After 3 years, I finally had the opportunity to revisit Ga-In, a massage brothel in Seoul. COVID-19 is bugging me.
I took Metro Line 2 and got off at Gangnam Station, exited from Exit 3, and walked to Ga-In, a massage brothel. Arrived at 9pm.
Now there is only one package: 60 minutes club package, 260,000 W.
Pay the fee at the front desk, get the locker key of the dressing room, and go to take a shower first. Then sit at the bar and drink and wait for the lady.
Soon, a waiter took me to the elevator.
In the elevator, a beautiful lady is waiting there. The lady’s name is Star, she is about 165cm tall and has a good figure.
As soon as the elevator doors closed, the lady unbuttoned my yukata and began to lick my breasts and perform standing blowjobs.
The elevator door opened, and the dazzling neon lights of the club area greeted the eyes. The familiar environment made people feel very cordial. Before I could recover, three more ladies appeared from nowhere. They pin me down on the chair and the 4 ladies start kissing all over and Star soon starts bareback blowjob.
Star put a condom on the penis and I sat on the chair and doggy fucked. The 3 ladies continued to serve me, and Star and I had sex in front of everyone. The scene was too exciting. I was very aroused, I felt very hard to control, and I could ejaculate at any time. Fortunately, Star stopped in time and took me to the room. The other ladies disbanded.
Take a closer look at Star, despite her breast surgery, she is in great shape.
She told me that in the past two and a half years, there have been almost no foreign tourists. The ladies all hope that the foreign tourists will come back soon.
Continue to fuck. I lay prone on the air cushion, and the lady dripped lotion all over my body and massaged me with her breasts. Then she started anal blowjob, which was a unique technique, her tongue deep and licking at the entrance.
Star put me on my knees on the air mattress and she alternated between anal blowjob and cock licking. No, I’m about to lose control, so I quickly drag Miss to bed. I had sex with the condom in the normal position. The lady did not forget to stimulate my nipples with her hands and let out a rough cry. The penis could no longer withstand the tossing and ejaculated. Great satisfaction.
Confirmed again after 3 years: Ga-In is still the same as before, providing hot and passionate services. There are not many customers now, and the club package provided guarantees that there will be many ladies serving the guests. Before COVID-19, when there were many guests, the hostesses were relatively understaffed, and sometimes it was impossible to provide club packages at all.

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