The first stop of summer travel is Barcelona, Spain. In the evening, we visited the high-end brothel La Suite BCN.
I got off the tram at Barcelona-Sants station on a Saturday night, walked east and within a few minutes I was at the brothel.
Ring the bell in front of the door and enter. The interior decoration is luxurious, with large chandeliers and stylish decorations.
This is a high-end brothel, the price is 120 euros for 30 minutes, which was the price 4 or 5 years ago. The price of an ordinary brothel in Barcelona is 70 euros, but the level of girls can’t be compared with here.
The waiter took me to the room. It was 9pm and half of the about 10 rooms were being used for reception.
The room is clean and tidy, the toilet and shower room are also very stylish, and the ceiling is inlaid with a large mirror.
There was a free drink, I chose beer and the waiter brought a large Heineken.
Shortly after I entered the room, ladies in uniform entered the room to introduce themselves. The ladies don’t come in together and stand in a row, but one at a time. Some ladies stick close to the guests, some shake hands with the guests. The stay time of each person basically does not exceed 20 minutes. The guests must remember the lady Your name, or at least remember the initials, until you tell Mummy the lady you’ve chosen.
A total of 13 girls met with me successively. The overall appearance of the lady is very good, there are no fat girls and ugly girls. There are blondes and brunette Latina ladies, all with beautiful faces, tall, slim, busty, and model bodies.
Most of the ladies are between 25 and 29 years old, only one is around 40 years old, and there are wrinkles at the corners of his eyes when he smiles.
I chose a lady named Olivia. She is from São Paulo, Brazil. She is 26 years old, tall, with a slim build, long black hair and light purple tanned skin. When she introduced herself, she shook my hand and smiled charmingly.
Now it’s a world of two. After a brief exchange, I learned that she has only been in the store for a month, and she works 4 days a week. She will only stay in Barcelona for a short period of time and will return to Brazil at the end of August.
After stripping, it was found that the young lady had plump breasts, which should be the size of a D cup, as well as obvious pectoral muscles and bikini marks left by the sun.
Miss, however, has tattoos starting from her waist and extending to her thighs. This is very common among European and American ladies, and I’m used to it.
After showering separately from each other, sexual intercourse begins.
I started stroking the breasts, the lady stimulated the penis with her hands, and put on a condom to blowjob, the penis quickly entered the state.
I tried to kiss the lady, but she dodged it. That being the case, the main play starts, and sex with a female superior.
The lady’s vagina has a strong stretching function, and I feel that I may ejaculate at any time, so I quickly change the position, normal position, back position, and finally ejaculate while kneading the lady’s buttocks.
From sexual intercourse to ejaculation, it takes only 15 minutes before and after going to bed.
There was still time left, and the lady gave me a back massage. In foreign countries, it is rare to be able to provide full-hour service.
The only downside is that Olivia does not understand English, and the communication between them depends on mobile phone translation.
She can speak Spanish and Portuguese, and by her own admission she speaks weird English. Looking back now, when she was introducing herself, she probably felt that she could not speak English well, so she smiled at me to cover up her embarrassment. I have only myself to blame for not checking with Mommy if she speaks English.
Status of La Suite BCN, an exclusive brothel (early July 2022)
Cost: 120 euros for 30 minutes
Evaluation (100 points system)
Miss appearance: 95 points;
Service: 85 points;
Comprehensive: 90 points.
Although Olivia is a nice lady, next time I want to choose a younger lady who speaks English.
According to Mommy, the most misses are between 10pm and 11pm, so I will come later next time.
Even at 11 o’clock in the evening, there are still customers eating supper in front of the surrounding shops, and the security is very good. Just pay due attention to thieves.

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