This time, I investigated nightclubs in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and found some of the weirdest nightclubs in Northern Europe.
Finland is located at the northernmost tip of Northern Europe and borders Russia. You can often hear people speaking Russian on the street.
In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, the streets are neat and beautiful, and there are no nightclubs at all, and no information about nightclubs can be found on the Internet.
Even so, I don’t think such a bustling city would be the barren land of Fengyuechang. For me, going to those famous and popular nightclubs is naturally safe and reliable, but I am more fond of those little-known nameless shops. It is my greatest pleasure to travel to discover new romantic places with my own on-the-spot investigation. Finding a nightclub is undoubtedly like buying a precious antique at a low price in a thrift store. It will make me cheer and dance.
On this trip to Helsinki, I took to the streets, did a lot of research, and finally found a strange tribe of nightclubs in the Kallio area in the north of the city: striptease shacks and erotic massage parlors.
“Strip Shack”
On Vaasankatu Street, there are several strip clubs.
When people think of a strip club, the scene that people think of is a dancer performing a striptease on the stage, and the guests sit down and drink while watching. But the striptease hut here is different. There is only one lady in a hut, the room is not big, and the lady can provide personalized service for the guests.
At the entrance of a striptease hut called Fantasy Ladies, a lady was squatting there smoking a cigarette. She introduced to me the service items in the store: massage for 30 minutes for 50 euros, striptease for 15 minutes for 25 euros, and you can masturbate for extra money , oral sex or sexual intercourse. The service content and prices of nearby stores are basically the same.
The ladies are from Russia and Eastern European countries. They are older and have average appearance. Most shops are open 24 hours and closed on Sundays.
“Erotic Massage Parlor”
Likewise, there are erotic massage parlors on Vaasankatu Street.
In Northern and Eastern European countries, there are two types of massage parlors, one is a regular massage parlor with elegant decoration (as shown in the picture below); the other is a special massage parlor with a low-key operation, which cannot be seen from the outside as a massage shop shop.
The erotic massage shop here has a weird atmosphere, and there is a striking sign in front of the shop, which is undisguised. It is a place that is selling dog meat at first glance, which is really rare.
The ladies are black, Thai and Russian, and there are both young ladies and aunts.
The price is 40-50 euros for 30 minutes, masturbation: +50 euros, intercourse: +100 euros.
Striptease Shack: 30 points, the lady is old, the price is unreasonable;
Erotic massage shop: 50 points, although there are younger ladies, but the appearance is average, and the price is not high.
It is no exaggeration to say that this is the only night show in Helsinki, which is very precious. Although I would not recommend netizens to come here to experience it, if you have the opportunity to come to Finland, you can come and have a look.
By the way, the saunas in Helsinki are very popular, with beautiful interior decoration, and some have swimming pools and even private sea baths, which are recommended.
The specialty here is the horned venison steak, which is bright red in color and very delicious. It is recommended to taste.

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