In Southeast Asian countries, the price of nightlife is rising day by day, but in Angeles City in the Philippines, the consumption of nightclubs has been maintained at a low level.
Go-Go bars abound on Walking Street. When night falls, the whole street is filled with the unique coquettish atmosphere of the red light district in Southeast Asia.
In Angeles City, you can spend $60 on a night out with a lady. Great value for money.
In Angeles City, there are about 100 Go-Go bars alone, and there are countless girls.
Today, the red light district with such high cost performance is very precious in the world.
In recent years, Angeles City has become famous among Koreans, and many Koreans flock here.
The increase of Korean guests will undoubtedly become the opponents of fellow fans competing for high-quality girls, but there are skills to follow in competing with them.
This note introduces how to compete with Korean customers for high-quality girls, recommended experience methods, Go-Go prices, recommended Go-Go bars, etc.
Even if you’re visiting Angeles City for the first time, you can easily get the night life right there by reading this diary.
The Character and Charm of Angeles City Nightclubs
“Angeles City’s nightclubs are concentrated on Walking Street”
Go-Go bars are all concentrated on Walking Street. Although there is also a Go-Go on nearby Perimeter Street, the Go-Go there is different from Walking Street. It is open during the day, the level of ladies is also lower, and it is mainly for daytime tourists.
“Go-Go Prices Are Not Short or Long”
In any country, there are minutes and hours of cannon bills, and it is the same in Manila. But in Angeles City, there is no long or short clock, only one price. How long to accompany the guests depends entirely on the lady. Some ladies leave immediately after the incident is over, some spend the night with the guests, and some even accompany the guests until the next day (evening) before going to work. This has a lot to do with the character of the lady and the harmony between them. If you want to spend the night with the lady, please confirm in advance.
《Sleepover with Ms. is only $60, super cheap! “
The biggest attraction of an Angeles city nightclub is its high cost performance. The introduction fee is only about 60 US dollars, and some girls will accompany you all night and have a few shots with you.
Compared to Go-Go in Thailand, the prices here are unbelievably low. For netizens who like long clocks, Angeles City is like a paradise.
“Miss’ level belongs to the middle class”
In nightclubs throughout the Philippines, the level of ladies is not high. Only a few mixed races with Spanish or overseas Chinese origin are beautiful and cute. Most of the ladies are of the pudgy type. If you rate it, you can only score 5/10.
But in Angeles City, there are at least a few hundred, there should be more than 1,000 ladies, as long as you choose the right time, you will definitely meet lovely ladies.
“Cheerful Filipino Women”
Most Filipino girls are cheerful and carefree. This is one of the charms of the Philippine night scene. Miss Philippines is good at creating a lively atmosphere, treating people with sincerity and enthusiasm, and serving boldly and unrestrainedly. There are so many girls who provide bare-bones sex, and many customers enjoy it.
“Some girls in the Go-Go bar don’t show up”
Due to various reasons, some ladies do not come out. Don’t be discouraged when you meet such a lady, and find someone else.
“In Angeles City, Nothing to Do During the Day”
There are no sightseeing resources here. During the day, at most it is to have a regular massage, go to the casino, or go to the shopping mall SM mall to kill time.
Most of the Go-Gos on Perimeter Street open at 12:00 noon or 2:00 pm. You can go there to drink slowly, and have a shot when you feel like it.
Recommend the following friends to experience in Angeles
Pursue high cost performance;
Although it is a short-term trip, I want to shoot as many shots as possible
Do not recommend the following users to experience
I want to go to nightclubs and go sightseeing during the day;
Want to experience various forms of nightclubs
Tips for your Los Angeles City experience
Top Tip: Get to the Club Early! “
In recent years, there has been an influx of spring shopping groups from South Korea. It is inevitable to compete with them for the high-quality miss.
At Go-Go in Angeles City, most of the girls have arrived around 19:00, and all the girls who are on duty for the day will arrive at 20:00. Therefore, in order to ensure that high-quality girls can be hunted, the ideal schedule of the guests should be,
18:00: Dinner
19:00: Start looking for ladies in the store
19-20: Selected Miss
After 21 o’clock, the rest of the store are second- and third-rate girls, and there are almost no cute girls. The author deliberately went to the store at 22 o’clock to inspect, and as expected, there were no decent ladies left.
Therefore, enter the store early; when you meet a Xinyi lady, make a decisive decision and choose immediately. That’s the rule of thumb when it comes to your nightclub experience in Angeles.
“If you want to fuck during the day, go to Perimeter Street”
The Go-Go on Walking Street mostly opens in the evening, but the Go-Go on Perimeter Street basically opens at noon. Although the ladies at the Go-Go bar on Perimeter Street are not as good as those on Walking Street, there are also lovely girls in some shops. (Recommended stores will be mentioned later)
“Perimeter Street by day, Walking Street by night”
For energetic people, it is a wonderful way to go to Perimeter Street to take the lady back to her residence during the day; to go to Walking Street to find the lady at night.
“If you want to reduce costs, go to small and medium-sized stores”
The launch fee for large stores such as Atlantis or Doll house is 3500P, while the BF for small and medium stores is about 3000P. If you want to save money, avoid large stores. Even if it is a small and medium-sized store, there are many girls if you go early.
“Where to Play with Miss”
For example, if you take the lady out of the store at 20 o’clock, it is still early and the night is very long.
It is recommended that you consider eating in a restaurant, going to a rooftop bar, going to a club, or going back to the hotel room for a drink before taking the lady back to the hotel.
(The bar on the roof of the Central Park Tower Hotel)
Prices in Angeles Go-Go
“Walking Street Prices”
BF: 2600-3000P (the BF here includes gun fees)
The top lady will ask for 3500-4000P
Most large stores are 3500P
“Perimeter Street Prices”
Most stores are 2000P
Recommended Go-Go Bar
Recommended Walking Street Go-Go (1): Dragon Bar
The level of the lady is very high, and there are many guests. The first floor is Club Asia and the Dragon is on the second floor. can be investigated together.
Recommended Walking Street Go-Go (2): Doll House
The store is a famous large Go-Go in Angeles.
There is a stage on the first floor, and girls are dancing, and the second floor is like the upstairs seats of a theater, and there are girls sitting there.
Doll House and Crystal Palace are connected inside the store. After visiting the Doll House, you can go directly to the Crystal Palace. There are also many ladies there, which are worth visiting.
Recommended Walking Street Go-Go (3): Atlantis
Atlantis is a large Go-Go with the same name as Doll House, and the layout of the store is the same as Doll House.
Recommended Walking Street Go-Go (4): CLUB XS
Although there are not as many girls in this store as the above-mentioned large stores, the girls are of a good level. At the same time, there are various performances, and guests can enjoy the performances while drinking, which is a good place to go.
Recommended Perimeter Street Go-Go: AFTER SCHOOL
The ladies are in uniform and there are a lot of young and lovely ladies.
Angeles nightclub map
The author’s first experience
“Wandering the Perimeter during the day”
This is my first time in Angeles. Take a look at the Perimeter area first.
From Fields Street to Perimeter, it is not far to walk. It is very convenient to take Jeepney if you don’t want to walk in hot weather. You can wave on the road to get on the bus, and the ticket is always 8P. If you are near the starting station, you can buy a ticket before boarding, and then board.
(Jeepney Departure Station. See map above for location)
The Go-Go Bar on Perimeter Street is open in broad daylight.
Perimeter Street is very long and Go-Go bars are scattered throughout the street. There are more than 20 girls in the bigger store, and only 6-7 girls in the smaller store. Miss’s level is worse than Walking Street.
After entering the store, the lady usually greets me, “Oppa (Korean, brother)” It’s not that the author looks like a Korean, but that there are too many Korean customers.
The author went to a few stores, and the ladies were average in appearance, and the expenses were all between 2000-2500P.
The one I recommend is After school. The store has many young and lovely ladies.
On Perimeter Street, there are some hourly rooms available.
“Have a drink in the room with the lady, very happy”
The author and his party set off again at 19:00 in the evening and went straight to Walking Street.
Went to Atlantis and Doll House successively. Although the level of Miss is better than that of Perimeter Street, compared with Thailand, the level of Miss is obviously lower. The average level is ★4-5/10, and there are some ★6/10 girls.
The Go-Go on Fields Street basically costs 3000P. In some large stores, the price is 3500P, and in some stores, the dancers are 3500P, and the dancers can only be released after 23:00 or 0:00.
The companion duo picked misses at Doll House and Apple respectively.
The author selected Miss in Atlantis. The lady is 19 years old, with a slender figure and a childish face, which is exactly the type I like. The disadvantage is that my English is not good and I am more introverted.
A group of 6 people bought barbecue at a small stall, went back to a companion’s room in the hotel, and started drinking. Or when there are many people, drink and play together happily.
“Multiple Proposals Rejected by Ladies”
The 3 couples are drinking and being intimate while drinking. Very happy.
The author discussed with my companions how about a 6P dinner tonight, and 2 companions agreed. But the ladies strongly objected. We lied that the three of us lived in the same room, which was quickly discovered by the lady; we also listed the benefits of multiple Ps, trying to brainwash the ladies, but it didn’t work; seeing that none of these worked, we decided to insist.
At first the ladies seemed to be a bit pushy, but soon the author’s lady got mad, “Stop!”. We had no choice but to take the young lady back to each room.
After the author and the lady returned to the room, the lady began to take a shower and brush her teeth.
After going to bed, the author started to cunnilingus. At first, the lady was very reluctant, but then I allowed the author to attack. The author’s lips were covered with Miss’ honey, and after wiping it off with a towel, he began to kiss her.
Then, the lady started licking breasts, blowjob without condom, licking balls, and looked at the author with lewd eyes from time to time. The lady seemed introverted, but she was actually very coquettish.
Furthermore, at the author’s suggestion, Miss started the poisonous dragon drill. So ecstasy.
With fit. The lady’s face twisted, as if she felt pain. The author stared into the young lady’s eyes, with a smirk on his face, and fired after a sprint.
Afterwards, the lady began to prepare to leave. The author asked the lady to stay overnight here. The lady claimed that she was going to the store to get her salary now, and she would go to Manila tomorrow. No choice but to let go.
Ways to go to Angeles and precautions when staying
“From Manila to Angeles”
The most convenient means of transportation from Manila International Airport to Angeles is P2P bus.
The P2P bus operates between Manila International Airport and Clark Airport. Via SM Clark Business Center in Angeles. If you go to Angeles, you can get off at SM Clark. It takes about 2 hours by car, and the one-way fare is 380P.
At Manila International Airport, the boarding location is at Terminal 3; when returning to the airport, you can get off at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. It operates 24 hours, with one bus every hour.
《Recommended Areas of Angeles Hotels》
It is recommended to live near Fields Street, the night tour center. Although it is safe at any time in Walking Street, there are no pedestrians in the alleys late at night, and it feels a little scary. So better to stay in a hotel on the street.
“Beware of the Beauty Bureau”
In the Philippines, it happens from time to time that girls and the police team up to stage beauty tricks.
As soon as the guest brings the lady back to the hotel, the police will come and accuse you of engaging in underage sex purchases. Because the policeman and the lady had already connected in advance, resistance was futile. The guests have only two choices, give more bribes to the police or be taken away by the police.
The countermeasure is to confirm whether the lady is over 18 years old before taking the lady back to the hotel. The girls in the Go-Go bar all wear ID cards, and you have to confirm it yourself; however, the girls you meet on the road cannot confirm the age, so the risk is very high. It is not recommended to strike up a conversation with a lady on the road.
Law and order in Angeles

The law and order in Angeles is good. Especially compared with Manila, it seems very safe. However, walking in the small alleys late at night is a bit unpleasant. There are many waifs who haunt the streets in groups, and they are prone to steal while begging.

Live it up at the Go-Go Bar in Angeles!

Above, the night tour in Angeles is introduced.

【Characteristics and charms of nightclubs in Angeles】

The nightclubs in Angeles are very concentrated;

Cannon fare does not matter how long or short it is;

It only costs about $60 to spend the night with a lady;

The level of the lady is average;

The lady has a cheerful personality;

Some ladies do not come out;

There is no place to go during the day, and netizens who want to go sightseeing will be very lonely.

[Tips when going to an Angeles nightclub experience]

The biggest strategy is to enter the store early. At 19:00, we will start looking for girls;

If you want to have sex during the day, go to Perimeter Street;

To find a lady at night, go to Walking Street;

If you want to save money, go to small and medium stores;

After taking the lady out of the store, you can go to restaurants, rooftop bars, clubs or go back to the hotel for a drink.

【Angeles Go-Go Bar Price】

Walking Street: 2600-4000P

Perimeter area: 2000P

【Recommended Go-Go bar】

Walking Street:

Large store Dragon Bar

Large store ATLANTIS

Large store DOLL HOUSE

Medium store CLUB XS

Perimeter Street: AFTER SCHOOL

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