Compared with Moscow, most of the girls in Vladivostok are unpretentious, kind-hearted and warm to others.
Fengyue Field in Vladivostok (1) Primorye Hotel
Primorye offers its guests a unique form of sexual service. Ladies wait for guests in a room in the hotel. When a male guest checks in, the front desk will immediately notify the madam of the guest’s room number. The madam will call the male guest to ask if he needs a lady. If necessary, the madam will take the lady to the hotel. guest room. Guests can choose the lady face to face. Such a service method is rare in European countries.
《Primorye hotel application program》
book a hotel room;
Check in;
Within 30 minutes after check-in, there will be a call from the madam in English;
Inform the bustard of the type, age, hair color, etc. of the lady you like;
The bustard brings the lady on stage;
If you are satisfied with the lady, give the money to the bustard;
fucked in my room
The hotel’s cheapest economy room, with only one single bed in the room, costs about $80. The price is not cheap.
Not only do calls come in when you first check in, but almost every day when you come back to your guest room, calls come in. The front desk will always watch the whereabouts of male customers.
The service time is divided into 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Basically, oral sex with a condom and sexual intercourse with a condom will be provided, and you can have several sexual intercourse with you within the time.
Sometimes, during your second intercourse, the lady may ask for a tip, which you can say no to. However, the author suggests to give the lady a little bit symbolically, just to express your mood, in this case, both of them will be very happy.
《primorye hotel prices》
Economy room (with breakfast): 5300 rubles
Blowjob with condom + intercourse with condom / 30 minutes: 4000 rubles
Blowjob with condom + intercourse with condom / 60 minutes: 6000 rubles
“Primorye Hotel Location”
There is a coffee shop in the hotel, the price is not expensive. On the first floor of the hotel, there are Russian restaurants and Italian restaurants such as “Pizza M”, which are open until late, so you can take advantage of them.
Fugetsu field in Vladivostok (2) Sauna Goldenbay
When you go to a Russian sauna, the madam will call the lady and have sex with the guests in the sauna room.
In addition to paying the fee, the guest has to pay for the use of the sauna. From the time the guest enters the store to the end of the sexual intercourse, the usage fee is charged according to the total number of hours the guest stays in the sauna.
The girls are better than the Primorye Hotel, but a bit worse than the escort girls.
《How to use Sauna Goldenbay》
After entering the store, explain the type of lady you like, and ask the bustard to call the lady;
Receive bath towels, towels, slippers and wardrobe keys;
Change your clothes and wait for the lady;
Face to face selection of Miss;
Go to the room with the lady to have sex;
After saying goodbye to the lady, you can go to the sauna or go to the big bath.
There are 10 rooms in the sauna. When there are many guests, there may be a wait. When the author visited around 19:00 on a Saturday, there were not many customers.
The girls will basically provide oral sex with a condom and sexual intercourse with a condom. If you like, you can go to the sauna or the big bath with the lady to have fun. The author and the young lady went to the room after having sex in the big bath.
It is worth noting that the sauna or bathing pool is a public area after all, and it is okay to go out of the way to play with girls, but do not have sexual intercourse here.
Opening hours and prices of Sauna Goldenbay
Business hours: 11:00-03:00
Sauna use fee / 1 hour: 2300 rubles
Miss nomination fee: 1000 rubles
Blowjob with condom + intercourse with condom: 30 minutes, 5500 rubles
Location of Sauna Goldenbay
Take the No. 68 bus in the city, get off at the Funikulyor (Фуникулёр) station, and walk for 3 minutes.

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