Ukraine is a famous country with beautiful women in the world. This diary provides a comprehensive overview of nightclubs in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. For tourists who come to Kiev for the first time, after reading this notebook, they can fully grasp the whole picture of Kiev nightclubs and experience the nightlife of the capital Kiev freely.
【Category of Kiev clubs】
Erotic massage
escort service
strip club
Girls on social media such as Tinder・Badoo
brothel bar
apartment brothel
street whore
Brief description of various nightclubs in Kiev
Erotic massage
Although easy to access, basic services are limited to masturbation services. If you want to have sex, you can only ask the lady to go to your hotel for massage service, and then negotiate with the lady at the hotel; or after receiving the massage service in the massage shop, ask the lady for contact information, and ask the lady to go to your hotel another day.
escort service
Look at the photos on the website to choose a lady, and after contacting the intermediary, the lady will go to your hotel. Although it is relatively easy to use, it is very risky to choose a lady by looking at the photos.
strip club
Basically, customers drink and watch in the store; when they go to a private room with a lady to dance privately, touching the lady plus masturbation service. If you negotiate with the girls, some girls may go to your hotel, and some girls will not follow. As a guest, you must have sufficient language communication skills, and it is impossible to simply ask the lady to go with you.
Miss of social media such as Tinder・Badoo
On Kiev’s social media, there are many free sex prostitutes among the women who friend foreign tourists. They will give you the Whatsapp number shortly and offer to meet up. You can tell at a glance that they are Miss. If you like, you can meet and have sex after negotiating a good price with the other party.
In Kiev there are girls who hang out in clubs and bars looking for foreign tourists. The ladies here include professional prostitutes, part-time ladies and ordinary girls. Basically, the lady will not take the initiative to strike up a conversation with the guests, so the guests must have sufficient language communication and negotiation skills.
bar brothel
In Kiev there are brothels masquerading as strip clubs. If you are optimistic about the lady, you can have sex in the room of the shop. This is the easiest type of nightclub to take advantage of in Kiev.
apartment brothel
Several girls live in an apartment unit, and the guests meet to choose the girls and have sex on the spot. The problem is, the condominiums are all closed doors. If you don’t know Russian or Ukrainian, don’t even want to know where the apartment is, you must have a language expert with you.
street whore
Street prostitutes have fixed haunts, but most of the ladies are old and poor. On Khreshchatyk Street in front of Independence Square, the heart of Kiev, there are street prostitutes.
The characteristics of Kiev Fengyue field
“There are very few nightclubs where you can have sex in the store”
In the whole of Ukraine, very few open nightclubs offer in-store sex. So, if you don’t know Russian or English, and you don’t have experience in nightclubs abroad, it is very difficult to go to nightclubs and have sex in Ukraine. But down the street, there are plenty of strip bars and erotic massages, and if you don’t care about having sex, there are plenty of nightclubs to take advantage of.
“If it doesn’t matter if you don’t have sex, go to an erotic massage and strip club”
Erotic massage and strip bars in Ukraine basically only offer masturbation services. In erotic massage parlors, negotiate with girls in private without telling the shop, and the girls may offer blowjobs or even sexual intercourse. Depends on your negotiation ability and luck. If you don’t care if you can get fucked or not and just want to cuddle with cute girls and masturbate along the way, go to a erotic massage and strip bar.

Kiev nightlife
Because it only serves masturbation, it attracts many young and beautiful ladies to join, especially in the strip club, which is also a gathering place for beauties and beauties.
“In Kiev, if you want to have sex, you must learn to negotiate”
In Kiev, very few open nightclubs offer in-store sex. If you want to have sex, you have to negotiate.
In one of the few nightclubs that provide sexual intercourse, the ladies are either old or ugly, or they cannot meet to choose a lady. So it’s hard to find a satisfied lady.
However, if you have strong negotiating skills, you can ask young and lovely girls to provide you with additional sexual services. In recent years, Ukraine’s economy has been sluggish, and the lives of ordinary people are difficult. Many girls cannot resist the temptation of money. As long as you and the lady get closer to each other, they will be happy to negotiate with you. The problem is, if you are traveling for a short period of time, it is really difficult to quickly develop a sexual relationship with a lady. On the contrary, if you are on a long-term business trip or come to Kiev regularly, you can develop into a regular close partner with the lady.
Prices for Kiev night sessions
“The cost is 1000-1500UAH for 1 hour”
In Kiev, the fee for one transaction is 1000-1500 UAH per hour. Personal sales girls on Tinder ask for 50-60US$.
“Escort service or nightclub with intermediary intervention, the price will double”
The above prices are the net income of the lady. If it is an escort service or a nightclub with an intermediary involved, the fee paid will be doubled. The lady’s actual income remains unchanged, and the store charges the other half. So, the guest has to pay 2000-3000 UAH for 1 hour.
“In clubs and bars, the lady’s asking price is 100-200US$”
In clubs and bars, many girls charge 100-200 US$. Especially for young and beautiful ladies.
Now it is very easy for Ukrainians to get visas to go to Western Europe. After the ladies have been to Western Europe, they are convinced of their beauty and know their value like the back of their hands.
Based on Ukrainian prices, 100-200 US$ is indeed a lot of money, but if 100 US$ can be sold, the price is twice what a personal saleswoman on Tinder asks. Considering the beauty of the ladies in the club, this price is still acceptable.
“When negotiating, don’t just focus on the price, but consider the time and the number of ejaculation times”
Especially high-level ladies, they generally do not bargain when negotiating. In this case, don’t expect price cuts, but make a fuss about the service content. For example, if the other party bites the 200 dollars and will not let go, you can ask, “The price is as you said, can you accompany me for 4 hours to have two sexual intercourses?” and so on. So at $50 an hour, you’re still getting a good deal. Miss is also easy to accept.
When negotiating, please don’t forget your own age, appearance and speaking ability. As said above, Ukrainian beauties know their worth well, and when they meet a bad old man, they will not have the patience to bargain with you.
The above theoretically summarizes the categories, features and prices of Kiev nightclubs. Next, I will introduce the author’s field investigation process and feelings.

Kiev's Porn Spots

Erotic massage
Erotic massage is the most accessible club in Kiev. Although only masturbation service is available, the price is cheap. Regrettably, the attitude of the two stores I visited, the attitude of the store, the appearance of the lady and the service were very poor, which made me very disappointed.
Kiev’s Erotic Massage Parlor (1): Dolly
1 hour massage plus masturbation service: 700UAH
Recommended degree:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)
After I chose the lady, I was asked to wait for 50 minutes before the lady appeared on the stage; the lady’s service awareness was extremely poor, and after the agreed 60 minutes, just after 30 minutes, the lady declared, “If you don’t ejaculate, it will be over.” Maybe it’s because I didn’t choose a good lady, but I have a very bad impression anyway.
Kiev’s Erotic Massage Parlor (2): Reflex
Recommended degree:
★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)
Texted the store before going to the store, but the response was very slow and incomprehensible; in the end, just ignored me. Netizens are never recommended to go.
escort service
Escort services are available for sexual intercourse, which is the biggest reason for their popularity with tourists.
After selecting a lady online, contact the store by phone, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and other means. Specify the date, time, inform your name, hotel address, and complete the reservation. At that time, the lady will come to your hotel.
There are some intermediaries who use photo editing technology to beautify the lady, and then offer a cheap price. Visiting such a store is very risky. If there is no online review or friend introduction, it is best not to take risks.
Recommended Premium Escort: KIEV ESCORT.CLUB (formerly GIA)
The site has good English reviews. Although the price is high, the author is very satisfied with the result of using it. There is no retouching, the lady looks good and had a wonderful sex.
Price: From 150US$ for 1 hour.
The price of each lady is different, and the asking price of many girls is 200-300 US$ per hour. If you choose 2 hours or 3 hours, there will be a lot of discounts. The price includes all expenses including transportation.
Miss level:
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
The lady’s looks are top-notch. The photo is the same as the person. There are many young ladies under 20 years old.
However, the lady I chose had been playing with the phone before having sex, and I was rejected several times when I touched the lady.
Once the intercourse started, the lady stepped into the role, actively cooperated with my fondling and intercourse, and had a wonderful sex.
It seems that what kind of lady you meet depends entirely on your luck. My young lady looks the same, she is a 19-year-old big beauty.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Among the escort service agencies that generally lack integrity, this agency is one of the few good shops. Photos are not retouched. For netizens who don’t want to meet inferior girls, it is strongly recommended to come here to experience.
The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, 150US$ per hour, which is suitable for friends who have no problem with the budget.
Also, the lady I ordered is not very good at hospitality, so you must be mentally prepared when you go to experience it. The lady’s attitude is good and bad, but the lady’s appearance can definitely be guaranteed.
strip club
Enjoy the striptease while drinking in the store, and if you meet a lady you like, you can let her go to a private room for a private dance.
There are many beautiful beauties here, and the ladies are well trained, it is very interesting just talking to the girls.
Also, some ladies can go to the guest’s hotel. So, when you meet Miss Xinyi, buy her a glass of beer and negotiate first.
Excellent strip club in Kiev (1): DOLLS
The club features world-class striptease girls where guests can have a great evening.
Ticket 300UAH
Beer 200UAH
Miss drink: 200UAH, the same price as the guest’s drink
private dance:
From about 500UAH
Private dance (2 songs, 5-6 minutes): 500UAH
Peach massage (30 minutes): 1000 UAH
Peach massage + (30 minutes): 2000 UAH (masturbation service with condom)
Sex in a hotel: 5000 UAH.
Miss level:
★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
This is by far the best striptease lady I have come across. If I met such a lady in FKK in Germany, I would choose her right away without hesitation. Most of the young ladies are well-bred.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
The appearance and attitude of the lady, the atmosphere of the store, DJ, singing, and a show every 30 minutes are all first-class. Even if you don’t usually go to strip clubs, it is definitely worth the money.
Good strip club in Kiev (2): HAREM
The strip club HAREM is a popular nightclub. The interior decoration is luxurious and the atmosphere is elegant. The transportation is convenient and easy to use.
This store is a sister store of Dolls, and the price is exactly the same as that of Dolls.
Miss level:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Miss average is similar to FKK. There are not only 9-star beauties, but also slightly fat and older women. In Kiev, HAREM should be the most popular store after Dolls.
There are about 30 girls in total. There are always 4-5 girls dancing naked on the stage.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
If it doesn’t matter whether you can have sexual intercourse, I recommend going to HAREM.
Tickets plus a glass of beer cost 500UAH. No one urges you to buy a second cup, and no one asks you for a tip, so you can stay comfortably in the store.
I ordered a private dance and paid another 500UAH. Although the time is short, you can touch the lady’s breasts and ass to your heart’s content. Enjoyed it very much.
Other strip clubs in Kiev (1): PRINCESS Men’s Club
It’s a super high-end store. The level of the lady is very high, but the price is also expensive.
Ticket 500UAH
Beverage starting from 150UAH per cup
Recommended degree:
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)
The size of the store is small. The ladies and waitresses are lovely. Friends who don’t care about the cost can come to the store.
Other strip clubs in Kiev (2): PENTHOUSE
The store is very close to HAREM.
Tickets: 300UAH
Deposit (minimum consumption of drinks): 500UAH
Recommended degree:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)
When I entered the store, there was only one lady dancing (not nude) on the stage.
I only saw one lady, so I can’t comment on the average level of the lady.
Just been to HAREM, where there are many customers, but here is deserted.
Like HAREM, the decoration of the store is also very luxurious. But with HAREM nearby, it seems unnecessary to come to PENTHOUSE specially.
Girls on social media such as Tinder・Badoo
In Ukraine, there are many girls who are active on social media.
The main social media here are Tinder and Badoo. Once the match is successful, if the other party tells you her Whatsapp number immediately, it means that she is 100% a miss. If you like her, negotiate the price, and the lady will come to your residence.
50-60US$ starting price. Lovely lady, the asking price is mostly 100-200US$.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
The cheapest and easiest way to have sex in Ukraine is to find girls on social media.
Miss age is between 25-35 years old. It costs 50-60US$, although you can’t find beautiful women, but the price is cheap. Useful.
Kiev’s Club・Bar (1): Shooters
This is an entertainment venue integrating restaurants, karaoke and clubs, open 24 hours. Many young groups come here to drink and have fun. On the surface, it looks like a regular club, but if you look closely, you will see some foreign tourists who come here alone. They definitely don’t come here to drink.
If you meet a single woman, it’s basically Miss. Take the initiative to talk to her, buy her a glass of beer, and take her to your residence after negotiation.
Tickets: 150UAH
Fee: From 100US$
Recommended degree:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)
When I went to Shooters, I found a total of 10 girls. The young lady’s age is on the high side (30-39 years old), and her appearance is average.
Basically, the lady will not initiate a conversation, or even make eye contact with you. I took the initiative to talk to an old lady and bought her a beer. She agreed to go to my hotel for 100US$.
The result of the author’s investigation: the procedure is complicated, and the level of the lady is average. No need to go out of your way to experience it.
Kiev’s clubs and bars (2): Buddha Bar
There are both restaurants and bars. There are many girls who specialize in business with foreign tourists.
When I went to the store, I was stopped by the security guard, “There are too few customers today, so the store is closed.” The next day, I went to the store again at 0 o’clock in the middle of the night. There were only 2-3 groups of men and women in the store, which was very deserted.
If you want to go, it is best to go to the store at 21-22 o’clock. I heard it’s very busy on weekends.
brothel bar
At first I thought there were only apartment-type brothels in Ukraine, but this trip found brothel bars under the guise of strip clubs. The girls wear underwear, let the guests choose, and then have sex in a private room. You can also go to the hotel with the guests.
Kiev brothel bar: Darling Club
The brothel is also located in the large commercial Mall “Arena City”, where it is in the same place as the strip club Harem and PENTHOUSE. But there is no sign or signboard at the door of the store. Those who understand will naturally understand, but strangers may not find it. Next door to it is a store called “DUBAI”.
Pay the tickets first, the lighting inside is dim. Ladies circled the guests in their underwear. You can drink slowly, or go to a private room for sex. The store is open 24 hours.
Tickets: 200UAH
Juice, soda: $2
Beer: $8
Intercourse: 2000-3000 UAH
Miss is divided into 2 levels, the price is 2000 and 3000UAH respectively. There were 9 ladies when I visited, 2 of them were 2000 UAH, and the others were 3000 UAH.
Taking the lady back to the hotel requires an additional 200UAH fare.
Miss level:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)
When I went, there were 9 girls in total. Three of the ladies are on the qualifying line, but they are not considered beauties, and they are obviously worse than the girls in the strip club Dolls.
A total of 30 girls are registered. There will be 10-15 people on weekend nights, and only 5-8 people will be present on weekdays.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Although the atmosphere in the store is deserted and the level of girls is average, in Kiev, there are very limited places where you can have sex in the store. In Darling, you can meet and choose a lady, the price is fixed, and you can have sex directly in the store. This is a particularly precious place for fellow fans.
It is recommended to go to the store between 23:00-0:00, when there are most girls.
There are many types of nightclubs in Kiev, how to choose a nightclub
As mentioned above, there are many types of nightclubs in Kiev, so how do we choose the type of nightclub that suits us? The author’s point of view is summarized as follows.
If you don’t mind being expensive and just want to find beautiful women, go to high-end escorts or strip clubs (probably not sexual intercourse);
If you must have sex, go to a brothel or escort;
If you want cheap sex, go to social media like Tinder, Badoo, or a brothel;
​If you’re looking for cheap, no sex, please go to an erotic massage or a strip club.
Dos and don’ts for your Kiev nightclub experience
“Prices in Ukraine are about the same as those in Southeast Asia”
Prices in Ukraine are cheap, equal and sometimes even lower than Southeast Asian countries. But unfortunately, the prices of nightclubs are not as cheap as those in Southeast Asia. However, compared with developed countries, the price is still cheap, and the level of girls is very high. The national quality is obviously higher than that of Asian countries, and it is very pleasant to spend a holiday in Ukraine.
“Long-term stay can reduce the cost of nightlife”
Going to a nightclub or having sex through an escort agency costs more. In order to reduce the cost, it is necessary to negotiate with women. Ladies are particularly fond of customers who meet regularly. If you stay for a long time, you will meet with the lady more times, the service quality will improve, and the price will become more reasonable.
“Local SIM Card is a must”
In order to keep in touch with erotic massage parlors and escort service girls, it is necessary to have local means of communication. The local call charges are very cheap, and the free calling plan of VODAFONE is only 5 US dollars per month.
“Download Viber and Whatsapp chat software for mobile phones”
Often, the store and the waitress will use Viber or Whatsapp, so download it on your phone beforehand.
“I often take my daughter back to the residence, living in an apartment is more convenient than a hotel”
If you often take the lady back to your residence, it is recommended that you live in an apartment, which is more convenient to use. Apartments can be found through Airbnb. Rents are cheap, ranging from $20 a night for a one-bedroom unit to $30-$50 in central areas around Independence Square.
“Uber is cheap and recommended”
Taxis in Ukraine are cheap and can be used when going to nightclubs. However, if you hail a car on the road or take a taxi in front of a nightclub, the driver will charge a high price, so Uber is recommended.
“Suggestions to go to clubs, bars, strip clubs on weekends”
Kiev’s nightclubs are basically only lively on weekends, especially clubs, bars, and strip bars. It is recommended to go on Thursday-Saturday.
Experience the services of Ukrainian beauties in your lifetime
The above describes the nightlife in Kiev. Clubbing in Ukraine can be a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated, but with so many different clubs in Kiev, there’s bound to be one that’s right for you.
In particular, Ukrainian beauties are famous all over the world, and men will be excited when they see them. The author has been to countless countries around the world, and Ukrainian women are undoubtedly the most beautiful in the world.
Ukraine’s currency keeps falling, which means things are cheaper for foreign tourists. Therefore, a large number of tourists come to Ukraine for sightseeing every year. It is recommended that friends also dress up as ordinary tourists and go to nightclubs to enjoy themselves.

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