The plane landed at Gimpo International Airport. The author took a taxi and went straight to the hotel. After a short rest, take the tram to Seolleung Station, exit from Exit 10, and then walk for about 5 minutes to the massage brothel Suanbo.
However, the door is closed, it will not be closed, right?
Push the door and enter, although the lighting is relatively dim, but it is very clean and tidy.
The bustard at the front desk received the author.
First of all, the bustard introduced the service package,
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 230,000 W (including angel service)
Double ejaculation in 70 minutes: 260,000 W (including angel service)
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 320,000 W(3P)
30 points + 30 points to ejaculate twice: 260,000 W (2 ladies successively)
When choosing the top 10 Hallyu queens, an additional 20,000 W will be added.
Angel service means that in the middle of the service, another lady joins in and implements 3P service.
The author wanted a “Korean Wave Top 10 Queen (the lady who was nominated by the guests most times)”, the bustard said that there is only one lady queen at this time, and the service is absolutely good. The author agrees.
The bustard led the author to a single room to rest, with a toilet and shower room next door. Soon, a waiter took the author upstairs and entered the massage room.
Miss is already waiting here. The young lady looks dignified and is about 25 years old. Although her demeanor is relatively calm, she always shows a childlike expression. She was wearing a sweater and a tight skirt, and her curly hair fluttered in the air as she walked, which was very charming.
After saying hello, I found that the lady could barely speak English. Anyway, the games between men and women are all a routine, and it doesn’t matter whether they communicate or not.
The author took out his mobile phone and asked the lady if he could take a photo, and the lady replied, as long as the face is not photographed.
When the lady took off her coat, she knelt on the bed and offered to take a sexy underwear photo.
My sister is in good shape.
After the author finished shooting, he touched the whole body of the young lady, and the young lady accepted it with a smile. The author has a hunch that I met a high-quality lady today.
After brushing teeth, taking a shower, going back to the bedroom…
The author thought how to have a sex game? Unexpectedly, when the lady came up, she hugged the author and kissed my lips. Suddenly.
The lady’s eyes stared at the author motionlessly, both hot and coquettish, giving people the feeling of a witch.
The lady asked the author to sit on the edge of the bed, and the lady began to kiss my chest. It was comfortable to lick, and the author puffed up her chest to meet the lady’s service.
The lady’s tongue went down all the way, and when it touched the penis that was already eager to try, the lady swallowed it in one gulp. The stimulation of deep throat is very clever.
The lady continued to move down and started licking the balls…
The lady raised the author’s legs, “Look! Look!”, and motioned me to look at the mirror on the right with her head.
The author saw that the picture was too unbearable. The author’s legs were spread wide, and the lady’s face was pressed against my crotch, which was too embarrassing.
Unbearably ashamed, the author turned his head to one side, and this time saw the same picture on the other mirror. There are mirrors on 3 walls around the bed. No matter where I turn my head, I can see my ugly self in the mirror.
Next, the lady starts to perform anal blowjob. After a while, the lady asked the author to kneel on the bed, and the lady licked the author’s anus from behind.
The author was so excited that my pupils in the mirror dilated very wide.
The lady pushed the author down on the bed and started a deep kiss while stimulating the author’s penis with her hand.
The author was intoxicated in the love between men and women, when suddenly the door was forcefully opened. The author thought to himself, something bad happened, could it be that the police are here? The author would rather die than be imprisoned overseas. Besides, if you want to catch me, you have to wait until I ejaculate…
Looking up, a sexy woman wearing queen’s eyes is standing at the door, showing her breasts, who is this?
Is this a perverted woman wearing a mask?
Without saying a word, the perverted girl started serving directly, starting the legendary “angel service”.
The two ladies competed to give oral sex to the author, and licked the breast at the same time. The cooperation between the two was perfect.
While licking breasts, the two of them masturbated for the author interactively. Their methods are different, and the feelings they bring to the penis are different, and there is an indescribable pleasure.
The author couldn’t help but let out a strange groan. A young lady quickly covered the author’s mouth with her hand, claiming that the author’s cry was too disturbing.
The author couldn’t control himself, grinned his mouth wide, and screamed indulgently. Seeing this, the lady put her finger into the author’s mouth, and the author began to suck the lady’s finger wildly. The author experienced a pleasure that I had never had before.
Under the strong attack of the two, the author was about to ejaculate, and hurriedly asked the ladies to stop masturbation, but was refused. The author admitted frankly that if he didn’t stop, he would ejaculate, and the ladies ordered that ejaculation not be allowed.
Afterwards, the perverted woman got up and left the room. It was too dangerous, she walked 15 seconds later, and I ejaculated before intercourse. All in all, the perverted girl played with us for about 5 minutes.
This time it’s time to buffer. Unexpectedly, Miss “Top 10 Queens” got up suddenly, took off her panties, pressed her vagina to the author’s cheek, and unfolded 69 poses.
After licking and licking each other, the lady put a condom on the penis and fucked with the female superior. Under the high-speed impact of the lady, the author felt that the storm was coming and it was unsustainable, and shouted, “Slowly! Slowly!”.
Although the lady slowed down the pace, she did not have the dominance after all, so she switched to the normal position, hugged the lady tightly, and slowly inserted into the vagina for smooth intercourse.
Then change to the rear position, normal position and then ejaculate!
The entire intercourse lasted about 40 minutes. Very satisfying sex experience.
It was the first time I experienced a massage brothel in Korea, and I was very satisfied.
The lady’s sensuality and service content are at the top level. Netizens who value service quality are most suitable for this experience, especially if you have a tendency to be masochistic, definitely recommend visiting this store.

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