In Manila, there are many karaoke (KTV) shops. There are more than 50 in the bustling Malate area; about 20 in the Makati area.
In KTV in the Philippines, girls are basically not allowed to appear. Because of this, there are many high-quality ladies who go to KTV.
KTV is divided into two types: general store and high-end store. In high-end stores, there are many first-class ladies in attendance. Regardless of whether it is an ordinary store or a high-end store, each has its own unique features and is worth visiting.
【Features of Manila KTV】
It is similar to a club with ladies accompanying drinks, but the ladies do not appear;
KTV is mainly distributed in Malate and Makati;
KTV is divided into ordinary stores and high-end stores;
Ordinary KTV: The ladies are enthusiastic, and drinking with them is very hilarious;
Premium KTV: The lady’s appearance ranks first among all nightclubs in the Philippines
[Price of Manila KTV (90-minute all-you-can-drink)]
General store: 1500P
Premium store: from 2500P
[Recommend the following netizens to experience]
like clubs;
Like and Lovely Filipina Miss Sea and Sky
[The following netizens are not recommended to experience]
Looking for a lady is to have sex
Manila KTV Locations
Manila’s KTV is concentrated in the Malate area and the Makati area. There are more than 50 in Malate and about 20 in Makati.
Malate’s KTV store is located on the bustling street on the south side of Robinson Commercial Building. Guests can stroll on the street at night and choose their favorite KTV. There are soliciting ladies outside the store.
The KTVs in the Makati area are located around Little Tokyo, Passay Street and Burgos Street, and are relatively scattered. Investigate the KTV you want to go to in advance, and it is best to take a taxi to go there.
Manila KTV application program
First of all, we must choose a good store. The shop recommended by the author is introduced later in this diary.
Of course, you can also walk on the street, talk to the lady standing outside the store soliciting customers, and when you come across a store that you think is good, you can go in and inspect it.
After entering the store, Mommy will introduce the service items and prices. Manila KTV basically offers a 90-minute all-you-can-drink package. Drinks include whiskey, shochu and beer. Fees to be paid by the guest include package fee, nomination fee for the lady, drink fee for the lady and tax.
Most stores have clear price lists.
When you want to choose a lady, you can say to Mommy, “Show up please”, and Mommy will ask the girls to line up and stand in front of you.
Guests can also not name the lady, and the store will randomly send a lady to accompany you to drink. There is no nomination fee at this time, but there is a drink fee for the lady. There will be a change of girls every 20-30 minutes. This game is called “butterfly collecting honey”. Although there is no nomination fee, the cost will be very high if the lady changes places and drinks a lot.
If you neither name the lady nor buy drinks for the lady, it will save money, but will there be a lady to cheer you up? Only by exchanging glasses will there be an atmosphere, and the lady will “open her heart” to be intimate with you.
“KTV in Manila, physical contact should be moderate”
Shaking hands with a lady, sitting on your lap with a lady, putting your waist on your back, these actions are of course acceptable, but you should be cautious in touching your chest and other actions. Of course, in an ordinary store with a lively atmosphere, it’s a different matter when the lady is drunk. In short, everything depends on the reaction of the young lady. Guests can test while observing the lady’s reaction. If the lady is difficult, don’t force touch.
When the set meal time is up, the waiter will ask you if you need to extend the time, it will not be extended automatically, please feel at ease to consume.
“Feel one up to a lady in ordinary KTV”
The author and a group of 6 people went to Malate’s karaoke “Unlimited”. An acquaintance told the author that the KTV has an ambiguous and high-spirited atmosphere, the lady is warm and hot, and has a good reputation.
The ladies wore miniskirts with a strong provocative smell, which was not dignified.
A group of 6 people have chosen their ladies and started drinking.
A group of guests sitting next to us had a blast. One of the ladies had drunk too much and passed out, and they carried her to the lounge; two handsome men took the stage to interact with the ladies sensationally. It’s a really hot nightclub.
The lady appointed by the author is good-looking, and she just came to the store not long ago.
Author: “Your wave is very big”
Miss: “Yes. My mother’s is very big”
Author: “Have you ever had breast augmentation?”
Miss: “What? It’s natural!”
Author: “Let me verify…”
Miss: “Take it easy!”
In this way, you can feel free to touch your breasts here, and you can kiss as much as you want. The “infinity” atmosphere is comparable to a club. The companions also flirted and frolicked with their respective ladies, which was very lively.
When the lady drinks too much, the guests should be able to make more exaggerated actions.
“Dating outside the store with a senior KTV lady”
A group of 6 of us left the ordinary KTV “Unlimited” and went to the high-end store “Club Shunzi”
Ask mommy to arrange a show up, and there are nearly 30 people on stage.
The author chose a fair-looking lady with black hair and a gentle attitude.
A group of 6 of us hugged our respective ladies, drank and chatted.
The author’s lady is a very nice girl. I used to be a model, with a first-class figure, fair skin, and light makeup. She is very popular with Korean customers, and her original boyfriend is Korean. The two met in the store, and at first they had a good relationship with each other, but later, the former boyfriend was jealous of her customers, and they reluctantly broke up with each other.
The former model lady in front of her looks more and more cute. The author decided to take her down. The author took out his trump card to deal with foreign girls, used interesting and sweet sentences to praise the lady, and launched an offensive. After hearing this, the young lady smiled and cheered, “Don’t make such a joke, okay?”. This is exactly the effect I want.
After looking around, the author found that some companions had a hot fight with the lady; some companions behaved well. It seems that it is difficult for people who do not understand the language to enjoy it here.
After leaving KTV, a group of 6 people went to LA Cafe. After the author helped 3 of them negotiate with the lady to complete the pairing, I returned to the high-end KTV Shunzi I had just been to.
Why are you back again? I asked for the lady’s contact information in the store just now, and got in touch with the lady after leaving the store, and agreed to meet after the KTV closed.
At 3:30 AM, the lady appeared in front of the KTV store.
Went to a restaurant with the lady.
In order to sit closer to the lady, the two did not sit opposite each other, but sat on the same side of the table. From time to time, he took the lady’s hand and kissed me. The author’s left hand has been placed on the lady’s thigh.
The lady asked a series of questions, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Are you not sincere to anyone?”
“Can you successfully bring the senior KTV lady back to the hotel? “
There are not many guests in the hotel and it is very quiet. The two were lingering and intimate while eating and drinking.
Author: “Let’s go to my hotel together.”
Miss: “Well… I want to go home today. Can I go to your hotel tomorrow? I have time before the store opens. Today is too sudden, I am not mentally prepared.”
Since the young lady has already talked about this, the author has to reluctantly agree.
The next day, there was no news from Miss until the evening.
At night, the lady called, “I’m sorry, please forgive me!” The lady cried while talking… It should be from the store. It seems that I drank too much.
The author did not give up meeting, and went to KTV Shunzi when the KTV was about to close.
The author told the waiter the name of the lady.
The lady came to the room where I was, and as soon as she saw it was me, she immediately gave me a bear hug and kiss.
The lady dimmed the lighting in the room, took my hand and went to the corner of the room, where it was invisible from outside the room.
“Is there no one outside?” The young lady whispered to me while stimulating my little brother with her hands. At the same time, lead the author’s hand to her chest, motioning for me to touch her chest. Very naughty lady.
The author is very excited・・・It seems that there will be a play tonight・・・
After a lingering conversation, the lady asked me to wait for her outside the store.
The author is waiting outside the store. The store should be closed, but the author waited for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, but the lady was still nowhere to be found, and the phone could not be reached.
After 40 minutes, 50 minutes, the other ladies in the store left the KTV one after another, but my lady was nowhere to be seen. How is this going?
The next day, I received a text message from the lady:
“I’m so sorry last night. I really hope you don’t get mad. Going to your hotel would scare me because I wasn’t mentally prepared. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not the girl you imagined. I’m sorry to never see you like that again.” Charming smile. Good luck.”
It seems that it is very difficult for a side guest to successfully bring a KTV lady to a hotel.
Prices of KTV in Manila
【Ordinary store】
90-minute all-you-can-drink package: 500P per person
Miss drink: about 300-350P
Nomination fee: about 300P
Plus taxes. If you buy a drink for the lady, the total amount is about 1500P.
【Premium shop】
90-minute all-you-can-drink package: 1000-1500P per person (VIP room is recommended. The more companions, the lower the cost shared by each person)
Miss drink: about 350P
Nomination fee: about 350P
Plus taxes. If you buy a drink for the lady, the total amount is about 2500P.
A tip of 100P to the lady is definitely not a waste of money.
Manila KTV Hours of Operation
Makati’s KTV closes at 2:00.
In popular stores, if you go late, high-quality ladies will be named, so visit early.
miss level
[The level of a lady in an ordinary KTV]
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)
The average level is not high, but each store has a few pretty good ladies.
There are about 20-30 girls in each shop.
[The level of the lady in the senior KTV]
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
In the high-end KTV in Manila, it has the best girls in Philippine nightclubs. You can meet top-notch beauties who can’t be seen on the street at all here.
There are many girls in high-end stores, and there will be 70-80 girls in large stores.
Ease of experience
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
Both the lady and the waiter know how to deal with foreign tourists and it’s easy to experience.
The author’s evaluation
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)
Due to the high price of Go-Go in Manila, it is recommended that netizens go to KTV experience.
Go to the ordinary store with several companions, you can have fun, feel one up with the lady, and get drunk; if you want to have a drink with cute and beautiful ladies, go to the high-end store, which has the top nightclubs in the Philippines Miss.
Recommended Manila KTV Shops
The KTV in the Makati area has many regular visitors from foreign employees. Some ladies and foreign employees made boyfriend and girlfriend. Therefore, if you want to win the lady, you’d better go to the Malate area, so as not to compete with the foreign staff.
Makati’s KTV closes earlier, so it’s easier to ask girls to meet after the store closes; while Malate’s KTV closes at 3:00 in the morning, and if you ask girls to meet again, the physical strength of both parties can’t bear it.
“Malate Region”
Recommended Ordinary KTV (1): VOGUE
In VOGUE, the girls are very sunny and hot; the atmosphere of the store is lively.
There are many young ladies who have been registered for many years. Being able to retain talents proves from the side that this is an excellent store.
Many ladies are forthright and enthusiastic, guests can mingle with the ladies and have a good time.
Recommended Ordinary KTV (2): Unlimited
In “Unlimited”, the atmosphere of the store is high, and customers can have a good time; there are many sexy and coquettish ladies. Netizens who like to flirt with the lady, be intimate, and feel one up to the lady, recommend this experience.
Recommended Premium Karaoke (1): UPSTAGE PREMIER
Among Malate’s premium KTVs, the most recommended is UPSTAGE PREMIER. Miss high level, the number of people.
Recommended Premium Karaoke (2): PREMIER YOKO
The level of girls in this store is not stable. Yesterday you may find that there are many beautiful girls, but today you may find that the girls are not good-looking.
In the summer of the Philippines (March-May), schools are on summer vacation, and many college students will come to the store to work part-time. Recommend to visit then.
Recommended Advanced Karaoke (3): Shunzi
The store has some beautiful ladies, but there are fewer high-quality ladies than the above two stores. However, the author managed to date the lady outside the store and recommend this store from a personal point of view.
Recommended Premium Karaoke (4): Room 526
This is the most exclusive KTV shop in Manila. But the price is high, the set meal is 2000P; the lady drink is 350P; the nomination fee is 350P, and the total cost is about 4000P.
There are many models and college girls. When the store recruits girls, there are requirements for body and height. However, this by no means means that the girls in this store are outstanding; the author’s biggest feeling is that the girls have all received good training and education.
Recommended Intersex Karaoke: New Male 88
The price is about the same as ordinary KTV. If you buy a drink for the “Miss”, the total consumption is about 1500P.
The intersex service is very aggressive, with deep kisses, breast licks and even blowjobs.
Unlike other KTVs, intersex people can appear. The asking price is 4000P, it is estimated that the price can be negotiated. Some intersex people are at a very high level. Those who are interested in this are recommended to come here for inspection.

“Makati Region”
Recommended general karaoke: SHIAWASE
The characteristic of this store is that the package price is 500P like other KTVs, but the time is 120 minutes, while other KTVs are 90 minutes. Very good deal. There are many ladies in the shop.
Recommended Premium Karaoke (1): Mariko
Here are the leading ladies in Filipino nightclubs. The ladies are well trained and friendly to the guests.
Recommended Premium Karaoke (2): Sakuraka
The store is second only to Mariko in Makati’s high-end KTV. Miss high level, the number of people.
Tips and Precautions for KTV Experience
1 How to choose a lady
“Before Show Up, Prepare Paper and Pen”
In high-end KTV stores, show ups are all carried out in private rooms, and ladies enter the private rooms in batches. The guests often look at the latter batch of ladies and forget the previous batch of ladies. For this reason, before the show up, you can ask mommy or the waiter to bring paper and pen, and make a record when you meet a candidate. After viewing all the ladies, select your lady from the shortlist.
In ordinary stores, all the girls appear at once, so there is no need to keep records.
“Choose a Mild Lady”
When showing up, some girls will actively look at you or smile all over your face. It is definitely right to choose such a lady. Some ladies are very beautiful, but they don’t even lift their heads. If you choose such a lady, the 90 minutes will be very boring.
“Miss Newcomer”
Miss Newcomer is simple in nature and gentle with others. However, if the lady has worked in other shops before, she cannot be regarded as a newcomer.
2 How to save money
The guests all want to save money, but if they are too stingy, they will be rejected by the lady. How to master the scale is very important.
The breakthrough point for saving money is Miss Drinks. Usually, the price of single lady drink is 300-350P; the price of double lady drink is double. And a bottle of beer is 600P, which can fill 2-3 glasses. So instead of buying your lady more than two drinks, buy her a bottle of beer.
The ladies also watch people order the dishes. When they meet nightclub veterans, they will not take the initiative to ask for drinks;
So, even if you are new to nightclubs, don’t let the lady see it, and show your composure, a “veteran at nightclubs” attitude.
Although there is no hard and fast rule, you must buy a drink for the lady, but if you buy her 1-2 glasses, you will be rewarded.
3 Take the KTV lady out of the shop
There are two ways to pay and not to pay.
Many girls come to work in KTV just to make money. Therefore, negotiate with customers, and they will provide sex services. The problem is that there are waiters and other ladies and customers in the store, so it is not convenient to negotiate. Usually, it is first agreed to have dinner with the lady after closing the store, and then negotiate further services. Generally, the price of gun fees is around 2000-3000P.
Another way is to have sex for free. This requires customers to come to the store several times, and each time they order the same lady, and they have a close relationship with the lady, and then transition to dating outside the store. So this method is not suitable for short-term tourists. If you come to the store when the store is closed, it is easier to ask the lady to have dinner after get off work. In particular, Makati’s KTV closes at 2:00 in the morning, and the lady is easy to accept requests from customers to eat together.
Either way, the key to success is pleasing the lady. The author’s method is to first let the lady teach me some vulgar words, such as how to say “male and female lower body”, “breast”, “blowing”, “making love” in Filipino, and then lie in the lady’s ear and use Whispering and repeating these words, the lady can’t help laughing, and immediately draws closer to you. After amusing the young lady, it will be much easier to ask the young lady for a date outside the store.
4 What to wear when going to the KTV experience
Miss does not like guests to dress too casually. If your masculinity is not enough, it is best not to enter the store in a tank top, shorts and sandals.
5 Security around KTV
Malate region:
Despite rumors that the Malate area is not safe, it’s actually not as dire as it might seem. In the bustling section where the KTV is located, you can walk on the street with peace of mind even at night.
However, attention should be paid to road sections with no pedestrians and dark lighting. Be sure to see if someone is following you.
There will be no robbery in places where there are constant passers-by. There are thieves and beggars, so you can’t get drunk, swagger, and wander the streets unsuspecting.
There are many cheap hotels in the Malate area, if you want to go to Malate’s KTV experience, it is best to stay in this area.
The north side of Malate is adjacent to the Ermita area. The law and order in Ermita is not good, so try not to approach it late at night.
Makati Region:
Makati is the safest area in Manila.
But on Burgos St, there are many thieves and beggars who prey on tourists. To draw attention. It is best to take a taxi at night. For distances within Makati, the fare will not exceed 100P. Some drivers can also turn into robbers when you stop a taxi on the road, so use Grab Taxi to be safe.
If you want to find first-class beauties, go to KTV
The above introduces the KTV in Manila.
The price of Go-Go in Manila is too expensive, so it is recommended to go to KTV experience. It only costs about $30 to go to an ordinary store and you can flirt with girls and have a toast; in high-end stores, you will be accompanied by the top girls in Filipino nightclubs.

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