The representative nightclubs in Manila have the following forms.
【Night clubs for short-term tourists】
Go-Go: Burgos Street, Makati Region; EDSA
Coffee shop: LACAFE
KTV: Malate area; Makati area
【A nightclub for experienced people】
Brothels in the Ermita area
CafeHAVANA in Greenbelt, Makati Region
MP: Flight168HealthSPA
KTV for locals
This memorandum records the first-hand information obtained by the author through on-the-spot investigations, and introduces the nightclub categories, prices, girls’ level, recommended shops and precautions in Manila, etc.
The information provided in this article covers all representative nightclubs in Manila. With reference to this notebook, netizens can easily formulate a 1-2 week boutique night tour plan.
Characteristics and Charms of Manila’s Sex Scenes
“Nightlife is colorful”
In Manila, there are many types of nightclubs. Famous Go-Go, karaoke, fishing coffee shop LACafe, brothel, MP and so on.
Many netizens went directly to AngelesCity, a happy street not far from Manila, and ignored Manila. In fact, the nightclubs in Manila are also worth investigating and experiencing.
“Miss Philippines Cheerful”
Compared with other Asian countries, Miss Philippines is very extroverted, warm to others, and bold in service. Many ladies can have sex without a condom, and those who are good at it will definitely love it.
“Miss Fluent in English”
English is widely spoken in the Philippines. Filipinos with high school education speak good English.
The same is true for the young lady, who can basically speak English. Therefore, the guests can fully communicate with the lady, shorten the distance between each other, and enjoy the joy of fish and water to the maximum extent.
“Miss’ Appearance”
Frankly speaking, Miss Philippines has a poor average look. Most of the ladies are short, medium fat, dark skinned, and have an ape face, which is very popular with Europeans and Americans. There are only a few mixed races with Hispanic or Chinese descent who are beautiful and cute.
Because the people at the bottom eat a lot of rice and dishes with a lot of salt, they are very easy to gain weight. It may be difficult for guests who like a slim figure to choose a lady.
To be honest, compared with Bangkok, Thailand, a big country in the sex industry, the scale of nightclubs and the level of girls in Manila are a notch lower.
“Poor law and order”
The law and order in Manila should be the worst in Asia. Especially in the Ermita area, there are many beggars and vagabonds. At night, the atmosphere is very scary. Tourists are the most likely victims.
Manila night tour map
Nightclubs in Manila are concentrated in three areas, namely the Makati area, the Malate・Ermita area and the Pasay area.
Makati area: Go-Go (Burgos Street), Karaoke, CafeHAVANA;
Malate・Ermita area: karaoke, brothels, LACafe, clubs;
Pasay area: Go-Go (EDSA)
In the evening, the traffic jam is serious, and the movement between various regions is time-consuming, so it is best to choose a region for inspection in a day.
Go-Go bars in the Philippines are similar to those in Thailand.
Go-Go bars are located in Burgos Street in the Makati area and EDSA Complex in the Pasay area. Although the overall level of Go-Go here is worse than that of Thailand, it still has the value of experience.
Recommend the following users to experience:
Want to spend the night with lovely ladies in a safe environment
The following users are not recommended to experience:
Night tours are on a tight budget
Go-Go in Manila (1): Burgos Street (Makati area)
There are more than 30 Go-Gos on Burgos Street in the Makati area. Much like SoiCowboy in Bangkok, but not as lively as SoiCowboy.
Recommended stores are KOJAX and PlanB. The girls in these two stores are better than other stores.
Price: 6000-7000P for a short time (BF + fee)
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)
Compared with EDSA, another Go-Go tribe in Manila, the ladies of KOJAX and PlanB are younger and more beautiful. There are a lot of young, lovely, slender ladies.
In addition to these two stores, other Go-Go girls on Burgos Street are worse than EDSA.
There are many beggars and nagging vendors on Burgos Street, and the atmosphere is not good.
Go-Go in Manila (2): EDSAComplex
The EDSA Complex in the Pasay area is a one-story building that integrates several nightclubs. There are 7 Go-Go bars in total.
It’s a bit like NanaPlaza in Bangkok, but the scale is much smaller and the level of the girls is also poor.
Price: short time 5000-5500P (BF + fee).
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

For starters, EDSA Complex is the most accessible nightclub in Manila.
The building is very safe, and the shops are concentrated, so it is very convenient to find ladies from house to house. Beggars and hawkers are prohibited from entering, and guests will not be disturbed in any way and can concentrate on their inspections.
Prices are also cheaper than the Burgos Street Go-Go Bar.
Although the average level of the ladies is not high, among the many ladies, you will always find one you like.
Fishing cafe LACAFE
Fishing Cafe LACAFE is located in the Ermita area. There are many warblers there. Much like ThermaeCafe in Bangkok.
Recommend the following users to experience:
Want cheap sex in Manila;
Looking for regular women, part-timers and would-be whores
The following users are not recommended to experience:
Unfamiliar with Philippine nightlife;
Lack of experience in overseas nightclubs
Price: 2000-3000P
Most girls will sell at 2500P.
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
In Manila, if you’re looking for women who want to earn some extra cash, go to LACafe.
Go-Go in Manila is expensive, go to LACafe, the cost can be halved (about 2500P). Although the average level of ladies is not high, you can often meet cute girls on the 2nd floor.
Since the women here are all wanderers and have nothing to do with the coffee shop, there is no place to complain when there is a dispute with the lady. It is not recommended for beginners in overseas pornography to experience it.
KTV (Karaoke)
There are many KTVs in Manila, and there are more than 50 in the Malate area alone, including several high-quality stores.
Unlike other Asian countries, the ladies here cannot be introduced. Because of this, many high-level ladies are gathered in TKV.
Recommend the following users to experience:
Like to laugh and scold and flirt with young ladies;
Want to raise a glass with the lovely Filipino lady;
The following users are not recommended to experience:
don’t like to play with the lady;
must be fucked
Ordinary KTV: about 1500P
Advanced KTV: about 2500P
*90-minute package fee + buy a drink for the lady
【Recommended Manila KTV store】
Malate area
Public stores: VOGUE, MUGEN
High-end stores: UPSTAGE PREMIER, PREMIERYOKO, Shunzi, Room 526
Intersex Shop: New Man 88
Makati area
Public store: SHIAWASE
High-end stores: Mariko, Sakura
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)
The appearance of Miss KTV is ★5/10 for mass stores and ★7/10 for high-end stores.
The girls in high-end KTV shops are of a high standard. In a large shop there will be 70-80 ladies.
If you want to drink with young and beautiful Filipino ladies, you can go to a high-end KTV;
The scene where the companion and the lady are at the ordinary store MUGEN
Brothel bars in the Ermita area
There are several brothels in the Ermita area. The brothel here does not have sex in the store, but takes the lady to the customer’s residence. The layout of the store is that of a bar.
The author visited 2 brothel bars in the Ermita area.
NOONAMAHBAR is behind the TimeTravellers Hotel.
When the author entered the store, there were only 3 ladies. The price is 1500-2000P.
The store is located not far from the north of NOONAMANBar.
When the author entered the store, there were 7 girls, all of whom were of average level.
Price: 1500-2000P. Seeing that the author is a foreign tourist, I want to lie about 2500-3000P.
Recommended degree:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)
Although it is a brothel, it looks like a bar on the outside. There is no mystery whatsoever.
Miss level can play ★ 3-5. Based on the appearance and number of ladies, I think it is better to go to LACafe. It’s really unnecessary to go to Ermita’s brothel bar to investigate.
CafeHAVANA in Greenbelt Mall in Makati area
In the Greenbelt mall in the Makati area, there is a beautiful coffee shop HAVANACAFE. Every night, there will be warblers appearing. Especially on weekends, there are a lot of wandering warblers, and the ladies and guests will spread to the surrounding Starbucks and other restaurants.
The ladies entertain guests while drinking coffee and eating. They dress fancy and actively make eye contact with men, making them easy to identify. There is an atrium around CafeHAVANA, and the stylishly dressed women gathered there are also young ladies.
When you meet a lady you like, you can come forward to chat with them, and after negotiating the price, take the lady to your residence. Miss most around 22 o’clock.
Price: 3000-4000P
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
The level of Miss CafeHAVANA is higher than that of LACafe. Most of the young ladies are eloquent and generous.
When the author went to investigate late at night on weekdays, there were a total of 30-40 young ladies.
If you live in the Makati area, it is definitely worth visiting.
Flight168HealthSPA and KTVAirForceOne are in the same building. The ladies are all sitting in the window displays waiting for customers.
Miss is divided into 2 levels: economy class level; business class, first class level. Economy class packages are upstairs, and business class and first class packages are downstairs. Depending on the plan, the waiter, service time, and room size vary. The ladies in the business class and first class packages are the same, but the service hours and room sizes are different.
The business hours of Flight168HealthSPA are 12:00-4:00.
Prices vary by time of day. The author enters Flight168HealthSPA at 21:00, and the price is as follows.
economy class package
Room fee 1200P
Cost 1500P
business class package
Room fee 2500P
Cost 2000P
First Class Package
Room fee 3000P
Cost 2500P
This price is a standard price.
Each day is divided into 3 periods, and the standard price is used in the middle period; the room fee is discounted in the morning and evening periods.
12:00-19:00: Discount on room charges
19:00-1:30: Standard price
1:30-4:00: Room rate discount
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

When the author inspected at 21:00 on weekdays, there were about 40 girls. There were many young ladies, several of whom were both beautiful and lovely.
There is not much difference between economy class and business class and first class ladies, so they should be checked at the same time.
lady in economy class
This is a good place to go when you want to shoot short shots. The problem is, Flight168HealthSPA is located near the airport, far from the city. Handy if you live near the airport or come here before your flight.
There are drifting warblers in clubs in the Malate area.
There are 2 famous clubs, ClubZZYZXManila and ClubEXKLUSIV.
In the club ZZYZX, there are many Korean guests patronizing.
The lady usually stands by the wall alone, especially there are many ladies waiting there by the wall in front of the toilet. There are also young ladies wandering outside the club waiting for customers. Basically, the lady will not take the initiative to strike up a conversation, and the guests must come forward to strike up a conversation.
(Whore wandering in front of ZZYZX store)
(The lady in EXKLUSIV store)
Price (take ZZYZX as an example):
Tickets: None
Seat charges: from 1500P per table
If you walk around in the store, you will only be charged for drinks; if you request a seat, you will be charged per table. This fee is a minimum purchase in store. When the food consumption is lower than the amount, no additional payment is required; when the food consumption is higher than the amount, the excess part will be paid.
Fee: 3000P
Recommended degree:
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)
When the author visited ZZYZX, there were about 15 girls in total. Among them are lovely young ladies.
After 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, KTV girls will come here, and the guests have more choices.
KTV for local low-consumption groups
In Manila, there are many KTVs for local low-consumption groups. The author recommends the KTV shops located near the intersection of F.B.HarrisonSt and Sen.GilJ.Puyat.Ave. There are 6 excellent KTVs here.
These KTVs usually have cheap neon signs, and there are girls and moms sitting in front of the store.
There are ladies waiting in the store. After negotiating a good price, go upstairs to trade.
Beer: 50-55P per glass
Miss drink: 200-250P per cup
Fee: 1600P
Recommended degree:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)
Miss is either an aunt or a fat girl.
Although the drinks are cheap, there is no value for investigation. Some stores also have a tendency to rip off customers.
Tips and Dos and Don’ts for Nightclub Experiences in Manila
“Mobile Download App”
The taxi-hailing app “Grab” must be downloaded to the mobile phone in advance. Using this system is convenient and cheap, and there is no phenomenon of ripping off customers.
“Recommended accommodation area”
Cheap hotels are concentrated in the Ermita area, but the law and order here is not good. If you don’t like it, go to the bustling street in the Malate area or the Makati area to stay.
“Foreign Currency Exchange”
The exchange rate at the airport is very poor. It is recommended to only exchange a small amount of money here, which is enough for the fare to the city. Change some more when you get to the city. There is an exchange office EDZEN near Robinson in the Ermita area, where the exchange rate is the best (refer to the previous map for the location).
“Traffic in the city”
It is convenient and cheap to hail a taxi using the mobile app Grabtaxi. Moving within the Makati area or within the Malate area only costs about 100P.
The problem is, sometimes there are traffic jams.
The trams in Manila are always overcrowded. The price is cheap, it is not affected by traffic, and it is very convenient to use.
Jeepney is a double row bus converted from Jeep. The ticket is only 8P.
“Law and Order in Manila”
The law and order in Manila is the worst among Asian countries. If you wander around like in Thailand, there is a chance that you will encounter robbers. But compared with Central and South America or Africa, it is much safer here.
In order to prevent accidents, when walking on the street, do not carry non-essential valuables with you. Do not walk at night on roads with dim lighting and few pedestrians, but take a taxi. Don’t accept a stranger’s request to eat together, be careful of being drugged.
Make the most of Manila’s nightlife!
The above introduces the representative nightclubs in Manila. Netizens, after knowing the information, choose a nightclub that suits them, and have fun with the cheerful Filipino ladies.
The nightclubs I personally recommend most are LACAFE, CafeHAVAHA and high-end KTV. The best price-performance ratio is LACafe; the shop with a higher level of girls who can have sex is CafeHAVAHA; the shop with first-class girls is a high-end KTV.

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