Norway is a small country located in the western part of Northern Europe, bordering Sweden to the east and Denmark to the south.
The capital, Oslo, is located on Norway’s south coast, surrounded by sea and greenery. The city has many resources such as museums and art galleries, attracting countless tourists to come for sightseeing.
Of course, nightlife is also very distinctive. On the street, there are no brothels or nightclubs such as erotic massages. All Fengyuechang are closed to the public. The typical forms of Fengyuechang are escort services, strip clubs and street prostitutes.
Nightclubs in Oslo (1) Paradise Showbar, a strip bar and brothel in one
The author went through a lot of trouble to find Paradise Showbar.
There are two burly security guards standing there at the door, which is a bit scary. After showing your passport and undergoing a physical inspection, enter the store.
At the front desk, the waiter introduced the services in the store. The author paid 100NOK for the ticket, stored the coat in the closet, and entered the lobby.
There is a stage in the middle of the hall, and there are poles for dancing on the stage. There are many ladies, there should be 40-50. The ladies in sexy lingerie are tall, good-looking, blond and blue-eyed.
The author began to wander in the hall.
There are naked girls dancing on the stage, and there are girls sitting on the lap of the guests on the sofa seats, teasing intimately. The atmosphere is very ambiguous.
The author just sat down on a sofa when a young lady came to talk to me.
The lady is about 170cm tall, with natural blond hair, a pair of blue eyes, and good bumps. It is my blessing to meet such a lady.
After negotiation, the young lady agreed to have intercourse in a single room at a price of 1300NOK.
After entering the single room, the lady took off her underwear. The tall butt twists and turns in front of the author’s eyes, and the firm breasts stick tightly to the author’s face, which makes the author extremely excited. Put on the condom, blowjob, fuck, and soon ejaculate.
Afterwards, the lady told the author that all the ladies here can provide the same service.
“Paradise Showbar Hours of Operation”
“Paradise Showbar Prices”
Tickets: 100NOK
Private dance/10 minutes: 500-700NOK
Blowjob with condom + intercourse with condom / 20 minutes: 1000-1300NOK
Location of Paradise Showbar
Take the tram and get off at the station “Dronningens Gate” and walk for 5 minutes.
Nightclubs in Oslo (2) Escort Service F Escort
Unlike the strip clubs described above, most of the escorts in Oslo are part-time women.
On the F Escort website, there are photos and phone numbers of the lady. After the guest makes an appointment, he will go to the lady’s residence.
Many girls are local Norwegians and are relatively young
The Price of F Escort
Blowjob with condom + intercourse with condom / 60 minutes: 100-120 Euros
Most ladies are not allowed to kiss and slap. Those who have this requirement should confirm it when making an appointment.
The official website of the escort service is:
Oslo nightclubs (3) street hookers
On the city’s main thoroughfare, Karl Johans Gate, there are street prostitutes every night after 11pm.
There are not many prostitutes standing on the street, and their appearance is not outstanding.
After seeing the girl, have wild sex in the nearby open space or behind the building. Those who are good at it can have a try.
On Karl Johans Gate street, even in the middle of the night, you don’t feel any danger going out alone, you just need to pay attention.

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