I went to FKK Samya on Sunday evening for a status check.
Official website: Samya
Address: https://goo.gl/maps/iCcv4WiS286Qfwb9A.
I took tram U16 from Cologne tram terminal and got off at Michealshoven station, then walked for about 10 minutes to reach FKK. I went in at 7pm and the ticket was raised from 50 euros in May to 60 euros.
Go eat first. The food is still very good, the beer is free, and there is a coffee machine opposite the reception, and the coffee is very good.
Then go to the sauna. Due to the season, the outdoor sauna is not open. The current outdoor temperature is around freezing. It is really difficult to use the outdoor sauna. If it is warmer, it is not bad to go outside to cool down after the sauna. In such a cold day, it is more comfortable to lie on the couch in the lounge after the indoor sauna Some.
The dancing on the stage was very lively, and the music was so loud that it could be heard in the lounge.
Now it’s time to find the lady. Because it was Sunday, there were fewer people. There were about 25 guests and about 15 ladies around 8:00 pm. There are many gray-haired old men among the guests, and it seems that their purpose of coming here is not to have sex with the lady.
The level of Miss is obviously higher than that of Acapulco, it is easy to choose Miss. I chatted with 5 young ladies one after another, all asking for 100 euros for 30 minutes. It was still 50 euros when it came in May, and now the price has doubled. The music was deafening, and it was impossible to bargain with the lady.
I came here specifically for sex, and I couldn’t argue with the price, so I chose Lalia, a beautiful and gentle Serbian lady.
Lalia has dark skin and black ponytail hair. She is 30 years old this year. Although she has undergone breast augmentation, her thighs are slender and her buttocks are high. She was super sexy in a miniskirt and black stockings. I asked her to wear stockings during intercourse, and the lady obliged.
Entering the room, licking each other’s tits alternately, the atmosphere is high. The young lady’s breast licking skills are very technical, and I was so comfortable that I almost cried out.
The lady wears a condom for blowjob, the technique is very good, both deepthroat action and tongue use are also very clever. I enjoy it very much.
After the penis enters the state, have sex in the normal position. Regrettably, Miss’s vagina is overdeveloped, and the stretching function is average. At the same time, the cry is a bit fake, and it is mixed with laughter, which affects my mood.
After changing into place. I was so excited by the horrible picture in the mirror, I drove straight in, punched, and ejaculated.
After 0 o’clock in the middle of the night, I took the tram straight to the airport. According to the website of German Railways DB, you can reach the airport by tram. Unexpectedly, the tram stopped at the Messe/Deutz Bf station in the middle. The departure time of the plane is 6:00 in the morning, and the time is limited. I had to call Uber, which cost 30 euros. Arrive at the airport.
German trams run chaotically between late Sunday night and Monday morning, beware.
“Miss Battle Review”
Appearance: 85 points;
Service: 80 points;
Comprehensive: 80 points.
Sex itself is satisfying, but 100 euros for 30 minutes is not cheap. I really miss the good old days of 50 euros for a sex, but with the soaring inflation, the night market price increase should be an inevitable trend.
Current status of FKK Samya (mid-December 2022)
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Tickets: 60 Euros
Cost: 100 Euros for 30 minutes
The level of girls is very high, there are about 15 girls on Sunday evening, and there are not many customers, so it is easy to choose girls.
The food is delicious and the beer is free to drink.

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