Characteristics of the massage brothel AURORA
The appearance of the AURORA store is plain and unpretentious, but it is very distinctive.
• The shop is opened in a 9-story building, the largest among massage brothels in Seoul;
• Luxurious sauna facilities;
• Hearty meals;
•Professional massage technicians provide high-quality services at low prices;
•Beautiful ladies provide erotic services
Many guests prefer to stay overnight in the hotel during the winter months and there are plenty of rooms to take advantage of. There are TV, refrigerator and simple furniture in the room, which is suitable for overnight stay, and it is much cheaper than staying in a hotel.
The interior decoration is luxurious. The picture below is the lounge where the guests are waiting for the lady. The guests can wait slowly while drinking a drink.
AURORA’s package
“Normal Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 230,000 W;
70 minutes two ejaculation: 260,000 W;
80 minutes casual ejaculation: 290,000 W
The bustard selects the lady for the guest after asking the guest about the type of lady he likes.
“Club Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 230,000 W;
70 minutes two ejaculation: 260,000 W;
80 minutes casual ejaculation: 290,000 W
Guests go to the 9th floor and choose a lady through photos.
Club packages are only available at night or when there are fewer guests, not on Sundays. Also, the following Premium class ladies will not appear in this package.
“Multiple P Package”
40 minutes 3P one ejaculation: 330,000 W;
60 minutes 3P double ejaculation: 460,000 W;
60 minutes, 2 guests + 2 ladies, two ejaculations: 520,000 W
“Premium (Black Label) Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 250,000 W
The high-level ladies in the store serve the guests.
Online Appointment at AURORA
You can make an appointment with the lady through the line. LINE ID: arora33
Experience Notes
I arrived at Seolleung Station by subway, exited from Exit 4, and walked for a few minutes to enter the store around 19:00.
Take the elevator to the 5th floor.
At the front desk I chose the Premium package. After paying the fee of 250,000 W, the madam took me on a walk and introduced the facilities in the store, including lounges, saunas, bathing pools, etc.
All packages come with free use of the sauna.
The madam left after the introduction, and I went into the bath to rest. Soon, a male waiter came to call me and took me up the stairs.
The waiter took me into a single room with a lady in it. The young lady has fair skin and is wearing a white Chinese dress. She has an elegant figure, a delicate face, a straight chest, and a pair of white legs.
The lady is not only beautiful, but also has a good personality. Seeing me enter the room, she looked at me with a pleasant face, and a warm current spread through my whole body immediately. This lady is so charming.
My lady and I both sat on the sofa. After a brief self-introduction, the lady slowly sat on my lap and pressed her breasts against my face. I could feel the lady’s soft breasts through the clothes, which made me short of breath and extremely excited.
Then, the lady took the initiative to send a passionate kiss, and gently stroked my head with her hand. Totally lovers mode.
The lady realized that my penis was responding and reached out to stimulate it. At the same time, the lady rolled up her skirt and pressed her pussy against the tented cock through her panties. The young lady stroked her chest with one hand through her shirt, and made circular motions with her lower body to stimulate her penis. Looks like a witch. It’s so exciting.
The lady pulled my hand towards her breasts and kissed again as she stimulated my cock with her pussy.
Next, the lady began to take off my clothes slowly. As soon as the cock was free from the restraints of the pants, the lady immediately started a bareheaded blowjob.
I was enjoying myself, the lady stopped and suggested to take a shower.
The young lady took off her clothes, revealing her beautiful body, which was indeed too beautiful to behold.
The lady lathered her breasts and used them to wash and fuck me.
Moved to bed. The lady dimmed the lights, and suddenly the candles lit up, very beautiful.
The lady turned on the music on the phone, pushed me to the bed, and started to kiss deeply. At the same time, the lady stroked my cheeks, chest and lower abdomen with her slender fingers…
As soon as the lady’s lips left, a pair of big breasts immediately pressed against my face. The lady then performs boob kissing, bareback blowjob and anal licking. After the first service, the 69 mutual blowjob mode and titjob started.
It’s time to get into the action, and have sex in the normal position with a condom on.
The young lady’s vagina is narrow and flexible, this should be a famous weapon in the legend!
In order to prevent accidental ejaculation, I tried my best to slow down the pace, be careful and step by step.
Change to female upper position, get in the back position, and then ejaculate in the normal position again. A very wonderful sexual experience.
After resting for a while, the two went to the shower room together, and the lady helped wash their bodies. After learning that I haven’t eaten dinner, the lady told me that there is a cafeteria on the 4th floor, and then kissed me goodbye.
The waiter at the front desk took me to the canteen on the 4th floor. There are more than a dozen kinds of large bowls and small dishes, so rich. And a bowl of ramen. I left the shop after eating everything.
Massage brothel AURORA is well equipped and good service. Have sex with beautiful women, eat a big dinner, take a sauna and sleep all night. From a functional point of view, it can completely replace the hotel. Strictly speaking, this place should not be classified as Fengyuechang anymore.
The girls are of a high standard, especially the premium package, which should be at the top of the list of Korean massage brothels.
Even if you choose the Premium package, the price is only 250,000W, which is very cost-effective.
Neither the lady nor the waiter asks for or hints at a tip, which is another feature of the store. Guests can spend happily and at ease from the moment they enter the store until they leave the store.
The store accepts reservations for ladies through LINE, and customers can secure their favorite girls in advance.
But it has to be admitted that the service here is not as sensual as compared to the massage brothel Suanbo. If you are looking for lewd services, please go to Suanbo; if you value the lady’s appearance and service attitude, please come to AURORA.

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