I took the subway and got off at Gangnam Station, walked to Star, a massage brothel, and arrived at 3pm.
After entering the store, the aunt at the front desk introduced the service package to me. There are 3 bells in total.
60 minutes, one ejaculation: 260,000 Won;
60 minutes, 2 ejaculations: 290,000 Won;
VVIP, 60 minutes: 290,000 Won;
The club package is only available in the evening, and the price is the same as the standard package.
I asked my aunt what are the characteristics of the VVIP package, and I replied that the service is provided by a very beautiful lady. The bustard strongly recommended the VVIP package, and I accepted the recommendation.
The madam asked me to wait in the lounge. After I drank a cup of coffee, the madam came to call me and took me to the door of the room by elevator.
The bustard knocked on the door, and a beautiful woman opened the door. Miss is indeed very beautiful, a bit like Korean actress Ku Hye-sun. I feel that the lady is very stable and kind.
I stared straight at the young lady. The young lady was a little shy. After asking, I found out that she only came to work in this store two months ago.
In order to relieve the lady’s nervousness, I tried to communicate with her in broken Korean, and she replied in Korean mixed with English.
The atmosphere relaxed a lot, and I went to shower with the lady.
The lady is 167cm tall and has no pubic hair. The downside is that she has undergone breast augmentation.
The lady helped me wash my body, but she seemed very unskilled. Seeing this situation, I turned to the customer and carefully washed the lady. My penis also started to become erect. Seeing this, the young lady stimulated my penis with her hand and looked at me with dazed eyes. I couldn’t help but kissed the young lady together.
Moving to the bed, I pushed the lady down on the bed.
I licked my breasts frantically and touched the lady’s vagina with my hands, there was already a lot of mucus.
Put on the condom and have sex in a normal position. The lady’s vagina is still relatively tight, almost the same as that of ordinary girls. As I sprinted, the lady let out a low moan, obviously feeling that she was controlling her voice, she looked very cute. The lady is basically passive sex, there is no skill to speak of, it feels like having a bed fight with a normal girl, which turns me on. While staring at the beautiful face of the lady, I accelerated the impact without changing my position, and ejaculated quickly. Very satisfied.
There is still time, continue chatting with Miss. The lady introduced that although there is a club package at night, the VVIP lady will not appear in the club package. The store’s arrangement is that ladies with good service go to the club package; ladies with good looks go to the VVIP package.
Massage brothel Star is still operating and providing quality services.
Affected by the epidemic, the large bath and sauna are not yet open.
Before going to the store, customers can make an appointment through LINE. The LINE account is: starair1234.

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