In Korea, there are two kinds of nightclubs called Room Salon and Full Salon. Guests can have sex with the lady after drinking for fun. This note is based on the author’s on-the-spot investigation, and introduces the shape and characteristics of this nightclub in detail.
Similarities and differences between Room Salon and Full Salon
《Room Salon》
After the guests enter the store, they drink and play with the beauties, make various intimacy and flirt with each other. Then, after successfully negotiating with the lady, you can take the lady out of the store to have sex.
However, Room Salon is expensive. It costs 500-800 US dollars per person to drink alone; if you take the lady out of the store, you need about 500 US dollars.
Also, there is no guarantee that you can take the lady out of the store. If the lady disagrees or the bustard doesn’t nod, you can’t take the lady away. In some stores, customers can take the lady out of the store only after they come 2-3 times.
《Full Salon》
Compared to Room Salon, Full Salon is cheap and sure to fuck.
After the customer enters the store, he can choose the lady face to face.
The package includes drinking and sex, and the price is 300-400 US dollars per person. The price is much cheaper than Room Salon, but the level of girls is lower than Room Salon, but there are many girls above the qualified line.
No one leads the way, it is difficult for tourists to use Room Salon and Full Salon
It is very difficult for tourists who do not understand Korean to go to Room Salon and Full Salon by themselves. First of all, there is no signboard in front of the store, you can’t find the store at all. The picture below is the Full Salon used by the author. Who can tell that this is a Full Salon.
If no one leads the way, you have to ask the waiter after entering the store, is this a Full Salon and what is the price. But you have to speak Korean, otherwise no one will talk to you.
Room Salon and Full Salon locations in Seoul
Both Room Salon and Full Salon in Seoul are located in the Gangnam area.
In front of the Room Salon store, there are male waiters sitting at the door. There are parking lots in front of many Room Salon stores, and rich people drive to consume. In the picture below, the waiter of the store is sitting in the tent.
In front of the Full Salon store, there may not necessarily be a waiter sitting there.
Utilization of Room Salon and Full Salon
After the customer enters the store, he chooses the lady, and after toasting with the lady, he takes the lady out of the store or has sex in the store.
In the Room Salon, you have to negotiate with the lady and obtain the consent of the madam before you can take the lady out of the store. There is no place for sexual intercourse in the store.
And Full Salon’s services include sexual intercourse, and there are rooms in the store. The drinking time is basically 60-80 minutes, and the sexual intercourse time is 40 minutes.
Room Salon and Full Salon Hours of Operation
Usually, shops open at 18:00. But the high-quality lady will not show up until after 22:00, so you have to go to the store later. There are misses even at 4-5 o’clock in the morning.
Full Salon experience in Seoul
Through the introduction, a local nightclub who lives there often took the author to Full Salon in Seoul.
The two arrived at a Full Salon in the Jiangnan area around 22:00.
The waiter took us to a room. Pay the package fee of 350,000 W first.
Due to the large number of customers and we did not have an appointment, we waited for 20 minutes for the waiter to call us.
Follow the waiter to the 2nd floor. There is a window in the big room where the girls wait for guests, and many Korean guests are looking for girls in front of the window.
There are 10-12 girls. Although not a big beauty, but there are some nice young ladies. But there are a lot of guests, and there are girls who are constantly called away by the guests. Of course, there are new ladies added one after another.
After we selected the ladies respectively, we returned to the room we had just now. The waiter brought fruit and drinks.
According to the ladies, 90% of the guests here are Koreans and 10% are Chinese. It seems that it is indeed difficult for foreign tourists to find here.
The author’s young lady is 27 years old and comes from Seoul. She doesn’t get off work until 5 o’clock in the morning.
We drank and chatted with the ladies, and after about 10 minutes, the ladies announced that it was time for the show. They dimmed the lights and played music. The two began to perform.
The ladies undid our belts, pulled out our penises, cleaned them with wet wipes, and started bareback blowjobs. The ladies also only wear a thong.
After the blowjob, the two ladies helped us put on our pants again. It is easy to take off, but difficult to put on, because the penis is straight and straight, and it is not easy to wear pants.
Next, drink and flirt with the lady in the dark room. Chatting while drinking, touching the whole body.
During the period, the waiter came to deliver the wine twice and gave him a tip of 10,000 W each time.
After about an hour, the lady proposed to go upstairs to have sex. Take the package and take the elevator upstairs with the ladies.
We went to 2 rooms separately. The author and the lady took a shower and brushed their teeth respectively.
After going to bed, the lady licks breasts and blowjobs. Then have sex with the condom in the normal position. Ejaculate after going through female dominance, rear dominance, and dominatrix again.
Shower again afterwards. Get dressed, go downstairs with the lady, and part. No tip.
Go to the Full Salon, where you can drink and have sex
If you go to Seoul and Busan in South Korea, you can experience Room Salon and Full Salon.
The girls in the Room Salon are of high quality and expensive, and there is no guarantee of sexual intercourse; while in the Full Salon, you can drink and have sex, the price is relatively cheap, and the girls’ standards are relatively low.
It is difficult for foreign tourists to take advantage of it by themselves, and it is best to let the locals lead the way.

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