What is the status of Hong Kong Club, a strip club in Tijuana after the epidemic? To find out, I did fieldwork. The results of the investigation are now summarized in this note.
“Beer sold outside the store from 10 p.m.”
By 10pm, the number of guests peaked. At this time, beer is sold at the door of the store, and customers buy beer before entering the store.
“Miss Number”
There are 80-100 ladies on weekdays and 100-130 on weekends.
“Miss Level”
The ladies are mainly from the Mestizo family. The Mestizo are a Latin people of mixed European and Native American descent. The ladies come in all shapes and sizes, from long-legged, tall, slender, to bulky and fat; the common denominator is that most of the ladies have huge butts.
“Enjoy the striptease show”
Guests can choose a lady and then sit on the sofa seat; they can also sit behind the sofa seat alone, and the waiter will call the lady. If the guests do not need to be accompanied by a hostess, they can sit at the counter seats.
The store seems to have been expanded and is very spacious. The entire store is divided into several sections, and when there are many customers, they will be taken to the inner section.
The main section has 2 floors, and there is also a striptease stage on the 2nd floor, and there are girls dancing all the time.
When enjoying the striptease, the guest can touch the lady moderately by clipping a $1 bill on the lady’s underwear.
On weekends, there are many customers, especially at 22-23 o’clock, the guests are full. Many guests from the United States tipped the lady one after another, and a large number of 1 dollar bills were scattered on the stage.
Compared with other strip clubs in Tijuana, Hong Kong Club ranks first in size and number of girls, and the performance content is also very rich, ranging from regular pole dancing to interactive performances with lesbian performances and guests on stage. I have been in Tijuana for 3 days, and I come here every day, and I feel very fresh every day.
Beer is $5 a bottle and lady drinks are $9 a glass.
Go upstairs and have sex in the guest room, the room fee is $25, and the sex fee is $100. The time is 30 minutes, including showering. There will be a knock on the door 5 minutes before the clock arrives. If it is overtime, the room rate and sex fee will be doubled.

strip club
Miss 1: Miss Mestizo from Guatemala.
The lady speaks fluent English, communicates well with each other, and had a wonderful sexual intercourse.
Before we broke up, the lady proposed to go to my hotel the next day. Considering the safety factor, I did not agree. Afterwards, I learned that there are many benefits to asking a strip club girl to come to the hotel. A missed opportunity and I regret it.
Miss 2: Mestizo, 18 years old, big breasts.
The lady didn’t order a lady’s drink, but drank my beer, and drank a lot. The two entered the room drunkenly, and the result was extended by an hour. Although it cost 250 US dollars (100*2 sex fee, 25*2 room fee), it was very satisfying.
“Thoughts on Bed Wars”
The lady’s waist is superb. The two young ladies maintained the dominatrix position throughout the bed war, and they always dominated the situation. I wanted to change my position, but the lady refused. This is a bit like Vietnamese women, they are good at taking the initiative to attack and always control the situation.
The disadvantage is that the time is short.
“Take the lady back to the hotel”
Afterwards, I learned that exchanging contact information with the Hong Kong club lady, and asking the lady to go to the hotel the next day is a supernatural way to play. When the lady comes to my hotel, there is a feeling of reunion after a farewell to each other, and there is no time limit, so there are many benefits. Only a few of the ladies will leave their phone numbers for their guests, I missed this opportunity and regret it very much.
“Law and Order”
Although Mexico is listed as a level 2 dangerous tourist destination by most countries, it does not actually feel any security risks. Female tourists can be seen everywhere in the sightseeing area, a peaceful scene. It feels like Tijuana is a weekend sightseeing spot for Americans.
Around the Hong Kong club, it is brightly lit at night, constantly pedestrians, very safe. The club is right next to the road, and you can call a taxi back to the hotel by waving when you leave the store.
Of course, once you leave the sightseeing area, pedestrians will become rare immediately, and people with strange behaviors will often appear, so you must pay attention to safety when you go to those places. There is basically no problem during the day. At night, the street lighting is dim, and it is best to call an online car-hailing car.
Compared with Asian countries, the level of safety here is not as good as Thailand or Vietnam, but it is about the same as the Philippines. Like the Philippines, you can also see homeless people, peddlers and drug addicts here, but they will not attack tourists. As long as you pay attention, there will be no problems.
Although criminal groups such as smuggling, drug trafficking, and robbers certainly exist, short-term tourists will not be involved in them. However, police officers with machine guns are often seen on the street patrolling the streets in convertibles, which shows that there are still potential hidden dangers to public security, and tourists need to draw enough attention.
“Travel to Mexico”
My main spring hunting ground is Asia, and this was my first time in Mexico, and it turned out to be a great time. The prices here are relatively low, and life is very convenient; the law and order here is not as bad as imagined, basically similar to the situation in the Philippines, just be careful. Recommend netizens to go to Mexico to investigate and experience.

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