Pyeongtaek is located in the south of Seoul, an hour’s drive from Seoul.
The second fleet of the South Korean Navy is stationed in the city, and it has a US military port. In foreign countries, wherever there are soldiers stationed, there are basically nightclubs. The same goes for Pyeongtaek.
I took the express train from Seoul and arrived in Pyeongtaek in 50 minutes.
Take Exit 1. It was still bright.
Turn left after exiting the station. There is a small gray two-story building on the left in the picture below, which is the police branch (police station), and across the road behind the police station is the brothel street.
The time is now 18:00. It was still early, and only about 10% of the shops were open.
no! Go eat first. I was not too hungry, so I ordered cold wrist noodles, which tasted good.
Drink and eat noodles, kill time, and continue to inspect the brothel around 19:00. The sky is very dark, the lights are strange, and there is an ambiguous atmosphere everywhere.
The brothel tribe is huge and covers 3 streets. There are more than 30 brothels open now, and after 21:00, it is estimated that 40-50 brothels will be open.
The level of the lady is about the same as that of a brothel in Seoul. Due to the large number of ladies, you can always meet the lady you like.
I went around the brothel group for 2 weeks and then went back to Miss Candidate.
The lady’s name is Xiao A, she is 28 years old and has a calm personality. The price is 100,000W.
Follow the lady to the room.
The room is relatively clean, but there is no shower. I saw the lady bring a bucket with warm water. I sat on the edge of the bed and the lady washed my penis for me.
After washing, the young lady started bareback blowjob immediately. The lady stared up at me while doing oral sex. Enjoyed it very much.
I pushed the lady on the bed and started cunnilingus, the lady let out a nice low moan.
The lady was about to put a condom on the penis, but I stopped her. In the end, the two parties agreed to have a body without condom and ejaculate outside the body.
Fight in a normal position. The young lady is very devoted, she keeps talking obscenely, and agrees to ejaculate in her desperation.
Long sex, ejaculation. A very blissful intercourse.

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