This time I went to Yongjugol, a large brothel complex 10 kilometers from the North Korean border.
Characteristics of Yongjugol, a large brothel complex
・About 2 hours’ drive from downtown Seoul;
・There are a lot of girls, their looks are taller than brothels in Seoul, and they have a simple and gentle personality;
・The price is 100,000W for 30 minutes;
・Most brothels open at 8pm;
・When returning to Seoul by tram, the last tram is at 23:00, and you must leave the store before 22:30.
I took a tram from downtown Seoul, changed trains in the middle, and arrived at Wollong Station on the Gyeongui-Jungang Line in 90 minutes.
After exiting the station is the bus station. Buses 30 and 600 both go to Yongjugol intersection.
600 is coming, take a car.
Soon you will reach the Yongjugol intersection. After getting off the bus, walk back along the way of the bus, and you will come across a T-junction, where you will turn left.
There is a small river ahead, walk onto the small bridge.
At a glance, you can see the strange lights on the other side of the river.
After crossing the bridge, head towards the light.
The ladies sit on high chairs behind the glass windows, and when they see guests approaching, they will open the windows to attract guests. There are many brothels that are open for business. So shocking.
There should be more than 40 brothels open. Compared with the brothels in Seoul, the girls are of higher standard and younger age.
After traveling for a full week, I returned along the same route and started the second week of inspection. I found a nice young lady at a brothel and didn’t see her on my first week of rounds.
The lady’s name is Xiao B, she is 23 years old, she has just been a prostitute for a month, and she looks like a newcomer.
The price is 100,000W for 30 minutes. Enter the room after payment. The room was spacious and clean with a shower.
After washing, simply communicate with Xiao B.
Next, the lady started licking breasts and doing bareback blowjobs. Instead I have foreplay, cunnilingus. Miss is very sensitive, there is constant vaginal discharge overflow.
The time is right, normal sex with a condom. Little B kept making sex noises, which was very sensational. The timing couldn’t be worse, so I didn’t change my position, and ejaculated in one go.
Great sex, great lady.
After saying goodbye to the lady, I hurried to the bus stop. At 22:20, there is bus No. 12 going to Wenshan Station. I was the only passenger on the No. 12 bus.
Arrive at Wenshan Station. The platform was also empty. Can there be a tram here?
Buy a bottle of drink.
22:49 The tram is coming. Get on the train, there is only one other passenger in the whole car.
After 90 minutes, I arrived at the station closest to my hotel and took a taxi back to the hotel.

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