Lithuania is the southernmost country among the three Baltic countries, and borders Belarus, Poland, and Latvia, the great beauty countries.
In the capital, Vilnius, there are many nightclubs that operate behind closed doors. There are estimated to be around 3,000 women working in the sex industry in Vilnius.
There are not many local girls, most of them are from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The overall level of Miss is very high.
There are not many professional prostitutes among young ladies, most of them are part-time girls. When they take off their clothes, or when they are touched, the other party will show shyness and embarrassment. So, don’t expect hot service from the other party.
Nightclub in Vilnius (1) Paradise Club, an exclusive brothel and strip club
Paradise Club is a nightclub that is part brothel and strip club.
The author arrived at the nightclub around 9 o’clock in the evening. There are many young people around the store, it is very lively.
Push the door and enter the store.
Red soft lights are on in the hall, there is a stage on the left, and 5-6 girls in underwear are dancing. Seeing the author come in, the ladies had surprised expressions on their faces.
What’s so surprising, isn’t there an Asian face? The author will definitely not be the first Asian customer to visit. Now that I’m here, I don’t care about your expressions. The author asked aloud who could speak English. At this time, a woman who looked like a manager came to the author.
The manager asked me, do you know where this is? The author told her that this is a brothel plus a striptease bar. The manager took the author inside.
The author looked around and saw that there were zero guests. In addition to the 5 girls on the stage, there were 6 girls in the audience, a total of 11.
The manager introduced the service content here to the author. You can go to the private room in the store to have sex with any lady you like.
After paying 20€ for the ticket, the author bought a glass of beer, sat down and enjoyed the performance on the stage while drinking.
It’s a performance, the dance is very casual, and there are no lesbian performances. However, the ladies basically belong to the Russian family, with slender thighs, slender figure, plump breasts, beautiful face, and full of sexy.
The author was staring at the stage, when a lady from the audience came to talk to me. The lady is from Belarus, 20 years old. The lady suggested that you can have sex in a private room for 80€. The author couldn’t stand her temptation and went to the room with her.
Wearing a blowjob and having sex with a condom, everything that should be done is done, but it is obvious that the performance of the young lady is like a girl next door, lacking clinical experience and seeming very uncomfortable.
《Paradise Club Hours and Prices》
Business hours: 13:00-23:00
Tickets: 20€
Alcohol: 12€ per glass
Condom blowjob + condom sex / 30 minutes: 80€
“Paradise Club Locations”
Take the bus and get off at the “Centro Poliklinika” station and walk for a few minutes.
Vilnius’ Nightclub (2) Brothels Lithuanian Wild Club
The ladies of the Lithuanian Wild Club are mostly Russian. The specialty of this brothel is that it offers SM femdom packages. Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is a very precious place for such good guests.
Official website: Wild club | Lithuanian Wild club
Lithuanian Wild club opening hours and prices
Business hours: 15:00-02:00 (closed on Sundays)
Standard package / 30 minutes: 90€
SM package / 45 minutes: 120€

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