Changwon is a regional city about an hour and a half away from Busan. There are many factories here, but there are no sightseeing spots.
The representative nightclub form here is the brothel. The location of the brothel group is Dongseonam2-gil Street.
I took a bus from Lotte Mart, a downtown mall, to the brothel tribe. The one-way fare is 1000W, and it will arrive in about 40 minutes.
You can take bus No. 102, No. 109 or No. 703.
After getting off the bus, walk straight to Brothel Street.
Arrive at Dongseonam2-gil Street in a few minutes. Here is another scene.
I checked house by house, and there are about 20 brothels open for business, with more than 30 girls in total. The young lady is over 25 years old and has a slightly fat body. The price is basically 80,000 W. Seeing that you are a foreign tourist, some ladies will ask for 100,000 W.
After 2 weeks, I finally selected a lady about 28 years old. Miss is very pretty.
After paying the fee, the sexual intercourse begins.
After the lady stimulated my penis with her hands, she began to simply blowjob with the condom, which fit in the normal position. Standard brothel procedure. I ejaculated successfully after a long intercourse.

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