
• The last lady comes on stage, giving the author a brief stand-up blowjob.
This is the legendary extreme show.
Under the provocation of the third lady, the little brother had already raised his chest and raised his head. When the last lady pulled the author to stand up, he saw the energetic little brother and burst into a smirk.
The ladies put on their uniforms, stood in a row, and entered the stage of the guest selection of ladies.
The author found a great beauty, and asked the waiter to find out that she is a super model, and an additional 900HKD is required. If you are a model, you need to add 400HKD.
The level of Miss Super Model is not mentioned, but the price is too expensive, so I have to give up.
The ladies of the standard class have average looks, so they were not selected.
Go to the lounge to play on the computer. At around 22:00, the Miss Show started again.
A standard class miss looks good, checked. Miss is from Harbin. She is tall, slender, and fair-skinned. She is very pleasing.
Sit on the sofa with the lady and kiss each other, and after the other guests have finished choosing the lady, the two go to the gun room together.
The author lay prone on the bed, and the lady began to kiss her whole body. Changing to lying on her back, the young lady started blowing without a condom. The hot one is hot water, and the cold one is frozen jelly, which is very exciting.
With fit. After changing several positions, fire the cannon.
The author’s evaluation
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
A total of 2298HKD was spent.
The standard ladies have average looks, but the supermodels are beautiful and attractive.
The meals are delicious.
There are bunk beds in the sleeping area and there are people who snore, so be prepared with earplugs.
“Prestige Spa Experience”
I slept until noon, got up and had lunch before exiting the oriental spa. Leave your backpack at the Waldo hotel reception and hit the streets.
At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I went to the distinguished spa in Harbourview Hotel, Macau.
This is a newly opened sauna in December 2017. It is beautiful and has few customers.
After entering the store, just in time for a customer to meet the lady, the author and other customers went to meet the lady.
There are more than 20 misses. There are not many ladies who are eye-catching, and since I just came to the store, I didn’t choose a lady.
After a while, the ladies appeared again, this time there were more than 30 ladies.
Mommy enthusiastically recommended a lady to the author, and the author accepted it. She is a model-level lady, and the price is 3098 HKD.
Since the VIP room was idle, Mommy took us to the VIP room.
The room is huge. The service is also super thick.
The young lady smeared lotion all over the author’s body and washed my body with her breasts.
Deep Throat Blowjob, Ball Licking, Ice and Fire Two Heavens, Poisonous Dragon Drill, everything is complete. Foreplay lasted 15 minutes.
After the fit, the young lady has been taking the initiative and kissing constantly.
After firing the cannon, the lady grabbed the author’s waist and forbade the author to leave. The lady kept kissing,

The author was not allowed to leave until the little brother completely lost his vitality.
The author got up together and felt that something was wrong. wrong! Where is the case?
It must have been too exaggerated, and the cover has been damaged. Seeing this, the lady hurried to the shower room.
The author was a little worried and went to the shower to check. The young lady looked relaxed and helped me wash my body with a smile, and she didn’t mean to blame the author at all. The lady has a really nice personality.
There was still a little time, and the lady gave me a massage for a while.
Back in the lobby, the author said to Mommy, “Not bad!” Mommy replied, “Is it wrong to recommend me?” with a smug face.
The author’s evaluation
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
A total of 3098HKD was spent.
The new facilities are suitable for those who want to slow down and have a leisurely experience.
When the author visited, there were only 30 ladies, and the choice was limited. But there are not many customers, so you can choose the lady slowly.
The waiters are polite and courteous.
Is prostitution legal in Macau?
Macau returned to China in 1999 and became a special administrative region of China with certain autonomy. But since selling sex is illegal in China, no one can say how long the sex industry in Macau will last. For example, the sauna Yoshihara Spa was banned by the local government in 2019. However, even if the shop is seized, the customer will not be punished in any way.
The way to Macau Sauna
There are 3 ways to go to Macau Sauna.
• Fly to Macau Airport
• By boat from Hong Kong
• By bus from Hong Kong (newly opened)
“From Hong Kong to Macau by Boat”
There are 3 specific paths.
Take a boat at the SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport: You can take a boat directly without entering Hong Kong, but there are few boats and the price is very expensive. It is not recommended to use it.
Take a boat at the pier in Sheung Wan: This is the main means of transportation and it is recommended. There are many boats. Take bus A11 from Hong Kong Airport to the pier and then take a boat.
Take a boat at the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui: There are very few boats and it is not recommended.
“From Hong Kong to Macau by Bus (Newly Opened)”
In October 2018, the longest bridge in the world – the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was put into use. There are buses from Hong Kong Port to Macau Port.
First, take a bus from Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Port. There is a bus stop on the 3rd floor of the airport, take the “B4” bus, and you can arrive at the Hong Kong Port in 7 minutes. The ticket is 6HDK, only Hong Kong dollars are accepted, and no change is given.
After going abroad at the Hong Kong port, buy a ticket and take a bus to the Macao port.
From the Macau port, you can take a bus to the city, 101X to the Macau Peninsula, 102X to Cotai.
If all goes well, it will only take 1-1.5 hours by bus from Hong Kong Airport to Macau Hotel, and the ticket is only 65HKD, which is cheaper than taking a boat (150-200HDK).
“Traffic in Macau”
Taxis are the main means of transportation. No ride-hailing apps like Uber or Grab.
As an overseas nightclub lover, you should go to Macau to experience a sauna
Based on the author’s field investigation, the following conclusions are drawn.
• As a lover of overseas sex and moon, you should come to Macau at least once to experience it;
•The price is indeed not cheap, but the experience environment is first-class;
• Average price/performance ratio, not suitable for people who like to budget carefully;
• If you don’t want to spend more money, it is difficult to find a very beautiful and lovely lady;
• Recommended to go to Oriental Spa and Prestige Spa
It costs about 300 US dollars to eat and live in the sauna, and another shot, which should be acceptable.

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