Seoul Massage Brothel AURORA Yaodu 2020.03

Massage brothel AURORA

Characteristics of the massage brothel AURORA The appearance of the AURORA store is plain and unpretentious, but it is very distinctive. • The shop is opened in a 9-story building, the largest among massage brothels in Seoul; • Luxurious sauna facilities; • Hearty meals; •Professional massage technicians provide high-quality services at low prices; •Beautiful ladies […]

Seoul Massage Brothel “Star” Experience Yuanqiu Molian 2022.06

Seoul massage brothels

I took the subway and got off at Gangnam Station, walked to Star, a massage brothel, and arrived at 3pm. After entering the store, the aunt at the front desk introduced the service package to me. There are 3 bells in total. 60 minutes, one ejaculation: 260,000 Won; 60 minutes, 2 ejaculations: 290,000 Won; VVIP, […]

6P Experience in Seoul Massage Brothel HI Yaodu 2020.04

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Features of Massage Brothel HI Club packages are offered in the store to provide lascivious services to customers. If you choose the club package, there will be multiple girls serving the guests at the same time. Although you can only have sex with 1 girl, guests can play various foreplay games with other girls. Multiple […]

Seoul Massage Brothel Ga-In Current Situation Yuanqiu Molian 2022.06

Seoul massage brothels

After 3 years, I finally had the opportunity to revisit Ga-In, a massage brothel in Seoul. COVID-19 is bugging me. I took Metro Line 2 and got off at Gangnam Station, exited from Exit 3, and walked to Ga-In, a massage brothel. Arrived at 9pm. Now there is only one package: 60 minutes club package, […]

Seoul Massage Brothel Dao Inspection Yuanqiu Molian 2022.07

Massage brothel Dao

On a weekday afternoon, I took Subway Line 7 and got off at Hakdong Station, exited from Exit 10, walked for about 5 minutes, and arrived at Dao, a massage brothel in Seoul, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I took the elevator to the 7th floor and told the front desk attendant that I […]

Seoul Full Salon “372” Wandering in the Wind 2020.06

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In the Full Salon in Seoul, after customers enter the store, they can choose the lady in person; then drink with the beautiful lady for fun, make intimate lingering, touch the whole body; and finally have sex in the store room. The package includes drinking and sex, and the price is 300-400 US dollars per […]

Yongjugol, a large brothel group in Paju, experienced Goribon 2020.07

Yongjugol brothel group

This time I went to Yongjugol, a large brothel complex 10 kilometers from the North Korean border. Characteristics of Yongjugol, a large brothel complex ・About 2 hours’ drive from downtown Seoul; ・There are a lot of girls, their looks are taller than brothels in Seoul, and they have a simple and gentle personality; ・The price […]

Seoul Massage Brothel Donut 2022.06

Seoul massage brothels

After 3 years, I went to Donut, a massage brothel in Seoul again. The two of us took Metro Line 2 and got off at Xuanling Station on weekday evenings, exited from Exit 10, and walked to Donut. We arrived at Donut just after 8pm. After paying 260,000 Won for the 60-minute package at the […]

Massage Brothel “Suanbo” experience in Seoul, South Korea Yaodu 2020.03

Seoul erotic massage brothels

The plane landed at Gimpo International Airport. The author took a taxi and went straight to the hotel. After a short rest, take the tram to Seolleung Station, exit from Exit 10, and then walk for about 5 minutes to the massage brothel Suanbo. However, the door is closed, it will not be closed, right? […]