Features of Massage Brothel HI
Club packages are offered in the store to provide lascivious services to customers.
If you choose the club package, there will be multiple girls serving the guests at the same time. Although you can only have sex with 1 girl, guests can play various foreplay games with other girls.
Multiple customers receive service in the same room, and customers can watch other people’s sexual intercourse, and at the same time, their own sexual intercourse will also be watched by others.
The price of the club package is the same as the basic package (1 to 1 service), and the guest will have the feeling of receiving a free extra service.
HI’s package price
“Basic Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 200,000 W
2 ejaculations in 70 minutes: 230,000 W
80 minutes without ejaculation limit: 260,000 W
Tell the waiter the type of lady you like (tick the option on the note), and the waiter will choose the lady for the guest; if the guest knows the lady’s name, you can also call the name directly.
“Club Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: 200,000 W
2 ejaculations in 70 minutes: 230,000 W
80 minutes without ejaculation limit: 260,000 W
Several girls provide guests with various foreplay services in the club room. The time is 10 minutes, not including sexual intercourse. Then go to the private room and have sex with your own lady.
Like the basic set meal, the waiter chooses the lady for the guest according to the guest’s preference.
“3P Package”
One ejaculation in 40 minutes: 250,000 W
2 ejaculations in 60 minutes: 360,000 W
70 minutes random ejaculation: 380,000 W
One ejaculation in 20 minutes: 130,000 W (daytime only)
2 ejaculations in 60 minutes: 200,000 W (daytime only, club style 3P 20 minutes, 1v1 40 minutes)
“Roll Package”
2 ejaculations in 30+30 minutes (2 ladies serve 30 minutes each): 210,000 W
2 ejaculations in 30+60 minutes (with 2 women successively): 280,000 W
3 ejaculations in 30+30+30 minutes (3 misses successively): 290,000 W.
“Premium Package”
One ejaculation in 60 minutes: starting price of 230,000 W (the service content is different, the price is also different)
Club package, face-to-face lady selection: 10,000 W (one person)
Regular massage (about 40 minutes): 30,000W
There is no tipping required, and food and overnight stays are free.
Massage Brothel HI Experience
The author took a taxi to the massage brothel HI.
Address: 11-8 Ogeum-ro 11-gil, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
The massage brothel is very close to the subway station “Jamsil”.
After getting off the car, I found small pornographic advertisements everywhere, and I obviously felt that I had come to a place where nightclubs are concentrated.
The signs are all written in Korean, so I can’t understand them at all, but the word “Hi” is clearly visible, so it should be correct. Follow the signs and go down the stairs to the shop located on the ground floor. The author plucked up the courage to push the door to enter the store, the music bell rang, and someone inside greeted him.
The bustard at the front desk took out the price list, and I chose the 60-minute club package. After paying 200,000 W, I was taken to the lounge behind.
The bustard asked the author about the type of lady she likes, and the author replied that she wanted a sexy type. The bustard told me to wait here.
The author walked around the store while waiting, and the store is very neat and beautiful. But there is only 1 floor, and the whole scale is not big.
Sleeping rooms are also small.
The author returned to the reception room. Soon, a male waiter came and asked me to take a shower.
The waiter took the author to the shower, and the author began to take a shower.
Return to the lounge after showering. Soon, the madam took the author into a room next to the lounge.
I saw a group of ladies in sexy costumes waiting there. The bustard asked me to sit on a chair, and the ladies immediately surrounded me.
After saying hello, one lady came up and started fondling the author’s nipple, then the second lady fondled the other nipple, and the third lady blew into the author’s ear… There are 4 girls in total, each doing his own thing job, teamwork, and flirted with the author.
The ladies were flirting and laughing.
Then, the fifth lady appeared. The lady is slender, with short hair, amorous and sexy.
I saw the short-haired lady tearing off the bath towel around the author’s waist, revealing a straight penis.
Seeing this, all the ladies screamed loudly, “Oh My God! Big!”. The author took aphrodisiacs in advance, and the penis is indeed very powerful.
The short-haired lady starts the bareback blowjob right away. The other 4 ladies also continued to fondle the author’s whole body.
From time to time, smoke screens are emitted from the house, and the lights that often appear during stage performances are turned on, just like being in Disneyland.
The author looked up and watched intently, and there were several groups of guests and ladies playing the same game in the room.
The author is in a trance, the penis is put on a condom, and she has sex with the short-haired lady in normal position. This is the first time in my life that I have had sex in front of everyone, so shy.
The short-haired lady is forced to be replaced by a female superior. I feel like I’ve been raped.
After several rounds, the short-haired lady interrupted the sexual intercourse and dragged the author into the room. The other ladies disband.
After entering the private room, the short-haired lady started a deep kiss. It is rare to have such a service during COVID-19.
Then, the lady pushed the author onto the bed and began to kiss all over her body.
After asking the lady for instructions, the author took a picture of the precious scene. The lady’s ass is very sexy.
Then, the lady took out the lotion and poured it on the author, and she continued to kiss passionately.
The lady’s flirting is over, and it’s time for the author to flirt. First, the breasts were slapped gently, and the lady let out a lustful gasp.
The lady’s skin is smooth, elastic and charming. The author couldn’t help but started kissing the lady’s body, and finally transitioned to cunnilingus.
The young lady clenched the bed sheet with her hands while screaming lewdly, very excited. The author saw this, put on the condom, and had sex again in the normal position.
Change to female upper position, get in the back position, and then ejaculate in the normal position again.
The lady praised the author, “Good Job!”
Although the whole process from 6P game to ejaculation is less than 60 minutes, it seems to have witnessed a lifetime of lust and indulgence.
The author was drenched in sweat and collapsed on the bed. Life is really beautiful!
The author was immersed in happiness when I suddenly heard a greeting from a strange woman, “Hi!”. Another lady? Is this about to start a second intercourse?
It turned out that there was a lot of movement when we had sex just now, and the lady came to watch the battle. I was so focused just now that the author didn’t notice when the lady came in. It turned out that the unbearable scene just now happened under the peeping of the young lady! very scary. Exactly too sensual and exciting.
After the short-haired lady helped me wash my body, the two broke up.
Go back to the lounge to have a drink, and after a short rest, say hello to the bustard at the front desk, and leave the shop.
Although the scale of the massage brothel HI is not very large, the service of the club package is extremely lewd. It is no exaggeration to say that the author experienced the most sensual porn service in the world here, which I will never forget.

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