Massage Brothel Starfleet Overview
Starfleet is very close to Manila International Airport and not far from KTV Air Force One.
The store is open 24 hours, and customers can enter the store for consumption at any time.
There are 2 sets, one is dry massage and intercourse, and the other is wet massage and intercourse. Dry massage is massage oil massage, while wet massage is air cushion massage. The dry massage package is relatively cheap; although the wet massage package is more expensive, the lady has a high level, the room environment is good, and the service is excellent.
The price consists of 2 parts, the room usage fee paid in the store and the service fee paid to the lady.
The girls sit in the display window and wait for customers, and the guests can choose girls face to face.
Massage Brothels The Starfleet Experience
I took a taxi to MP (massage brothel) Starfleet at 6 o’clock in the evening on weekdays. Although it was only 5 kilometers away, it took nearly an hour to catch up with the traffic jam. Traffic jams in Manila are no joke.
The store is in a long building next to the main road. There is a striking signboard at the entrance on the first floor, which is easy to identify.
Although there is a lot of traffic on the road, there are few street lights, the sidewalks are uneven, and there are some dubious people wandering around. The atmosphere outside the store was weird, so I hurried into the store.
The store is very spacious, worthy of Starfleet, and the decoration in the store is like a cosmic wonderland in a science fiction film, with a special flavor. But no one can be seen.
Go to the end, see the elevator, go up to the 3rd floor.
After getting out of the elevator, I heard deafening music coming from the big room. When you open the door, what you see is the huge cosmic painting on the wall, which is magnificent and magnificent.
There was a reception desk on the left hand side, and several male waiters looked at me.
The waiter said that this is a dry massage area. I asked a waiter to take me to see the lady.
The lady’s window display room is next to the front desk, and it is brightly lit. Guests can spot the lady in the showroom from a small window.
There were about 15 ladies inside, each wearing revealing clothes, some were playing with their mobile phones, some were chatting. Aware that I was outside the window, some young ladies looked at me with smiles on their faces.
The overall level of the young lady is good, basically above the passing line. It’s not a problem to choose a lady here, but it’s hard to come here, and I want to check out the lady who has a wet massage. Let the waiter take me to the wet massage area.
Walk about 30 meters along the gray corridor and go down the stairs.
There is also a front desk and girls window display where about 15 girls are seated. The level of the lady is basically the same as that of the dry massage area, which is very good. The ladies are all elegant in shape, and a pair of big breasts are ready to emerge from the low-necked shirts.
Compared with the dry massage area, the attitude of the lady here seems to be more gentle. Among them, Miss No. 34 looked at me with a smile on her face, she was very cute. selected.
Pay 1200 Peso for the room at the front desk. The room rate is different at different times, and it was 19:30 when I called the lady.
The waiter took me to a private room. Although the area is not large, it has stylish decoration, sufficient air conditioning, TV and telephone, and a spacious shower room inside. The bed was also clean and tidy. Felt like a decent hotel room.
I sat down and waited for the lady, and after 3 minutes, Miss No. 34 knocked on the door and entered.
The lady can speak some English. Her name is Nana, she is 21 years old, she is 155cm tall, and has E-cup breasts. The face is chiseled and seems to be of Spanish descent, and her skin is fairer than other Filipino women.
Nana reminded me that “the service fee is 2000 Peso”. It is consistent with the amount I investigated beforehand.
Nana went to the shower to get ready. Put down the air cushion standing on the wall, and sprinkle some warm water to preheat; fill the toothbrush with toothpaste, and bring it to me to brush my teeth.
Start the game after brushing your teeth at the same time as Nana.
Nana urged me to undress and take the shower, and she stripped naked herself.
Nana’s figure is really good. The breasts are tall and straight, shaped like a burgundy wine glass; the curves of the small waist and butt are sharp and perfect. The whole is a big beauty, super cute.
I pretended to be calm, to avoid losing my composure, and quickly undressed, even though my penis was already showing embarrassment.
In the shower, I lay prone on the air mattress. Nana poured the lotion into the sink, made bubbles, and applied it to me. The smell is very soothing.
The lady started oiling me with her breasts, Nana’s breasts were warm and soft. Enjoy it.
Meanwhile, Nana clamped her legs around my thighs and slid them up and down. The lady’s movements are like swimming freely in the universe. This is the origin of the store name Star Fleet (Star Fleet)!
I lay on my back and Nana continued to oil me with her tits. First the upper body, no dead ends in all directions; then transfer to the lower body. Seeing the cock in full swing, Nana starts a bareback blowjob. so comfortable.
After blowing for a while, Nana took out the condom and prepared to put it on the penis. Considering the poor quality of local condoms, I hurriedly took out my regular high-quality condom from my bag and put it on. Fit with female superiors.
The young lady suppressed her groan and twisted her waist vigorously. A pair of beautiful breasts swaying from side to side, so beautiful. I feel like I’m in heaven.
Changing to a seat, the lady’s cry became louder and louder.
Replace with normal bit. Miss’s vaginal contraction function is very powerful, and the penis is strongly stimulated. Nana almost climaxed too.
However, because the air cushion is slippery and each other’s bodies swim around, it is difficult to concentrate on sprinting at full speed. Although the penis is still firm, there is no sign of ejaculation. Moving to bed is also an option, but it seems that Miss does not want to move. I proposed to let the lady masturbate, and the lady agreed.
The lady put lotion all over her penis and started jerking off hard. Under the stimulation of the lady, the penis quickly reached the limit state and ejaculated.
Nana washed my body carefully, dressed each other, handed 2,000 peso to the lady, and the two left the room hand in hand. Nana went straight back to the Miss Showcase. I took a taxi back to the hotel.
I spent about 40 minutes with the lady, and because there was no massage, the whole bed war. It is suitable for friends who have no requirements for massage and just want to have sex.
Reviews of the massage brothel Starfleet
This massage brothel is great value for money. For 3200 Peso, you can play mattress games and have sex with beautiful young ladies in their twenties, which is very satisfying.
Customers can take advantage of the store’s honest management and clear prices.
The store is very close to the airport, so it is a good arrangement to go to StarFleet when you are transiting in Manila or going to StarFleet before the plane takes off. Not speaking English is no problem.
Recommend the following users to experience:
・Want to experience foreign massage brothels;
・English is not good, but I still want to go to nightclubs;
・The store is near the airport, and customers can use it after entering customs, before exiting customs, or during their free time when transiting.

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