Room Salon and Full Salon in Korea Smiley Brother 2020.08

Room Salon

In Korea, there are two kinds of nightclubs called Room Salon and Full Salon. Guests can have sex with the lady after drinking for fun. This note is based on the author’s on-the-spot investigation, and introduces the shape and characteristics of this nightclub in detail. Similarities and differences between Room Salon and Full Salon 《Room […]

Brothel Street Goribon in Pyeongtaek, Korea 2020.07

Brothel Street in Pyeongtaek

Pyeongtaek is located in the south of Seoul, an hour’s drive from Seoul. The second fleet of the South Korean Navy is stationed in the city, and it has a US military port. In foreign countries, wherever there are soldiers stationed, there are basically nightclubs. The same goes for Pyeongtaek. I took the express train […]

Brothel Street Goribon in Changwon 2020.07

Brothel Street in Changwon

Changwon is a regional city about an hour and a half away from Busan. There are many factories here, but there are no sightseeing spots.The representative nightclub form here is the brothel. The location of the brothel group is Dongseonam2-gil Street.I took a bus from Lotte Mart, a downtown mall, to the brothel tribe. The […]