After 3 years, I went to Donut, a massage brothel in Seoul again. The two of us took Metro Line 2 and got off at Xuanling Station on weekday evenings, exited from Exit 10, and walked to Donut.
We arrived at Donut just after 8pm. After paying 260,000 Won for the 60-minute package at the front desk, Mommy suddenly suggested that two people can accept the service of exchange girls when they come to the store, and my partner and I agreed unanimously.
Mommy took us to the reception room and asked if we would like a tall lady or a short lady, and I answered that I wanted a tall lady.
The two returned to the reception room after taking a shower. Soon, Mommy came to call us and took us to the elevator. Two ladies are already waiting in the elevator. My lady is named Any, she is 168cm tall and has a great figure; my friend’s lady is named Suzy, and she is 158cm tall. To be honest, I prefer Suzy. Right in the elevator, the two girls started bareback blowjobs.
The elevator door opened, and a group of 4 people came to the club area. Soon 6 girls came, and 3 girls joined my team and my friend’s team, forming a male-female 1:4 lineup.
Games start. The 4 ladies in my team work together, one licks the chest, one kisses the neck, the other kisses, and Any bareback blowjob. Friends’ teams are much the same over there.
Seeing my erection, a lady puts a condom on it, and Any gets fucked by a ladyboy. 4 girls served me at the same time, it was a bit overwhelming. After a while, the six girls who accompanied the guests left one after another.
Our lady showed us to a single room with two mattresses.
Any and I shared a mattress and I lay on my stomach while Any dripped lotion on my back and started massaging me with her tits. Then Any put me on my knees and she started anal blowjob.
Suddenly, Suzy came to me and took over from Any and continued the anal blowjob while Any fucked my friend. Not to be outdone, Suzy and I fucked with a ladyboy.
After a while, move to bed. Suzy and Any started serving my friend together, leaving me alone. There is only one bed in the single room, and the bed for 4 people should be relatively narrow. Soon, Any dragged me to the next single room.
Now it’s a world of two. Any starts with anal blowjob followed by standing blowjob. I couldn’t wait for the penis, I put on the condom myself, and then I got into it for intercourse, and I ejaculated in less than 2 minutes.
My friends didn’t seem to be over yet, so I chatted with Any for a while. According to her introduction, there are very few customers coming to the store now, and foreign tourists are almost zero.
It’s almost time, and I’m about to leave the store after taking a shower. The lady said that the food in the store today is very good, and suggested that I finish my meal before leaving. I ate purple rice with 7 or 8 side dishes in the store with my friends, and exited Donut contentedly.

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