The author conducted a house-by-house investigation on the representative first-floor Yifeng (141) in Hong Kong. The report summarizes the location and price of each apartment; at the same time, it makes a comparative evaluation of the girls in each apartment; finally, it divides the apartments into three categories: good, average, and bad. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive Hong Kong 141 experience guide for novices.

The results of the investigation and evaluation are as follows,

Excellent apartments recommended for experience: Fuji Building, Fali Building, Jianxing Building

Average-rated buildings: Heyi Building (Causeway Bay) and Hing Lung Building (Sheung Wan)

Negative Review Building: Wubao (Mong Kok)・Fuller (Jordan)・Lai Chi Kok Road 56-58

The closed building: Champagne Building B

Introduction to Hong Kong’s representative night show・141 (one phoenix on the first floor)

The lady owns a unit of the apartment, and the guests meet the lady after ringing the doorbell, and if they are satisfied with the lady’s level and price, they will enter the house and have sex. This is Yifeng on the first floor.

It is worth mentioning that the service content varies from person to person. The basic procedure is showering → sex → showering. Some ladies only provide short and quick services of blowjob and sex with condoms, while others provide all-round services such as kissing, breast licking, bare blowjob, cunnilingus, 69, fingering, etc. If you absolutely need a service, confirm it in advance.

The service time will not exceed 30 minutes, and it will be done when the gun is fired. For customers with insufficient stamina, it is not uncommon for the shower to end within 15 minutes.

The price of Hong Kong 141 is between 450-600HKD. When meeting an older lady, 350HKD can also be won. For example, the lady from Wubao Building is older, and the asking price is only 350HKD. The price of a white lady from Russia and Europe is 600-800HKD, for example, the price of a Russian lady in Jianxing Building is 700HKD. The lady basically does not accept bargaining, and sometimes the lady will reduce the service content if the price is reduced. Therefore, bargaining is not recommended.

An overview of Hong Kong’s nightlife

Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong. However, the management of prostitution and the operation of group prostitution facilities are illegal.

In the final analysis, Yifeng on the first floor is a young lady who rents a unit in an apartment to sell prostitution, so it is completely legal.

In Hong Kong, in addition to Yifeng on the first floor, there are other types of nightclubs.

“Escort Service” The agency will send the escort to the guest’s hotel. The lady can accompany the guests to go sightseeing during the day and go to bed at night, providing one-stop service. The price starts at 1,000 HKD.

“Nightclub” is also called a club. You can drink and play with the lady in the store, or you can take the lady back to the hotel. The introduction fee starts at 1,000 HKD.

“Sauna” has massage services, but no sex. This is completely different from the sauna in Macau. However, it is possible to masturbate through negotiation. The cost is 300HKD for the sauna; there is an additional charge for massage and masturbation.

“Karaoke” can be accompanied by a lady to sing and play. The package price is around 1,000 HKD.

Erotic Massage offers erotic services under the guise of massage. On the west side of Nathan Road, across the Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok areas, there are some massage parlors. These massage parlors all offer erotic services. However, Miss is either an aunt or an ugly monster. The price starts at 250HKD.

“Street Girls” There are street girls on Temple Street (also known as Men’s Street), where the famous night market is located. The price is around 250HKD.

Although there are many types of nightclubs in Hong Kong, for short-term tourists, the most suitable experience is Yifeng on the first floor.

One Phoenix on the first floor is a masterpiece of Hong Kong nightclubs

• One Phoenix in Hong Kong is legally operated

As mentioned above, 141 belongs to personal operation and is a legal business. Tourists can experience it with peace of mind without worrying about police intervention.

• You can find young and beautiful ladies in 141

Although the girls of Hong Kong 141 have a wide range of ages and appearances, but when you go to the excellent apartments mentioned above, you will meet many young and beautiful girls.

• 141 good value for money

The average price of Hong Kong 141 is about 500HKD. Based on the prices in Hong Kong, the price of 141 experience is not expensive at all.

• 141 program is simple and easy to experience

Ring the doorbell, see the lady, and enter the room if you are satisfied. The procedure is super simple. Anyone can easily consume.

• Meet and choose girls directly, and will not be misled by photos

In many sex scenes, girls are selected through photos. When they meet in person, they find that the contrast is huge, but it is too late, and they regret it. And in 141, meeting directly to choose a lady will not be tricky.

• The gun room is relatively clean and tidy

Although Hong Kong 141 is short-term, there is a shower in the room, and the sanitary conditions are very good. Friends with high environmental requirements can also experience it with peace of mind.

With these advantages, Hong Kong 141 has undoubtedly become the best place for nightclub lovers.

Now let’s introduce the inspection record.

Champagne Building Block B

A certain day in April 2018. The investigation began at 18:00. First went to the famous Champagne Building.

Once inside the building, go straight to the elevator. But he was stopped by Uncle Security and said something in Cantonese. Seeing that I couldn’t understand, the uncle pointed to the location of the elevator and motioned me to go there to read the notice. I took a closer look and saw a note saying, “No Wild Food”. Unexpectedly, Block B of the once famous Champagne Building was ruthlessly closed.

Seeing my melancholy face, the uncle pointed to the map on the wall to show me. It turned out that the map marked the location and route of another Yifeng apartment on the first floor, Fali Building.

The uncle is very enthusiastic, and he can even help a bad guy like me who is looking for girls. Very touched.

Following the guidance of the map, I got up and went to Fali Building.

Farley Building

I arrived at Fali Building at 18:20.

Location of Fat Lee Building

Located in: Tsim Sha Tsui area (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Route: Get off at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station and walk for 3 minutes.

【Appearance of Fali Building】

Just next to the convenience store 7-11.

Probably because of the convenient transportation, there are many guests. Miss is also very young and beautiful. The price is around 500HKD.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Fali Building】

Miss level: There are many young and beautiful women. There are people from Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand and Russia.

Number of misses: many

Recommendation: ★★★★★★★★☆☆(8/10)

The building is in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui, and the transportation is very convenient. Miss is young and beautiful. Recommend friends to experience.

Building 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road

After inspecting Fat Lee Building, the next stop is the building at 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road. Take the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui Station and get off at Prince Edward Station.

Exit from Exit C2, walk for 3 minutes, and arrive at Building No. 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road at 19:05.

【The exterior of the building at 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road】

It looks like a community apartment. The elevators are run down but still work.

When I got out of the elevator, there were unidentified cardboard boxes piled up in the corridor…

Miss prices are very low, mostly around 450HKD. The problem is that the ladies are all aunt-level figures.

I’m stuck here for 15 minutes or so, the investigation is over.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Building No. 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road】

Miss level: The age is on the high side, between 26 and 49 years old.

Number of Misses: Few

Recommendation: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)
Located in a remote area, the young lady’s level is low. Not recommended unless you like MILFs.

Wubao Building

Leaving the building at No. 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road, walked for 10 minutes, and arrived at the next stop – Wubao Building at 19:32.

The way to Wubao Building by subway

Location: Mong Kok

Directions: Get off at MTR Mong Kok Station, take Exit B3, and walk for 3 minutes.

【Appearance of Wubao Building】

The building is also a community apartment. Ring the doorbell to see the lady, and all the ladies who come out are aunts, and the price is indeed cheap. There are several restaurants that cost 380HKD for 60 minutes.

No more ringing the bell. The investigation is over.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Gobo Building】

Miss level: all older ladies. Miss level is similar to the building at No. 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road.

Number of girls: few

Recommendation: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)
Unless you’re particularly into older mature women, there’s no need to waste your time here.

Kin Hing Building

Starting from Wubao Building, walk for 5 minutes to Jianxing Building near the famous night market Ladies Market. The time is 19:55.

The route to Jianxing Building by car

Location: Mong Kok area

Direction: Get off at MTR Mong Kok Station, take Exit D3, and walk for 2 minutes.

【Appearance of Jianxing Building】

There were few pedestrians outside the building, and it seemed deserted. But entering the building, the guests waiting for the elevator lined up. There are people everywhere when you get out of the elevator. This is undoubtedly a popular ground floor one phoenix.

After ringing the bell, I found that the lady was really young and beautiful.

There was also a unit with a door that stayed open. Looking inside, the lighting is very dim… Look carefully… It looks like a Russian. It seemed that she didn’t like the frequent ringing of the doorbell by guests, so she simply opened the door. The price is 700HKD.

2 more Miss Russia were found in other units. The two ladies simply stood in the corridor.

The apartment was really nice and I was there for over 40 minutes.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Kenxing Building】

Miss level: Miss is young and beautiful. Many Miss Russia are registered.

Number of girls: many

Recommendation: ★★★★★★★★☆☆(8/10)
Miss high level, the number of people. Highly recommended.

He Yee Building

Then, take the subway from Mong Kok Station, change trains, get off at Causeway Bay, and arrive at Heyi Building at 20:55.

The route to Heyi Building by car

Location: Causeway Bay area

Direction: Take the subway MTR and get off at Causeway Bay Station, take Exit B and walk for 2 minutes.

【Appearance of Heyi Building】

Entering the floor, I found that the scale is not large, but the level of the lady is good. There are many young and beautiful ladies. The price is 450-500HKD.

There are not many guests, so you can choose the lady slowly. I thought to myself, let’s spend here today. However, the next stop was the famous Fuji Building, so I gave up the idea of having sex here. If you don’t meet a satisfied lady in Fuji Building, it’s not too late to come back.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Hagi Building】

Miss level: There are some young and beautiful ladies.

Number of girls: few

Recommendation: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆(6/10)

The highlight of Heyi Building is that the girls are of a good standard, and there are not many customers, so you can choose girls slowly. At the same time, it is very close to the Fuji Building. It is very convenient to stop by when you go to the Fuji Building.

Fuji Building

Fuji Building is only 200 meters away from Heyi Building, and we arrived at Fuji Building at 21:17 on foot.

The route to Fuji Building by car

Location: Causeway Bay (Causeway Bay)

Directions: Get off at MTR Causeway Bay Station, take Exit B, and walk for 6 minutes.

【Exterior of Fuji Building】

Unlike other 141 buildings, the entrance of Fuji Building is brightly lit and very eye-catching.

As expected of the famous 141, the elevator is full of lecherous gentlemen waiting in line.

After waiting for 5 minutes, I got on the elevator and went straight to the 22nd floor.

There are many girls picking up customers, and there is a “Please wait” sign on the door.

From one end, ring the bell to check the lady, and go down to the next floor after the whole floor is finished. The lady’s level is very high.

I was wandering, and suddenly, there was an indecent panting sound… very lewd.

I listened carefully by the scripture door, isn’t this abnormal? The voice of the man… the sound of taking a shower, this should be the end of the matter.

After waiting for a while, there was another indecent gasp… This is not going to end, it’s clearly just the beginning!

Judging from the lascivious breathing and the man’s cheerful voice, this should be a good lady. I took down the room number and continued to investigate.

I rang the doorbell many times, but I didn’t meet a very satisfied lady. I decided to return to the room where the indecent gasp was heard just now.

Although I have now descended to the 11-12 floors, I climbed the stairs and returned to the destination floor.

At the door, there was still the same panting sound. This should be a different guest・・・

After waiting for 30 minutes, the door opened, and both the lady and the guest showed up. The lady is slender and has a pretty face, just the type I like.

I met the eyes of the lady, and I asked the lady with gestures, can I enter the house? Miss nodded.

Take a closer look at the lady, she is very cute.

Jiao Jiao: “I heard the tempting panting sound, I liked it very much, so I just waited outside.”

Miss: “Really? You are so honest.”

Soon the distance with Miss was shortened. The lady has a good personality. She is 22 years old and comes from Shenzhen. Ask the lady how much the price is, the answer is 500HKD.

We went to the shower room together, and the lady helped me to wash and then went to bed.

I lay on my back and the lady started licking my chest. After a while, the lady’s head moves down・・・

Miss, “If you add 100HKD, you can blowjob without a condom. Do you need it?”

The price is not expensive, I’ll take it right away.

After the lady played the flute, the little brother was full of vigor and eager to try. The lady put a condom on the little brother, and it fit in the normal position.

Miss’s skin is white and transparent; although her breasts are not big, they are natural and unaffected; her body lines are very beautiful.

While sprinting, admiring the young lady’s beautiful body, it’s too tempting. Soon, the same panting sound as before came out from the lady’s mouth. Great, the reason I’m coming back here after a long circle is because of the wheeze!

The lady touched my neck with her hand for a while, and kissed me for a while, which added a lot of fun to the sex. I finally couldn’t control it and fired a cannon.

Afterwards, the lady greatly appreciated my skill in bed. After showering again, I said goodbye.

Since the popular Champagne Building B closed, many customers have moved to Fuji Building. The ladies here are very young and there are many of them. Recommended.

【Characteristics and Reviews of Fuji Building】

Miss level: There are many young and energetic ladies.

Number of ladies: too many. It should be the largest 141 apartment in Hong Kong.

Recommendation: ★★★★★★★★☆☆(8/10)

It may be related to the access time, there is

Many rooms have “Please Wait” signs. It is not known whether the lady is picking up the guests, or the lady is not at work. In terms of feeling, it is not as overcrowded as Jianxing Building. In short, Fuji Building is a good place to go.

Fuller Building

Take the subway from Causeway Bay Station, change trains, get off at Jordan Station, and you will see Fuller Building in front of you. The time is 23:00.

The route to Fuller Building by car

Location: Jordan area

Direction: Get off at MTR Jordan Station, take Exit A, and you will be right in front of you.

【Appearance of Fuller Building】

Entering the building, the apartment is of medium size. Ring the bell to investigate, the lady is either an aunt or an ugly monster. However, the price is cheap, asking price between 400-500HKD.

【Features and comments of Fuller Building】

Miss level: Except for mature women, they are ugly.

Number of Misses: Medium

Recommendation: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)
Not recommended to experience.

Xinglong Building

The current time is 23:27. There is also the last apartment 141 that I did not go to, Xinglong Building.

Take Central first, then change to Sheung Wan, get off at Sheung Wan Station, and arrive at Xinglong Building at 23:51.

The route to Xinglong Building by car

Location: Sheung Wan area

Route: Get off at MTR Sheung Wan Station, exit from Exit E2, it is right in front of you.

【Exterior of Xinglong Building】

Take the elevator to the top floor. Although the hygienic conditions in the corridor are poor, the lady who showed up has a good personality and good looks.

【Characteristics and Evaluation of Xinglong Building】

Miss level: most of the ladies are between 26 and 35 years old; among them there are many beautiful and lovely ladies.

Number of girls: few

Recommendation: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

Compared with other small-scale 141 apartments, the level of Miss Xinglong Building is obviously higher than that of No. 56-58 Lai Chi Kok Road and Wubao Building, but lower than that of Heyi Building in Causeway Bay.

The lady has a gentle personality, and there are not many customers, so the service quality should be good.

It is now 0:00 midnight, and the investigation of 141 has come to an end.

Today, from 6:00 p.m. to 0:00 midnight, I inspected nine 141 apartments non-stop, and got first-hand information about each 141 apartment; The harvest has been outstanding, and it’s time to treat yourself well.

First I went to the convenience store 7-11 to buy 2 bottles of beer and drank them all in one go; then I went to a restaurant that provided refreshments and ordered Xiaolongbao, spring rolls and dumplings, etc.; I went to a porridge shop and ordered a bowl of chicken porridge. Too full.

Back at the hotel at 2:20am. So tired, sleep.

The best 3 Hong Kong 141 apartments

In the past, Fuji Building in Causeway Bay and Block B of Champagne Building in Tsim Sha Tsui kept pace with each other, occupying the leading position of 141 apartments in Hong Kong. With the disappearance of Block B of Champagne Building, after reshuffling, there are now 3 excellent apartments: Fuji Building, Fali Building, and Jianxing Building.

Among them, I prefer Jianxing Building. In Jianxing Building, there are many local Hong Kong young customers patronizing. This also proves the popularity of the 141 from the side. However, in order to avoid the peak period of guest visits, it is recommended to experience it between 17-18 o’clock.

From the comprehensive evaluation of multiple factors such as the number of ladies, age, appearance and nationality, the above three apartments have become the best 141 apartments. Go to these 3 apartments, and you will definitely meet the lady you like.

If you still can’t find the lady you like after going to these 3 places, it means that 141 in Hong Kong is not suitable for you.

The remaining 6 apartments are summarized below.

Average-rated buildings: Heyi Building (Causeway Bay) and Hing Lung Building (Sheung Wan)

Negative Review Building: Wubao (Mong Kok)・Fuller (Jordan)・Lai Chi Kok Road 56-58

Closed: Block B, Champagne Building

Points to note when experiencing Hong Kong 141

“Choosing an apartment is super important”

The level of girls in different apartments varies greatly. If you go to the wrong apartment, you will be disappointed and waste your time.

“The building entrance of Hong Kong 141 is hard to find”

Most of the entrances of apartment 141 are very unobtrusive. It is recommended to look for the entrance of the apartment by referring to the photos of the exterior of the apartment provided in this notebook.

When it’s dark, look up and there will be pink neon lights shining through the windows of Apartment 141.

“Ring the doorbell from house to house, don’t read the advertisement”

Start at one end of the corridor and ring the doorbells from house to house. Don’t be misled by the advertisement in front of the door, choose after meeting the lady. The lady is used to the scene where the guests turn and leave after meeting, and the guests don’t have to worry about it.

“Don’t Keep Ringing the Doorbell”

Sometimes, the lady is picking up the guests, but forgets to turn over the card and still shows “Welcome”. At this time, don’t keep ringing the doorbell. If there is no response inside, go to another unit. This happened to me when I had a bed fight with the lady at the Fuji Building. The lady forgot to turn the card, we’re going crazy and it’s annoying to keep clicking outside.

“How to Choose a Miss”

Basically quick fixes. Don’t ask endless questions. Local Hong Kong customers just ask the price and make a decision. Unless the lady is very free, don’t ask endlessly.

“When you meet a lady you like, and want to see it again, you must remember the lady’s unit number”

The principle is, “When you meet a lady you like, you choose immediately.” If you want to shop around and the lady is one of the candidates, be sure to remember the lady’s room number.

“Miss sees too much, it is difficult to choose a lady”

Unlike saunas in Macau, the ladies stand in a row, making it easy to choose. But in 141, you look at girls from house to house, and if you see too many girls, you will lose the ability to distinguish and choose.

If you think it’s almost the same, you have to make a decisive decision and enter the house to start a war.

“It’s a good idea to choose a lady based on the sound of the bed”

If you can hear the tempting sound of calling the bed outside the lady’s door, even if you are acting, it also shows that the lady’s service spirit is strong, so it is a good way to choose the lady for the first time. I just selected the lady by this method, and I am very satisfied with the result.

“Netizens who value service quality and cost-effectiveness recommend finding Thai people”

Basically, Thai girls offer good service and cheap prices. of course there are exceptions.

“It is advisable to choose additional paid service items”

My lady offered an additional item of 100HKD for bare blowjob. As a result, high-quality service was enjoyed.

“Photography is strictly prohibited”

Some netizens may dismiss it, but I still want to emphasize it here. There are many surveillance video cameras in the apartment, and there are notices posted in the building, “Once you find any sneak-camera behavior, you will immediately call the police, and you may face a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison.”

“Foreign currency exchange, Chongqing Mansions has the best exchange rate”

Consumption in Hong Kong 141 requires cash payment. When you need to change money, go to Chungking Mansions.

Hong Kong 141’s business hours

Generally, the peak business hours of 141 are: 17:00-0:00; there are also businesses between 15:00-17:00 and 0:00-2:00, but it is relatively deserted.

My survey results prove that the best time to go to 141 is 17:00-18:00. There are a lot of girls at this time, and the local guests are not off work yet, so it is the best time to go to 141 to experience.

Law and order in Hong Kong

The law and order in Hong Kong is good. As a male, you can safely walk on the street alone late at night, at most, just watch out for thieves in night markets and other places.

For nightlife in Hong Kong, the first choice is Yifeng on the first floor

The information provided by this note is sufficient for Hong Kong 141 beginners.

Hong Kong 141, “There are a lot of cute ladies, cheap, easy to experience”, is very popular among newcomers.

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