In Belgium, the sex industry is legal and you can experience it with peace of mind. This time I took advantage of an escort service in Brussels.
Escort service is more expensive, but the website said that there are many model-level Chinese girls, so I decided to give it a try.
I was looking for girls on the site and one of them named Telia attracted me. Telia is 18 years old, with a small face, fair skin, long blond hair, slim figure, feels good, selected.
Get in touch with the lady through WhatsApp, and make an appointment to meet at the lady’s residence at 4:00 pm one hour later. The price is 160 euros for 30 minutes, and the service includes kissing and oral sex without condom.
After I sent her my profile picture, the lady sent her address.
I got off in about 10 minutes by tram, and then walked for another 10 minutes to her apartment
Next door to the apartment is a hotel. I entered the hotel by mistake and asked the front desk to find out that I had entered the wrong door. It was embarrassing.
I got in touch with the lady in front of the lady’s apartment, and the lady went downstairs to welcome me into the building.
The lady herself is basically the same as the photo, she is a tall beauty. I am excited.
The problem is that the lady can’t speak English, and the online saying that she is proficient in English is pure nonsense. Judging by the attitude of the other party, it seems that they are not interested in communicating. I slowed down and tried to talk to her, but the lady didn’t respond, feeling that the atmosphere was too awkward.
The only thing I learned is that the lady said that she is from Ukraine, but I feel that she should be Russian.
After I went to take a shower by myself, I went to war.
I opted for the GFE (Girls’ Experience) package, which includes kisses and bareback blowjobs. After the kiss, I started fondling the tits, cunnilingus. I was so excited to have foreplay with such a beautiful woman like a lover.
However, the foreplay from the lady was perfunctory. After symbolically stroking my body a few times, she monotonously stimulated my penis with her hands, and then began to perform oral sex without a condom; seeing that the penis had an erection, she immediately took the lead in normal sexual intercourse.
The lady was very calm throughout the process, with no passion at all. The penis quickly becomes flagging.
I had no choice but to apply lotion all over my penis and masturbate by myself. After the penis regained its erection, I would go into the position and have sex again. Ejaculate after vaginal penetration.
Afterwards, I went to take a shower again, and the time was up, so I left the room.
Miss appearance: 90 points;
Service: 75 points;
Comprehensive: 80 points.
Although the lady’s appearance and figure are great, the service is very average. There is almost no communication between them, not entirely because of the language barrier, the lady herself has almost no willingness to communicate, she is too cold. For me, an uninteresting intercourse does not bring me any pleasure and satisfaction at all.

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