When you come to Guam, you have to experience a strip club
In Guam, there are 30-40 strip clubs, about half of which are very popular with customers.
Most of the guests are locals or tourists from Europe. Compared with strip clubs in other places, the biggest feature here is that you can take dancers out of the shop.
In the United States, it is not allowed to take dancing girls out of the store, but here is an exception. Of course, not every dancer will agree to go out of the store with the customer, and through negotiation, some of the dancers will go to the guest’s residence.
In the club, whether it is a dancer on stage or a lady in a swimsuit walking around, you are not allowed to touch their breasts and buttocks.
However, the ladies will take the initiative to approach the guests, even sit on the laps of the guests, hug the guests and so on. It’s okay for people to take the initiative to have close contact with you, but it’s not okay for you to touch them around.
In order to tempt you to dance privately, the lady may stimulate your sensitive parts, whisper close to your ear, etc. However, if you are so excited and reach out to touch the lady’s breasts or buttocks, if the waiter finds out, you will be scolded.
Guests can at most put their arms around the young lady’s waist and touch the young lady’s back, but cannot touch the young lady’s sensitive areas.
When going to a private dance with a lady, after negotiating, some girls will provide masturbation or blowjob services.
Strip clubs in Guam (1) CLUB U.S.A.
CLUB U.S.A. is located on Gun Beach Rd in downtown Guam.
After entering the store, you need to pay a $50 ticket and enter the lobby.
There are 3 stages in the hall, usually, girls dance or perform lesbian performances on the stage. Under the stage, there are also girls with bare upper body, walking around, approaching the customers sitting on the sofa from time to time, actively doing business, and inviting customers to dance privately.
There are 20-30 registered ladies in the store, most of whom are between 20-29 years old.
When the author interviewed, white women accounted for 60%; Latino women accounted for 40%. Looking at the appearance, the average age of the lady is around 25 years old. Miss has a good figure, with smooth lines and well-proportioned bumps.
“”CLUB U.S.A” Business Hours”
18:00 – 02:00
Tickets: $50;
Private dance: $50-100 (including masturbation or blowjob)
Out of the store: $100-120
Strip clubs in Guam (2) Club Foxy Guam
Club Foxy Guam is an old store. It’s near the hotel The Westin Resort Guam, which is visited by many tourists. The club is on the second floor of a small brown building, and downstairs is a Chinese restaurant. The door is easily recognizable with its stylish neon sign.
After entering the store, there is a narrow corridor leading to the front desk. After paying the entrance fee, go to the lobby on the basement level.
There is a stage and a bar in the hall.
Some of the ladies were sitting on the sofa, and some were walking around in the hall. Personally, I think most girls are plump.
《Club Foxy Guam Hours of Operation》
5pm – 3am
Tickets: $50
Private dance: $60-120
Out of the store: $100-120
Strip clubs in Guam (3) New Vikings
New Vikings is near the theater SandCastle Guam. The store is small, and there are no customers with Asian faces in the store.
There are more than 15 ladies here, and they walk around the store with their bare breasts, and the atmosphere is very ambiguous.
“New Vikings Hours of Operation”
17:00 – 03:00
Tickets: $50
Private dance: $60-120
Sex: $100-120

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