This time I came to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
Prague is a world-famous tourist city, where there are many unique buildings like Minaret and Prague City.
Like other Eastern European cities, Prague’s prices are low; at the same time, the security is good.
The sex industry is also thriving. Probably because there are many tourists in Prague, most of the girls in the nightclub can speak English.
This time I checked out the brothel ShowPark MARKET (ShowPark MARKET).
I took tram 1 on Friday evening (12, 14, 25 are also acceptable) and got off at the stop Holešovická tržnice.
Then walk east along the small river, and enter after seeing the foyer in the picture below.
Walk east for 1 minute, and you will see the entrance of the brothel.
Show your pre-bought online tickets (99 CZK) at the door of the shop. If you buy tickets at the door of the store, the price is 390 CZK.
Go to the lobby first. There is a bar and beer is not cheap at 150 CZK a bottle.
There are multiple computers in the hall. You can check the list of waiting girls and the detailed personal information of the girls through the computer. The lady’s information includes the lady’s room number, age, age of loss of virginity, language used, hobbies, favorite sex position, favorite penis size, etc.
With this kind of real-time information, the guests don’t have to wait for the lady, but choose the lady they like from the list of waiting ladies. It can be seen that the store has good intentions.
At the same time, the photos are not retouched, because the guests will see the lady in person immediately. If the guests find that the photos are fraudulent, they will reject the lady on the spot, so cheating is meaningless.

Prague nightclubs
The time I visited was around 10 o’clock on Friday night. The computer at the time showed that there were 52 girls present on duty today; some girls only worked day shifts, but in fact there are only 40 girls at present; excluding the girls who are picking up customers, there are about 25 girls The lady is waiting for guests.
The overall level of Miss is very high. Most of the young ladies are between 25 and 29 years old, and there are also young ladies in their 20s and older ladies around 40 years old.
I confirmed 3 candidate ladies by checking the lady’s photo, and then went to the room to meet the lady.
There are customers coming and going in and out of the store constantly, and it is estimated that the total number of customers can reach 40 people.
There are more than 50 rooms in the room area, and the ladies wait for guests standing in front of the room door.
I met with 3 ladies one by one, and finally chose Ella, who is gentle. The cost is 2000 CZK for 30 minutes, oral sex with condom, sex with condom.
Ella is 22 years old, has blond hair, a slim body, E-cup big breasts, and wears a sexy thong. She is from Romania and started working here 6 months ago. Her working hours are pm3-11, if I come a little later I won’t be able to meet her.
Pay your bills, shower, start a war.
After a skin-to-skin kiss, the lady began to perform oral sex with a condom. The blowjob technique is very high, and the penis quickly enters the battle state.
Counting it, I haven’t had intercourse for a week. The penis is very sensitive, and it’s easy to ejaculate if I don’t manage it. I hurriedly have sex in the normal position.
Push forward slowly, savoring the temperature in the lady’s body.
The lady caressed my waist for a while, touched my chest for a while, and was full of service spirit.
In the end, I changed to the lady’s favorite position – the back position, I was shocked while appreciating the indecent images in the mirror, and ejaculated quickly.
Looking at the watch, it took 15 minutes before and after, which was too fast, and it was all a week of no sexual intercourse. But I am very satisfied.
After taking a shower again, I hugged the lady and said goodbye.
Miss appearance: 85 points;
Service: 85 points;
Overall: 85 points.
Although the level of the girls cannot be compared with the ladies of the Swiss FKK Globe, it is comparable to most of the German FKK girls. It costs 2000 CZK to enjoy such a service, which is very cost-effective.
I experienced the high-quality service of ShowPark when I came to the Czech Republic 10 years ago. Now, the number of registered ladies is more and the level is better; the computer retrieval service has been added, and the popularity of the store is constantly increasing, attracting more and more customers. The guests come to inspect and experience.
However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the striptease show on the first floor has not yet resumed, and the sister store ShowPark DaVINCI is still closed, which is a pity.

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