【Characteristics of Yongjugol Brothel】
The largest brothel group in Korea with a huge scale;
It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes by train and bus from Seoul;
Compared with brothels in Seoul, the ladies here are good-looking, the service quality is high, and the rooms are clean and tidy
[Recommend the following netizens to experience]
don’t care about long distances;
want thick service in a brothel
[The following netizens are not recommended to experience]
Just want close sex, don’t want time-consuming expeditions
Korea’s largest brothel group Yongjugol
The Yongjugol brothel complex was built during the Korean War as a red-light district for US soldiers. The brothel group is located in Paju, tens of kilometers away from Seoul.
Paju City and North Korea are separated by the 38th parallel north latitude. Yongjugol is only 10 kilometers away from the North Korean border. Paju has a demilitarized zone (DMZ).
Yongjugol is the largest clan of brothels in Korea. When the author visited, a total of more than 200 brothels were identified. This is the largest brothel group I have seen so far.
Directions to Yongjugol
It takes about 2 hours from Seoul city to Yongjugol. The fare is about 2000w. There are several means of transportation, but the easiest path is as follows.
Take the Jingui·Central Line tram, get off at Wollong Station (about 50 minutes from Hongdae entrance to Wollong); then transfer to bus No. 30 or 600 and get off at “Yongjugol intersection (용주골삼거리・Yongjugol)” By car (the bus ride takes about 15 minutes).
Bus No. 30 or No. 600 also passes through Paju Station, the next stop of Wollong Station, so it is also possible to transfer to a bus at Paju Station on the tram.
If you change to a bus at the Wenshan Station of the tram, you can also take No. 12 to reach the Yongjugol intersection.
Get off at the Yongjugol Intersection, walk back, turn left at the intersection, cross the bridge, you will find Brothel Street on your right. It takes only 5 minutes to walk from the bus station to the group of brothels.
Procedures for using Yongjugol brothels
Like brothels Yeongdeungpo or Sento, girls are selected through the window, and after asking the price, they enter the store and have sex.
The difference is that the scale here is not of the same order of magnitude as Yeongdeungpo or Cheonho. It takes more than 20 minutes to go around all the brothels, even without stopping.
Yongjugol field trip
The thought of Yongjugol being so close to North Korea made me very excited.
The author took the Gyeongui-Jungang Line tram at Hongdae Entrance Station and got off at Wollong Station; then took bus No. 600 and got off at Yongjugol intersection.
After crossing the bridge, on the right hand side of the author, there is a bright light. Along the river is the legendary group of brothels.
Although some brothels are not open, more than half of them are open, and there must be more than 100 shops in operation.
The lady’s appearance is also better than the girls in Seoul. The problem is, there are too many misses. The author is dazzled, how can I choose the lady?
There are not many visitors on foot, and most of them visit by car. Tourists who take trams for buses like the author are rare.
Do netizens feel the same way? When there are too few girls, the options are limited; however, when there are too many girls, you get tired while walking, and you can’t remember which girl you met in which store. So annoying.
By the way, when a lady with big breasts and the author looked at each other just now, she was smiling and gentle. The author then returned to that store.
Author: “I’m not Korean, is that okay? Do you speak English?”
Miss: “No English. But, do you still have to speak English when you have sex?”
I wanted to ask about the price, but the lady took me inside. The lady closed the curtains and used a calculator to type out a price of 100,000 W. The author agrees.
The author took off his shoes and followed the lady to her room. The rooms are spacious and beautiful, much better than Mia Ali’s miniature rooms. And there are showers.
After paying the fee, take a shower with the lady. The lady washed my ass and penis carefully. It seems that there should be a service.
The author experienced the most advanced service in the brothel series!
After going to bed, the lady started foreplay. The first is breast licking, very gentle and delicate, this technique is amazing.
Then, the lady’s tongue slid all the way down, and finally stayed on the testicles. The lady stared into the author’s eyes while licking. So lewd.
Time for blowjob. Blowjob technique is good.
After about 10 minutes, the lady put on a condom for the penis and had sex with the female superior. Switch to the normal position, and kiss deeply while inserting.
Soon, the author couldn’t hold on anymore, ejaculated, and the author had a wonderful intercourse.
The lady took off the condom, and performed blowjob cleaning work.
Yongjugol is amazing…you can’t find such service in other brothels.
Prices in Yongjugol
100,000w for 30 minutes
150,000w for 45 minutes
200,000w for 60 minutes
miss level
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Compared with the brothels in Seoul, the level of girls here is much higher. There are many young and lovely ladies. There are many numbers of girls, too.
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
The large-scale Yongjugol brothel group is worth visiting;
It is so close to North Korea, it will naturally make people excited;
The lady’s level is high and the service is good;
The experience environment is clean and tidy, there are showers and toiletries, and the bath towels are very clean;
The only disadvantage is the inconvenient transportation;
For netizens who don’t hesitate to spend time and energy in pursuit of high-quality services, it is strongly recommended to experience Yongjugol.
Things to keep in mind when visiting Yongjugol
“Go after 20:00”
Most stores in Yongjugol open at 8 o’clock in the evening, and there are many customers around 21:30, which is a lively scene.
“Check the time of the last tram”
Since the brothel complex is far from the center of Seoul, be sure to check the time of the last tram. The group of brothels that the author left around 21:30 took a bus and changed to a tram, and returned to the city smoothly.
Conclusion: Yongjugol is definitely worth visiting
Compared with brothels in the city, Yongjugol has high-level girls and good service quality. Although the traffic is somewhat inconvenient, it is definitely worth visiting and experiencing.

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