This diary introduces the nightlife of Cebu Island, a famous resort in the Philippines.

【Cebu Island’s main nightclub categories】

Bikini Bar (Go-Go Bar)


go fishing


Street Girls (around Mango Square)

Brothels (Mactan Island)

Let me talk about the conclusion first. Through the author’s field investigation and comparison, the conclusion is that the nightclubs in Cebu are very average. The overall price is high and the quality of service is skewed. If you’re going to a resort for a vacation, it’s a good idea to experience a nightclub by the way. But if you are going to go to nightclubs, I would definitely not recommend you to go to Cebu.

While there are some accounts that speak highly of Cebu’s nightclubs, that’s because they’re written by authors who know little about nightlife around the world.

In this memo, I will introduce the nightclub form, price, girls’ level and precautions when going to the nightclub on Cebu Island.

Nightclub Features of Cebu Island

“Cebu Island’s nightclubs are distributed in Mactan Island and Cebu City”

There are many resort hotels on Mactan Island, as well as brothels; other types of nightclubs are all concentrated in Cebu City.

If your main purpose of travel is to go to nightclubs, it is recommended to stay in Cebu City.

“Cebu Island nightclubs with high prices and poor service”

 Nightclub prices are high due to the many tourists on Cebu Island. Take Go-Go as an example, compared to Angeles or Puerto Galera, the level of Miss is similar, but the price is much more expensive. At the premium Go-Go bar in Cebu, the total can reach 200 US dollars including drinks and sex, but the level of ladies is obviously worse than that of Go-Go KOJAX or Plan B in Manila. Compared with the Go-Go in Makati, Manila, the Go-Go here is inferior in terms of the hospitality attitude of the ladies and mommy, English proficiency and the appearance of the ladies.

“Go to the mass bikinis, mummies, solicitors and beggars are annoying”

In Mango Ave, the base of the popular bikini bar, there are many old pimps who solicit customers, and they are very aggressive in order to earn commissions.

In some bikini bars, mommy also keeps urging customers to choose girls; when customers buy drinks for girls, mommy doesn’t even order drinks.

The nightclubs on Cebu Island are mainly foreign tourists, the prices are getting higher and higher, and the attitude of receiving customers is getting worse and worse.

Cebu Island Night Tour Map

Bikini Bar (Go-Go)

The most representative nightclub on Cebu Island is the Bikini Bar. In other parts of the Philippines, it is called Go-Go, but here it is called Bikini.

The bikini bars here are divided into high-end stores and public stores.

High-end stores: scattered in the urban area of Cebu City;

Mass stores: basically concentrated on Mango Ave

Cebu’s Premium Bikini Bar (1): Arena



Juice, 240P; Beer, 300P; Evian Mineral Water, 400P; Red Bull, 600P

Cannon fare:

Miss Cebu: 8600P

Miss Manila: 9600P

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)

It claims to be the best bikini bar on Cebu Island. The facilities are high-end and the decoration is luxurious. But the price is high, and the level of the lady is not high, worse than KOJAX in Manila.

Cebu’s Premium Bikini Bar (2): Ferrari


Tickets: 100P

Beer: 155P

Accompanying wine with ladies: 700P/1 hour

Gun fee: 6000P

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)

Luxurious interior. Prices are a bit cheaper than Arena, but still expensive.

The Popular Bikini Bar on Mango Ave

On Mango Ave, bikini bars are densely packed. The bikini bar in Cebu is different from other places, there are only 1-2 girls dancing on the stage. If guests want to meet the ladies, they have to ask Mommy to arrange a “show up”, and all the ladies will appear on the stage.

The level of ladies at the Mango Ave bikini bar is similar in every bar, customers should go to a few more bars to find girls.


Tickets: basically free (Volvo charges 100P)

Drinks: starting from 100P; Miss drinks 150-250P

Issue fee: 4000P

The author took a 21-year-old lady back to the hotel at a price of 4000P and had a blast.

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

The level of girls is average, and there are 20-30 girls in larger stores.

In Cebu City, the safest and most reliable sex club is Bikini Bar. KTV girls are not available; when looking for girls to have sex in other types of nightclubs, you may encounter wandering warblers, which is a certain risk.

Go to the bikinis on Mango Ave, preferably after 21:00, the number of girls is small if you go early. Be prepared before going to the store, how to deal with Mummy’s strong solicitation and the lady’s drink attack.


Among the nightclubs in Cebu, the only one I can recommend is Japanese KTV.

Japanese KTV is concentrated on A.S. Fortuna St in the east of Cebu City. The procedure is the same as that of Manila KTV. The general package is that the lady chooses herself, and she can drink for 60 minutes. The cost is about 600P, which is cheaper than Manila.

It must be pointed out that Miss KTV cannot be released. Basically, it is not allowed to touch the lady in the store.

The store’s management is in place, it won’t kill customers, and it won’t force the lady to drink. Customers can slow down and drink with peace of mind.

Because there is no need to publish, it has attracted many high-end ladies to work in the store.

“Recommended Cebu KTV (1): KOMACHI”


1 hour all you can drink package 600P (with beer, whiskey, juice, carbonated drinks)

Miss drinks: 250P per glass (Tequila, beer, juice)

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)

 KOMACHI is the most famous KTV in Cebu.

Miss is slender and of high standard. The lady will not ask for drinks.

The clerks are gentle and courteous when picking up customers. Clear price, good reputation.

The author recommends netizens to go to consume.

“Recommended Cebu KTV (2): CLUB KING”


1 hour all you can drink package 600P (with beer, whiskey, juice, carbonated drinks)

Miss drink: 200P per cup

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

 CLUB KING is located in a relatively idle commercial mall.

The level of girls here and the atmosphere of the store are worse than those of KOMACHI.

But there are still some lovely young ladies. The author’s companion met the lady he liked here, but we stayed in the store for 7 hours.

Drinking and singing for 7 hours, the consumption per person is only 4800P. What a bargain. Club King deserves to be a fine store.



Song room usage fee: 400P for 1 hour

other unknown

The author’s evaluation:
★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (1/10)

 HANABI is Korean KTV. About 75% of the guests are from Korea.

There are a lot of ladies, but the level is average, which is obviously worse than Japanese KTV.

The hospitality of the lady and the clerk is very bad. The author and his party went to the store with 4 people. After choosing the girls to enter the song room, we waited for 10 minutes before the waiter showed up to let us order drinks. After ordering the drink, it was not delivered for half a day. 3 of the 4 ladies just chatted with their companions, completely ignoring us. We were so angry that we didn’t sing or drink, so we turned around and left the shop.

Maybe it was because we were busy in the store, maybe we chose the wrong lady, whatever, we will never come to this store again. This is almost the first time the author has encountered such a bad store.

Fishing Bar: EL GECKO BAR

This is a prostitution bar for Europeans and Americans. There are many wandering warblers.

There is a band playing in the store. If you meet a lady you like, buy her a drink, and you can take her out of the store after negotiating.

The author’s evaluation:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)

Read English online reviews, the evaluation is very high.

There are many customers in the store, and it is indeed a popular store. But the level of young ladies is very low, and they are all fat girls that Europeans and Americans like.

EL GECKO BAR is located in the bikini bar area of Mango Ave, so you can take a look when you go to the bikini bar.


Cebu Island Club (1): LIV Super Club

LIV Super Club is located in the “CITY TIME SQUARE” mall, with a good reputation and a moderate scale.

The customers are Filipinos, Europeans and Americans and East Asians.


Tickets: 100P

Beer: 90P

VIP seats: from 4000P

The author’s evaluation:
★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (1/10)

 The author went to the store on the weekend and found no Liu Ying. According to a friend, there is no admission fee on weekdays, and there are wandering warblers.

If you come here to find a lady, you can only score 1/10. As a club, you can score 7/10.

Cebu Island Club (2): OQTAGON

The club is located in the “Meerea High Street” mall and is quite large.

Most of the guests are Koreans, and there are many foreign students studying in language schools. There are many wandering warblers.


Tickets: 200P (including a drink)

VIP seats: from 4000P

The author’s evaluation:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)

 There are many Koreans, and the K-POP music is deafening and unpleasant. In Korea, you can play K-POP as much as you want, but in the Philippines, it’s very annoying to keep playing this kind of music.

I saw several groups of Filipino women dressed like Liuying. The other party will not take the initiative to strike up a conversation with you, you have to greet them first.

I still like the elegant atmosphere of LIV Super Club. But at club OQTAGON it’s easier to get in touch with the lady.

Street Girl: (Mango Square Mall)

There is a Mango square mall on Mango Ave. Whenever night falls, street girls appear around the mall. From 23:00, they will appear one after another. Some girls are sitting in the gas station next door.


Gun fee: 1500-2000P

Hourly room: 200-300P

The author’s evaluation:
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

 When the author went there at 4:00 in the morning, I saw a total of more than 10 young ladies with poor appearance. It is estimated that if you go earlier, there will be more ladies, and the appearance will be better.

The price is very cheap, but if you have sex with Liu Ying, you can solve it by yourself when you encounter trouble. Pay special attention to whether the lady has reached the legal age, and don’t fall into the trap of beauty.

Brothels on Mactan Island

There are a few brothels on Mactan Island. There is a KTV signboard hanging at the entrance of the brothel, and there is a lady show window in the store, and the ladies sit inside, and the customers take the lady out of the store directly after choosing the lady.

According to a friend, the gun fee is 2500P. The author did not have the opportunity to go to Mactan Island this time, and the details about the level of girls, prices, etc. are unknown.

Tips and dos and don’ts for your nightclub experience in Cebu

“Mobile App”

To download the taxi app "Grab". When hailing a car on the road, the driver will use various methods to charge more money, including modifying the odometer, not using the meter, and so on.

“Recommended hotel area”

Tourists who mainly take night tours should stay in Cebu City instead of Mactan Island. Because the traffic jam here is very serious.

The hotel where the author lives is the SUMMIT CIRCLE in front of Mango Square. The room cost about $50 and was very comfortable.

How to Get to Cebu City from Mactan-Cebu International Airport

 It is recommended to use the mobile app Grab to call a taxi. It took the author 50 minutes to get from the airport to Mango square due to the traffic jam, and the fare was 400P. It should be cheaper when there is no traffic jam.

There is a Grab service desk at the airport, and you can use it without downloading Grab on your mobile phone.

“Change Money”

It is not cost-effective to change money at the airport, just change enough for the fare at the airport, and change a lot of money after arriving in the city.

In the city’s money exchange offices, the exchange rate is low in places open late at night, and it is more cost-effective to exchange money during the day.

“Traffic in Cebu City”


In order to prevent drivers from ripping off and robbing customers, it is recommended to use the Grab software to call a car.

The traffic jam in Cebu City is very serious, you can consider using motorcycles during peak traffic hours.


Jeepney is very similar to Thai double cabs.

The Jeepney in Cebu City is beautiful and has a road map printed on the body for easy access. The fare starts from 7P, a little more expensive for long distances, and the price is very cheap.

Security on Cebu Island

The law and order of Cebu Island is obviously poor compared with other cities in Asia.

In Cebu City, homeless people and beggars can be seen everywhere, as well as homeless children who are out in groups, waiting for opportunities to steal. There are also pickpockets in Jeepneys. There are also criminal incidents of snatching bags on motorcycles. Tourists should not walk while playing with mobile phones.

Just bring a small amount of cash when traveling at night, other valuables

Items should be placed in the hotel.

Sometimes you will meet strangers who enthusiastically ask you to have dinner together, don’t agree, and be careful of being drugged and stolen.

Recommend to go to Cebu for KTV experience

The above describes the various nightclubs in Cebu. As the author said at the beginning of the memo, the nightclubs in Cebu have high prices and poor service. It doesn’t make much sense to come here to experience the nightclub specially. It’s okay to check the nightclub by the way when you come to the resort for vacation.

In Cebu, the nightclub I recommend is Japanese KTV. Although you can’t have sex, you can drink and have fun with the lovely lady. The fee is only 600P per hour, which is cheaper than the mass KTV in Manila.

For spending control and safe sex, head to Bikinis on Mango Ave.

If you’re only looking for cheap sex, you can find street girls on Mango Ave.

The author reminds netizens not to go to the following nightclubs:

High-end bikini bar (Arena, Ferrari): The ladies are of average level, but the price is high;

Korean KTV HANABI: Poor reception attitude

I hope this note can provide a reference for those who are planning to go to Cebu.

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