On a weekday afternoon, I took Subway Line 7 and got off at Hakdong Station, exited from Exit 10, walked for about 5 minutes, and arrived at Dao, a massage brothel in Seoul, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
I took the elevator to the 7th floor and told the front desk attendant that I wanted to choose the club package, but was told that the club package was only available at 8 o’clock, and now there is only the standard package. Originally, I came here for the club package, but I had no choice but to choose the standard package. But the waiter told me that you came at the right time, and the leading lady, Italy, is now waiting for customers. Anyway, I couldn’t choose the lady by myself, so I listened to the waiter and asked her to arrange the lady Italy, and paid 260,000 Won for the 60-minute cannonball.
After taking a shower, go to the lounge and wait. Soon, the madam took me to the room. Miss Italy is already waiting in the room. Although the lady has a good appearance, it is difficult to convince the public that she is the number one lady. Italy is not a big beauty. It is estimated that the waiter can’t lie, maybe the service is very good, right?
The lady is docile and hospitable. I asked to take a picture of her, and she agreed. After taking off her clothes, she found that the lady had a pair of big breasts, which were smooth and soft to the touch, and they were natural beautiful breasts.
The lady let me sit on the edge of the bed, and she began to perform a bareheaded blowjob, which was really good. Then, I went to the shower room with the lady, and the lady helped me take a bath carefully.
Then, the lady took me to the play bed in the shower room. I wanted to lie down on my stomach, but the lady stopped me, and she let me sit on the side of the small bed. The lady started to kiss and lick my whole body, from the neck to the toes, licking every inch of my body. I am intoxicated by the wonderful feeling. The lady made me stand up and she started anal blowjob. Standing anal blowjob was the first time in my life and I really enjoyed it. Then the lady put me on my knees on the cot, and she continued to perform anal blowjob without touching the penis.
I turned over and sat up, and the lady sat on my lap, performing ass intercourse. The penis is fully erect, it is said to be a buttock, and the penis has almost entered the young lady’s body.
no! I couldn’t control it anymore, and the two moved to the bedroom. The lady puts a condom on the penis and fucks it with a female position. The young lady’s back work is so powerful that she ejaculates after a few rounds.
After appreciating the lady’s superb service skills, I am in awe of the lady, and she is indeed well-deserved as the number one lady.
If you want to experience the club package, you can only do it after 8 o’clock in the evening. It is recommended to visit after 9 o’clock.

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