Among the three Baltic countries, Estonia has the most beautiful women
Estonia, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, has more than 1,500 islands, numerous beaches, virgin forests and lakes, and its natural scenery is colorful.
At the same time, ancient cities, churches, fortresses and other historic sites with the color of the former Soviet Union can be seen everywhere on the street.
This time, the focus of the author’s investigation is the nightclubs in the capital Tallinn. The results of the investigation are now introduced to you.
In the capital Tallinn, although there are no government-recognized brothels, there are many erotic massage parlors.
The characteristics of Estonian women are “blonde, fair, tall and slender”, and many girls have a model-like figure. Walking on the streets of the capital Tallinn, you can see lovely beauties everywhere.
Many people know that Ukraine is a country of beautiful women, but don’t forget that Estonian women are also very beautiful.
Tallinn nightclubs (1) Erotic massage Luxrelax
Erotic massage in Tallinn offers massage and sex, no blowjob.
Most of the girls in erotic massage parlors are young and cute.
The author examines the erotic massage Luxrelax.
First, the author tried to contact the store with WhatsApp, but there was no reply. The author turned to the chat area on the official website to contact the store, and there was a reply soon. Can communicate in English. After informing the store of my visit time, I got the address of the store.
The author took the streetcar and came to Luxrelax.
Judging from the appearance of the shop, it is impossible to confirm that this is an erotic massage shop. Entering the building, you can see the “Luxrelax” guide written on the ground. When you go down the stairs, you can see the half-open store door.
After entering the store, I was taken to the reception room by the waiter.
It deserves to be an erotic massage shop. The lighting in the shop is dim, with blue and pink colored lights everywhere, creating a thick and ambiguous atmosphere.
The waiter brought a cup of coffee, and the author drank while waiting.
After about 10 minutes, the waiter appeared again and introduced the service items. Afterwards, the girls filed in, and there were 4 girls in total. The lady is very nice, young and lovely.
The level of the girls is good, so I decided to choose the 90-minute VIP package served by 2 girls.
A brunette and a blonde Miss Estonian were chosen. Both are young and in good shape.
The only thing that bothered me was that when choosing the lady, they all turned their heads to the side and didn’t make eye contact. In this case, can the service be good?
The waiter took the author to the room. The room was clean and tidy. After taking a shower alone, the author found the wine on the table. It turned out that this is the free wine provided by the VIP package, and it tastes good after a sip.
Two ladies entered the room wearing sexy costumes. Soon, the two took off their shirts, leaving only a pair of underwear.
The duo had elegant bodies and radiant skin.
The author sat by the bed, and the two began to dance. Not jumping randomly, but very seriously. Then, the two took off their underwear and appeared naked…
The two ladies chatted with the author while dancing. The distance between each other shortened, and the ladies began to massage me.
The author was lying on the bed, one lady smeared lotion on the dick and started to jerk off, and the other lady licked my ears, neck and chest.
The author is not idle, touching the pink nipples of two girls at the same time. Then, a lady used her breasts to push oil all over my body.
The author was slapping and licking breasts, and the ladies accepted them one by one. But when the author tried to point to the lady’s lower body, he was rejected. Similarly, when the author wanted to kiss the lady, the lady also avoided it.
When it gets to the peak, one lady puts a condom on the dick for a female dominatrix fit; the other licks her partner’s nipples wildly while stimulating her own secret part.
Stimulated by such a big show, the author was extremely excited and ejaculated very quickly.
Enjoyed the services of 2 Estonian girls, very satisfied.
Luxrelax opening hours and prices
Business hours: 11:00-0:00
Standard package (60 minutes): 90€
VIP package (90 minutes for 2 ladies): 240€
The VIP package can ejaculate twice.
The Place of Luxrelax
Nightclubs in Tallinn (2) Erotic massage JT Productions OÜ
JT Productions OÜ opened in an ordinary apartment.
After the author rang the bell, the waitress opened the door for the author and introduced the service items in English.
There are 5 girls in total, all of whom are Romanians.
The author chose a lady and went to the room to have sex. First, the author lay prone on the bed, and the lady began to massage the author’s whole body. Then, it’s the condom sex stage, no blowjob service. There is nothing remarkable about the whole process.
“JT Productions OÜ Hours of Operation and Prices”
Business hours: 13:00-23:00
Massage plus intercourse (60 minutes): 80€
Locations of JT Productions OÜ
Take tram No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 and get off at “Viru” station, and walk for a few minutes.
Nightclubs in Tallinn (3) Escorts Services Escorts Estonia
The escort girls in Tallinn include both local Estonians and Western European women. Most of the ladies are fair-skinned, blond and blue-eyed.
The young lady has a wide range of ages, ranging from 18 to 39 years old.
Many ladies can speak English. Miss is not affiliated with any intermediary, but a personal business.
Girls basically provide condom blowjob and condom sex services. On the introduction column of the lady’s personal information, other additional payment options will also be listed.
【Escorts Estonia】official website:
Escorts Estonia

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