On this trip to Zurich and Zermatt, I checked out the FKK Globe again.
This time, I didn’t bring Swiss francs with me, so I paid the whole trip in Euros.
I arrived in FKK at 7:30pm on a Friday night. To pay the entrance fee, the price was 95 Swiss francs, and the reception charged me 105 euros. The exchange rate at that time was 1 Swiss franc = 1.03 euros, which should be 98 euros according to the exchange rate, plus the handling fee should not exceed 100 euros. Therefore, it is not cost-effective to pay in Euros.
There are about 25 girls in the store. I checked in the well-lit cafeteria, and the lady’s appearance was very good.
There are a lot of guests, it seems that there are at least 30 people.
After I had some ham and cheese in the cafeteria, I went to the front of the stage to drink Coke and look for girls.
There are girls who come to talk to me constantly, and when I meet girls who seem to be nice, I chat with them for a while.
Many young ladies are very attractive, which makes it difficult to choose a young lady.
One of the ladies claimed she had done it before at FKK Oase in Germany and she had exactly the type I like. I originally wanted to choose her, but after thinking about it again, the Miss Evanna I played against last time was very good. It was also said on the Internet that she is currently on duty, so I decided to wait for Evanna.
But I didn’t see Evanna until 10 o’clock in the evening. Did she miss something today, or did I not find her? I regret not going to the front desk to inquire.
Considering that I will take the tram back to the hotel in a while, and I need to leave the store before 0:00 midnight, I am a little anxious.
I speed up to find Miss. The problem is that many of the nice ladies have already been stalked by the guest or have gone to the room with the guest. The girls here leave the store very early, and after 10:00, the number of girls starts to decrease, and there are fewer and fewer dancers on the stage.
I met a good-looking lady, and I hurried up to talk to her, but the lady’s reaction was indifferent, she hardly made eye contact, and the asking price was 170 euros, so I had to give up.
Then, he met a small lady with a brown ponytail. The ladies here are all over 170cm tall, only she is short and very eye-catching.
I went up to talk to her, and the lady’s name was Sonja, 21 years old, 160cm tall (Sonja’s online introduction), and she claimed to be a Ukrainian-Romanian mixed race. Although Sonja is petite, she has big breasts and looks very sexy in white underwear. During the conversation, she actively tried various skin-to-skin relationships, and she felt good, so she chose.
The standard price here is fixed at CHF 150 for 30 minutes. The lady suggested anal sex for an additional 100 Swiss francs, but I declined.
The two entered the beautiful and clean room and began to prepare for intercourse.
The lady flirted first. She stimulated my chest with her fingertips, blowjob, and fingered my anus. She operated with skillful movements and high skills.
Then came the kiss. The lady used her tongue very flexibly, and I enjoyed it very much. The only regret is that her breasts have undergone plastic surgery and they don’t feel good to the touch.
After the penis has already entered the battle state, the normal position of sexual intercourse. The young lady’s vagina is narrow, and I feel that there is a lot of resistance to the entry and exit of the penis. After switching to the position, and then the normal position again, it feels wonderful to kiss and pump while kissing.
However, for some reason, the penis suddenly became wilted. This should be caused by the excursion the day before yesterday. My toes were worn and peeled off, and I felt pain from time to time. At the same time, I also had muscle pain in my thighs.
The more anxious I was, the more uncontrollable the penis became, and finally the penis simply shrank into a ball.
It’s not in my character to just give up, I put the lady in a masturbating position, I started jerking off, and when the penis came alive, I inserted it again. One shot indiscriminately, successful ejaculation.
Chat with Miss afterwards. According to her introduction, the cost of 30 minutes is 150 Swiss francs, the lady can take 130 Swiss francs, and the store only takes 20 Swiss francs. It seems that the waitress in the store is not good. Of course, girls also need to buy tickets when they enter the store; when buying condoms for girls from the store, 12 condoms cost 10 Swiss francs.
I really wanted to chat with the lady for a while, but the time was up, so I had to leave the room and pay the fee. The cost was CHF 150 for 30 minutes, I paid in euros and I was charged 157 euros which was very reasonable.
After saying goodbye to the lady, I went to the cafeteria to eat some fruit again and prepared to leave the store. When passing the front desk, the waiter gave me back 10 Swiss francs and explained that I heard that ejaculation was difficult, and the lady returned 10 Swiss francs as an apology.
This is beyond my expectation! Holding these 10 Swiss francs, it feels like getting more than 100 Swiss francs. Miss Sonja is too fastidious.
Miss appearance: 90 points;
Service: 95 points;
Comprehensive: 90 points.
Miss Sonja is petite and cute, just my type. Afterwards, 10 Swiss francs were refunded, and the friendliness was overwhelming.
This experience was very satisfying and I will never forget it. Next time I have the opportunity to come to Switzerland, I will definitely return to FKK Globe.

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