This time I went to OTTUGI (formerly “City”), a massage brothel in Seoul, to conduct research.


I took Subway Line 2 and got off at Yeoksam Station and walked for 3 minutes to my destination. Walk forward along the “Massage” sign in the picture below.

The massage brothel OTTUGI is located in the small alley shown in the picture below.

After entering the store, I chose the club package of 60 minutes of sex at the front desk and paid 280,000 Won.

Come to the spacious dressing area and put your clothes in the closet.


Went to take a shower, the shower room was nice and clean.

Go to the lounge and wait. Soon, the waiter took me upstairs and told me that I could not choose a young lady today.

As soon as I sat down on the chair, three ladies came. They divided their labors and kissed me all over my body. While enjoying the service, I observed the ladies, and one of them happened to be my type. I prayed silently that she would be my fuck girl for the day.

After one service, the two girls left, leaving one girl behind. It’s a pity that the girl I left behind is not the girl I like. I can’t choose the girl, which is a bit regretful.

The girl’s name is Lily. She is tall, young, beautiful, and very good.

Go to the room with Lily.

There are mirrors on all sides of the room, so you can watch them while having sex.

Although the main point of the club package is that you can watch other people having sex, the time of my visit was 8:30 pm, which was too early and there were no other guests who had chosen the club package. The lady said that the number of customers will only increase after 10pm.


After the lady helped me wash my body, the two of us came to the air mattress and started playing on the air mattress. I knelt down on the air mattress and the lady performed anal and oral sex. The lady’s anal and oral sex was so powerful, it felt like the lady’s tongue had entered at least 2-3cm into the anus. Then I lay on my back, and the lady spread lotion on her breasts and massaged the oil for me. I enjoyed it very much.

After washing off the lotion on their bodies, the two moved to bed. After the lady licked her breasts, she started blowing the flute and doing the 69 position. The penis couldn’t wait any longer. He put on a condom and had sex in a normal position without having time to change his position. He ejaculated after a few minutes.

The massage part included in the previous package has been cancelled. If you need a massage, you will have to pay an additional 30,000 Won.

“Battle Miss Evaluation”

Appearance: 7/10 points

Service: 8.5/10 points

Overall: 8/10 points

Current status of massage brothel OTTUGI (2022.10)

Basic package, club package:

One sexual intercourse in 60 minutes: 280,000 watts; 2 sexual intercourses in 60 minutes: 320,000 watts

Massage: additional charge of 30,000w

Depending on the attendance status of the girls in the store, sometimes the girl cannot be selected.

Miss level: young and good-looking

Number of ladies: more than 40 (two shifts)

Club package review:

Available time: pm8:00-am7:00

Club package lacks charm compared to other massage brothels

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