I went to Havana, the capital of Cuba this time, and investigated the local nightlife. The wonderful experience has been unforgettable for me for a long time.
<Day 1> Check in at the homestay
When I arrived at Havana airport, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening. I planned to live in a B&B, but I asked the taxi driver to take me to a B&B without making an appointment in advance. The driver took me to a homestay in the old city. The owner of the B&B is a Hispanic aunt in her forties. She is estimated to have been a beautiful woman when she was young. The accommodation fee is 30CUC per day.
Put down your bags and go out to eat. I wanted to take a look at Malecon Street after dinner, but the street was pitch black, and I was new here and unfamiliar with the environment, so I backed down, went back to the B&B, and fell asleep early.
<Day 2> 3P experience for the first time in life
After breakfast, go for a walk on Malecon Street.
Go to the bar for a cocktail Mojito during the day, and go to the war museum to see the wax figures.
When I travel, I don’t like to have a full schedule and watch one scenic spot after another. I like to wander around, stop in shops or bars, buy a glass of Rum wine or beer and drink slowly. I walked and came to a park, where a lot of people gathered, all playing with their phones with their heads down. It turned out that they were surfing the Internet. The average household in Cuba does not yet have access to the Internet, and Wi-Fi access is only available in some limited public areas. The park has a Wi-Fi signal.
Even though it was getting dark, many people still stayed here to surf the Internet. One of the black women attracted me. She has a curvy body with big tits and a stilted ass.
When I met the eyes of the lady, she said something in Spanish, I think it should be, “Honey, how about going for a drink together?”. Although I didn’t drink less this day, I followed the lady to a small bar near the park.
As soon as I was seated, two black girls came from nowhere and suggested “Cheers together!”. Looks like I’m going to have a treat today. One Mojito per person (one cup 5CUC), cheers!
The four of them danced a body dance while drinking, and finally, the black girl who just met suggested, “My friend lives nearby, how about going to her house for a while?”. It’s time to choose. The other party was 3 black women. The woman I met at first was a bit like the American singer Jennifer Kate Hudson when she was getting fat. She had a devilish figure and claimed to be a dancer; their distant relatives. Is it too heavy for 4 people to play together? I’m hesitating, a distant relative has left. Well, let’s play 3P today.
After arriving at their friend’s house, they negotiated the price and finally settled the deal at 80CUC for two people.
“Jennifer” removes her shorts, revealing her Stars and Stripes panties. The relationship with the United States is so tense, where did you buy the underwear? After taking off the underwear, the black pearl body of the Caribbean Sea can be seen at a glance.
Possibly the effect of the alcohol, “Jennifer” comes up with a condom on his penis and fucks with a female. She screamed loudly while twisting her waist. It felt good, but she was too heavy for the penis, and my heart was at its limit. I quickly stopped and took turns to have sex with my sisters after standing up.
The problem is, both of them have big asses, and the fat asses have become an obstacle to intercourse, and it is difficult to penetrate into their bodies. At this moment, I couldn’t care too much, I fought hard, and ejaculated after about 10 minutes. Even though I performed beyond normal, the two of them still showed expressions of “Is it over so soon?” Miss Latin’s lust is too strong. I am convinced.
After paying the fee, leave the room and say goodbye.
<Day 3> Fight against blonde Latin women
I have been in Havana for 3 days, and I am already familiar with the environment here. I eat Arroz Congri (red rice with black beans) at canteens catering to locals, explore small alleys, and shop. The law and order in Havana is indeed reassuring.
In many countries in Zhongnanmi, the law and order are very poor. If you walk alone on the small road, you will encounter robbers. Cuba, on the other hand, is a socialist country that emphasizes equality for all, and the police are loyal to their duties, so there are no criminals who try to attack tourists. More importantly, the people here are kind-hearted and contented.
Drink and hang out during the day, leisurely and leisurely. In the evening, I went to a large club. Men and women danced wildly in the hall. The dance of the Havana girls was too hot. Whether it was the twisting of the waist or the changing of the dance steps, we in the East could not match it. I watched while drinking, which made me feel hot all over.
It was almost time, and I quit the club and went to Malecon Street.
As I was walking, a blonde came up to me and took the initiative to talk, “Hola! Are you Chinese? Can we play together if you have time?”, “How about 50CUC? One of my acquaintances lives nearby, we can to her house”. Due to the dim lighting, I can’t see her face clearly, but it feels good, and it’s a deal.
I followed the lady for about 5 minutes and came to a dilapidated house next to Malecon Street. Go up to the 3rd floor, the lady has the key herself, and opens the door to enter the room. Looking closely under the light, the young lady is too old. She introduced herself as being born locally.
The lady asked me if I wanted to take a shower, so I went to the shabby shower and simply washed my penis.
“Wow, what a great penis, it looks like a lecherous master.” As expected of the country of Latin, even the street girls are so bold and enthusiastic. The lady took off her blouse, exposed her breasts, and began to kiss and blowjob naked all over her body.
Normal sex with a condom. I have to say that the lady’s clamping skills are really powerful, that is, within 10 minutes, I ejaculate. I originally planned to switch to standing after a while, but I didn’t expect that in front of the strong Caribbean woman, all my plans came to naught.
Cuban women
While Cuban ladies satisfy the physical needs of their guests, they also enjoy themselves.
Although the income of ordinary people is very low and their lives are relatively poor, they do not take money very seriously. If you speak some Spanish and a little Salsa, you’ll have a good chance of picking up girls and getting fucked for free at clubs and the like, where you’ll meet hot women everywhere.
The trip to Havana is coming to an end, but I know that my heart will stay here for a long time.

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