After investigating the night scene in Oslo, Norway, I came to Copenhagen and looked at the night scene here.
【Category of nightclubs in Copenhagen】
Denmark promulgated a new law in 1999, stipulating that prostitution itself is a legal act, but organizing and managing prostitution is illegal. Therefore, the brothels that were once more popular almost withdrew from the stage of history. Now the nightclubs in Copenhagen mainly have the following forms:
Escort service (In-Call): popular nightclub;
Strip clubs: drinking, watching kinky dances, touching girls;
Thai erotic massage: Miss age is high;
Street prostitutes: less in number;
Picking up Girls Bar: After directly negotiating with the “women” (mostly pseudo-girls) in the bar, take them back to the hotel.
brief notes
Danish prices are high
Copenhagen nightclubs map
street whore
Pick up bar Thai Corner
thai erotic massage
strip club
Escort service (In-Call) (recommended)
Copenhagen nightclub summary
Danish prices are high
I took a Norwegian Air flight from Oslo to Copenhagen, and the ticket was only 77 euros, which is very cheap.
It took only 13 minutes to take the tram from the airport to Copenhagen’s main train station.
check in to a hotel. The hotel room is small, only about 9 square meters, and the room rate is 800 DKK per night.
Put down your luggage and go to the street to eat. The streets of Copenhagen don’t look like other Nordic cities, but more like Germany or the Netherlands, and the cleanliness is worse than Oslo.
Entered a restaurant called Restaurant Karla, ordered Flaeskesteg (roast pork). I feel that the meat quality of Danish pork is a bit dry, but the meat skin is rich in juice and delicious.
Roast pork: DKK 178.
Draft beer: DKK 68 for a glass.
Going to a convenience store to buy a bottle of mineral water and chewing gum cost 40 Danish kroner; a burger set at a burger shop costs about 100 Danish kroner.
The prices in Northern Europe are really scary, but they are slightly cheaper than Oslo.
Copenhagen nightclubs map
The addresses of the various nightclubs I visited during this visit are summarized in the map below.
street whore
On a weekend night, I went to the area where prostitutes live in the four streets (see the map for the location) to investigate. First, I went to Station Street prostitute stronghold 1 (City Hall Square) and stronghold 2 (Pedestrian Street Strøget) on the east side of Copenhagen Railway Station, but I didn’t see the lady.
Go further east, to the station street whore stronghold 3 (Kongens Nytorv Square), found a station street whore. In a nearby bar, there are many women who look like wandering warblers, but they will not take the initiative to talk to men.
Next, I went to Station Street hooker stronghold 4 (Istedgade Street) on the west side of the main train station.
Here, I met three street prostitutes, all from Romania. Two of them are big sisters, and one is younger. I approached the young lady and she quoted about 1,700 DKK including the room rate. Too expensive, I turned and left.
Street hooker prices:
DKK 1500 for 30 minutes
Room fee 200 DKK
This is the lady’s quotation, and it must be negotiable.
Recommended degree:
★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)
The ladies are mainly from Romania, the number of girls is very small, the appearance is average, the asking price is high, and the price/performance ratio is extremely poor.
Pick up bar Thai Corner
Pick-up bar Thai Corner is located on Istedgade Street, where there are street prostitutes.
The upper floor of the building is a restaurant and the lower floor is a bar.
Entering the bar, there were 3 white customers and 5 Thai women.
Buy a glass of beer, sit down and observe carefully, and find that all Thai women are fake mothers.
I feel that the atmosphere in the store is exactly the same as the beer bars in the small alleys of Pattaya. I wanted to leave the store right away, but after thinking about it, it is really precious to have such a weird store in Denmark in Northern Europe, so I decided to sit down and talk about it later.
Talk to a cute looking douchebag, buy her a beer and start chatting.
Me: “(lowering the voice) Are all fake girls here?”
Pseudo-mother: “Don’t talk nonsense.”
The puppet in front of me has all the characteristics of a hermaphrodite: too much physical contact, strong body touch, deep voice, big hands…
Pseudo-girl: “I’m different from them, I’m a girl.” Who would believe it!
Ask her the price, the answer is 2500 DKK for 1 hour. Insanely expensive.
Pick Up Bar Prices:
Beer: DKK 50 per glass
Miss drinks: DKK 100 per glass
Presentation fee (1 hour) 2500 DKK
The lady’s quotation is too high, and I don’t even bother to bargain. I can definitely bargain, and it is estimated that I can negotiate a price of 1000-1500 Danish kroner.
Recommended degree:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)
The 5 ladies are all fake mothers, and they are also older; the asking price is too high.
Although I never recommend to experience it, it is so rare to find such a store in Northern Europe. Of course, it is not necessary to go to Northern Europe to experience Thai pussies. If you are in Northern Europe and miss the atmosphere of Thai nightclubs, it is not a bad idea to come here.
thai erotic massage
“Nina Thai Wellness”
I couldn’t tell from the outside whether the store was open or not. After ringing the doorbell, an aunt opened the door and told me that there was no lady at the moment, so I turned and left.
《Thai Goldfinger Wellness & Massage》
Thai Goldfinger is a store facing the street, which looks like a regular massage shop on the surface. After I entered the store, I asked the aunt at the front desk if there was any special service, and the aunt had a smirk on her face. Looks like I’ve come to the right place.
I want to take a look at the lady, and 3 women are here, all of them are aunts.
Although the ladies are not good, the atmosphere of the store and the smiles of the ladies are all Thai-style, which makes people feel at ease.
Massage oil massage for 30 minutes: DKK 600
Massage oil massage for 60 minutes: DKK 900
For special services, you need to negotiate with the lady.
Recommended degree:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)
The level of the lady is about the same as that of the beer bar lady in the small alley of Pattaya. Not cheap.
If you live in Europe, have no chance to go to Thailand, and you can accept mature women, you can go to investigate.
strip club
I investigated strip clubs during the night.
“Bada Bing”
Bada Bing is a high-end store. Unfortunately, it was temporarily closed that day.
“Candy Club”
Candy Club is also located on Istedgade Street.
After buying tickets, enter the store. The lighting in the store was dim, and the lady’s face could not be seen clearly. There were 4-5 young ladies sitting there quietly in the store, no one was dancing.
I walked into a lady.
Me: “Don’t dance?”
Miss: “Dance when there is a tip from a customer.”
Although there are customers coming and going, the level of the customers is not high, the atmosphere of the store is not good, and the lady does not take the initiative to talk to the customers. Feel bad.
Tickets: 80 DKK
Beer: DKK 40 per glass
Private dance (30 minutes): DKK 1200
Recommended degree:
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)
The shop is narrow and dark, the air is stale, and the lady is cold.
Miss level is average, no one dances.
The price-performance ratio of private dance is very poor.
Although there is no value for investigation, considering that the ticket plus a glass of beer only costs 120 Danish kroner, it is really cheap in Denmark, and it is not bad to take a look at it in your spare time.
“Cristal Club”
Not far from Candy Club, there is a relatively new strip club, Cristal Club. I observed in front of the store for a while, but there were no customers coming in and out, which was very bleak. Not worth investigating.
Escort service (In-Call) (recommended)
The next day, I looked into escort services.
The website I utilize is
On the English version, select the København (Copenhagen) region. In the information area of the lady, there is an Area column where the lady is located. Using Google search, you can roughly determine the area where the lady is located.
Another website is also good, there are online reviews by Miss.
Since the girls are often not contacted, it is necessary to prepare a few more candidate girls.
After I got in touch with a lady, the appointment was done.
On this day, I used the mobile app DOT to purchase a 24-hour valid ticket for trams and buses. I took the tram and the bus successively, and then walked for about 10 minutes to the lady’s residence.
This is a beautiful condominium.
After I sent a message to the lady downstairs, the lady opened the door for me.
Upstairs, the lady opened the door. The lady herself was prettier than the pictures. She is from Eastern Europe and is slim.
First confirm the package time. Since I don’t have Danish Krone, the lady agreed to pay in Euros beforehand.
Miss: “You can pay after the work is done.” Usually escort services are paid first. This lady’s practice is rare. It seems that she should be a high-quality lady.
This lady does not offer sexual services. The reason why I chose her is to consider girls who only provide masturbation services, usually at a high level. This time it was confirmed again.
The lady applied massage oil all over my body and gave me a Body to Body massage. Then the lady’s face was close to mine, and she began to concentrate on masturbating. I use my hands to gently massage Miss’s beautiful breasts. After a pass service, ejaculate.
The lady is very patient, and she doesn’t mean to be in a hurry at all. She has nothing to say about her appearance and service. The rooms are also clean and nice.
Miss fee:
30 minutes massage plus masturbation: 800 DKK (I paid 110 EUR)
Escort service price quotes:
30 minutes: DKK 500-1000
1 hour: 1000-2000 DKK
Let the lady come to the guest hotel, an additional 300-400 Danish kroner is required
Recommended degree:
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)
Denmark’s favorite night scene.
The lady’s appearance, service quality, and hospitality are all very good.
The price of massage plus masturbation is higher, but you can meet high-level girls.
Copenhagen nightclub summary
Compared with Germany, the nightlife in Copenhagen, Denmark is relatively scarce; but compared with Norway, Copenhagen’s nightclub atmosphere is relatively strong.
For the escort service in Copenhagen, there are online reviews for reference, and it is easy to find high-quality girls.
The prices here are indeed very high. When you come to Denmark, you have to pay less attention to the price in order to enjoy the greatest pleasure.
If you have the opportunity to come to Denmark, you should experience the nightlife here.

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