Features of MISTER SAUNA & SPA

There are many spas in Seoul, some of which only provide formal massages on the surface, and other services need to be negotiated with the girls; some provide massage and erotic service packages. MISTER SAUNA & SPA belongs to the former.

Address: Wongjin-Tower B2, 1573-14 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul

Spa MISTER SAUNA & SPA provides the following services,

regular massage

Therapeutic Lomilomi Massage

Masturbation and other erotic services

Bath and sauna

Take a bath



Sports massage package

1) 60 minutes: 80,000W
2) 90 minutes: 110,000W
3) 120 minutes: 150,000W

Lomilomi Massage Package

4) 40 minutes: 70,000W
5) 60 minutes: 90,000W
6) 90 minutes: 130,000W

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VIP Combo Package

7) Sports massage 40 minutes + Lomilomi massage 40 minutes: 120,000W
8) Sports massage 60 minutes + Lomilomi massage 60 minutes: 160,000W


9) 06:00-20:00: 10,000W (for more than 8 hours, add 1,000W for each hour exceeding)
20:00-06:00: 16,000W (over 12 hours, add 1,000W for each hour exceeded)
* When choosing the above package, the sauna is free.

Options (Service hours: 8:00-18:00)

10) Bathing: 18,000W (closed on Wednesday)
11) Haircut: 12,000W (closed on Monday)

Masturbation requires negotiation with the lady, which has nothing to do with the store. The market price is 30,000-50,000 W. The price for the full set is unknown. Almost every escort provides erotic services.

Experience notes

I had nothing to do during the day, so I went to “MISTER SAUNA & SPA”.

Enter the store and choose a service package.

I chose the following package,

VIP SET: 60 minutes × 2

Rubbing bath: about 15 minutes

Haircut: about 15 minutes

The whole package takes almost 3 hours.

The waiter introduced the facilities in the store. The store is divided into 3 areas, spa area, sleeping area and massage area.

The spa area has changing rooms, showers, large baths, saunas, and hairdressers.

When guests come late at night, they can stay overnight. The sleeping area is dark and easy to sleep on. Some guests deliberately stay overnight in the hotel to save on hotel expenses.

Unlike massage brothels, the sleeping areas here are large rooms. to

After the waiter finished introducing me, I went to take a shower and put on my yukata.

Then went to the massage room. I was going to discuss special services with the lady for a while, so I brought my wallet and mobile phone.

Enter a massage room. Soon, an aunt appeared.

Although the aunt can only speak Korean and cannot communicate with each other, her attitude is very friendly. Start the massage. As expected of a professional masseur, Auntie’s massage techniques are very good.

Although the aunt’s massage was very formal and she didn’t touch my sensitive parts, it may be that the aunt’s skirt touched my penis, which caused it to become erect. so awkward.

Fortunately, Auntie’s time has come, and I feel relieved.

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Next, I was taken to another massage room. Now for the Swedish massage.

The young lady appears, not the aunt this time. The lady is not only young but also wearing a V-neck uniform, with a pair of big breasts looming.

The lady asked me to lie prone on the massage table, and she put a towel on my back. to

The lady then very slowly removed the towel! This movement was obviously provocative, and I felt both comfortable and excited.

Next, the lady opened the lotion bottle and poured it on her back drop by drop instead of pouring it on her back. The young lady’s little trick excited me for a long time. For the first time I realized how sensitive I was.

The lady started the massage with her hands, which was very comfortable. Although the lady didn’t touch my lower body, my penis had obvious reaction.

Following the lady’s instructions, I turned over and my penis was erect. The lady was startled, “Oh My God!”

The lady completely understood my intention and started to stimulate my sensitive areas.

I couldn’t control it anymore, so I negotiated directly with the lady, and she quoted me 50,000 W for masturbation. My penis couldn’t wait any longer, so I had to agree immediately.

The lady’s masturbation technique was also very good. I ejaculated soon, making the lady’s hands full of filth.

After the two of us went to the shower room to rinse off, the lady helped me dry my body, and the Swedish massage ended.

Next, it was time to take a shower, and I returned to the large bath area.

When a male waiter learned that I wanted to take a bath, he instructed me to enter the bathtub and soak for 10 minutes. After I got out of the bath, the male waiter gave me a bath on the bathing table.

The last step is a haircut.

After the set meal was completed, I checked out of the store with great satisfaction.


MISTER SAUNA & SPA in Seoul looks like a sound spa, but in fact it provides erotic services such as masturbation. Opening during the day is another feature of the store.

The aunt’s professional massage is very good. I can feel my heartbeat when negotiating with the lady. I like this feeling very much. You can also take a bath and get a haircut, which is similar to going to a hot spring. Recommended for everyone to use.

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