Nightclub information

Store name: Tiffany

Nightclub Type: Massage Brothel

Location: Seoul, near Gangnam Subway Station

Price: 260,000 won for 60 minutes

Official website: TiffanySoap

chosen lady


Estimated age: 25-29 years old

Bust: E cup

Body shape: slim

I took the subway and got off at Gangnam Station. After walking for a few minutes, I arrived at the massage brothel Tiffany at around 8pm.

After entering the store, I first chose a service package. I chose the 60-minute club package for 260,000 won. Then I told the waiter the type of girl I like.

Then, I went to take a shower.

After washing, I went to the lounge wearing my yukata. Soon, the waiter came to call me and took me to the fourth floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, a lady was waiting in front of the elevator. She is my lady today. The girl’s name is YOONA. My first impression of her is that she is tall, slender, has a sweet smile, is pretty and cute, and is sexy and charming. YOONA took my hand and walked forward. The scene in front of me was astonishing. Amid the pleasant music, several groups of men and women were performing live sexual performances in the corridor.

YOONA and I came to the middle of the corridor. As soon as I sat down, three more ladies gathered around me. The 4 girls started serving me immediately. One girl kissed me deeply, and the other 3 girls licked my whole body. My penis responded immediately.

Then, YOONA started oral sex without a condom, and her oral sex technique was very skillful.

After playing in the club area for about 10 minutes, YOONA took me to the private room.

After entering the room, I looked at the lady carefully and found that she was tall, with slender thighs, slender waist, big breasts and a perky ass, and was very sexy.

YOONA is outgoing and friendly to others. She took the initiative to kiss me deeply again, completely in lover mode.

I lay on my back on the bed, and she began to perform services and lick all over my body; I lay on my stomach, and she kissed my back passionately.

The lady asked me to kneel on the bed while she performed anal and oral sex. I couldn’t help but moan.

I lay down again and the lady started titjob; then she started vacuuming and licking her balls.

Seeing that my penis was about to lose control, I quickly stopped the young lady’s attack and switched to my main attack, kissing all over the young lady’s body. The lady’s skin is fair and smooth, and her nipples are pink, and they feel wonderful to lick. The young lady also enjoyed it very much and made a cute and sexy cry.

When I inserted my fingers into her vagina, I could clearly feel the cyprine leaking out. The young lady was very sensitive, her screams became wilder, and her body also experienced irregular tremors.

Switching to 69 position, the lady gave another blowjob while I concentrated on cunnilingus. The lady had no pubic hair and was rich in cyprine. I licked and sucked on it, and I felt very happy.

The young lady put a condom on the penis and put it on top of the penis. Then she changed to the normal position and had sex while kissing deeply. Finally, they ejaculated with each other’s screams.

The lady took off the condom and started cleaning up the blowjob. Afterwards, the two continued to be intimate and affectionate while lying on the bed, and they broke up when the time was up.

“Evaluation of Miss”

■Appearance: 8 points;

■Physique: 8 points;

■Service: 10 points

Miss YOONA has superb bed skills and hot service. Being with her feels like meeting your lover, which makes you forget to leave.

Club packages provided by multiple girls are a specialty service of Korean massage brothels. It is difficult to find similar services anywhere in the world and is very rare. The service of multiple ladies allows guests to enjoy “imperial” treatment. At the same time, the perverted and lewd feast in front of them will bring visual impact and enjoyment to the guests. Being born a man and not experiencing it once will become the biggest regret in life.

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