Arrived in São Paulo early yesterday morning and came to Liberdade today to check out cheap brothels.
The law and order around Liberdade is not very good. It is still safe to walk on the streets during the day, especially in the central area where there are many restaurants and cafes. But once you step out of this central area, the atmosphere changes, especially at night, when you often see homeless or drunk people wandering around topless.
I came to the brothel building I visited 8 years ago. Unlike the adjacent buildings, the walls of this building are covered with graffiti, and men are constantly coming in and out of the building door (the red circle in the picture below).
Although this is not my first visit, this is a bottom-end brothel after all, so I was a little nervous. Open the door and enter the building.
There is a front desk not far from the door, and the waiter is an Asian aunt. The guest’s backpack should be stored at the front desk. If you think it is unreliable to store your bag in such a place, it is best not to have a backpack when you come to the store.
There is a spiral staircase behind the reception desk, and the creaking sound from the staircase can be heard from the reception desk.
I went up the narrow spiral staircase.
There are 2 or 3 small bars on each floor, and there are several small compartments-rooms in the bar. The lady solicits customers outside the bar, in the corridor or on the stairs.
There are more than 10 girls in each floor, and the girls are of average level. Most of the guests are local civilians.
I turned around upstairs and downstairs, and finally stopped in front of a white lady.
The lady can only speak Portuguese and cannot communicate in depth. The lady typed the price on her mobile phone: 20Real. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was this price 8 years ago! At that time, the Brazilian Real was strong, but now it has depreciated significantly. Today, 20 Real can only be exchanged for about 4 US dollars. I’ve been to clubs all over the world and this is by far the cheapest brothel I’ve come across.
Pay 20Real at the bar and go to the room with the lady.
The room was small, nothing but a small bed and a fan. Fortunately, there is a window in the room, otherwise it would be too depressing.
The two began to undress, and the young lady folded her panties and carefully placed them in the corner of the bed. It seems that Miss is a good girl.
The materials of condoms in Brazil are very poor. I took out the condom I brought with me and asked the lady if I could use it, and the lady readily agreed.
In Brazil, the lady never refused the condom I brought. But in FKK in Germany, she was rejected by the lady. According to Ms. FKK, some weird customers will deliberately pierce the small hole in the condom, and they dare not use the condom that the customer brings.
Start having sex. The lady wore a blowjob set and looked into my eyes while blowing. The penis is erect and fits normally. I haven’t been to a nightclub in Brazil for 8 years. The unique atmosphere of Brazil’s bottom brothel and the exceptionally low prices made me very excited. I was blown away in less than 3 minutes.
The young lady has been chattering loudly, although the voice is very nice, but what she is talking about, I have no idea.
$4 fuck, so cheap.
I left the brothel very satisfied, the warm sun shone on my body, I was very embarrassed.
Latest information on $4 brothels in São Paulo (March 2022)
Recommendation: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆(6/10)
Miss level: average
Price: 20 Real ($4). The cheapest in the world.
Room: The room is fairly clean and tidy.
Opening Hours: Noon to 8pm. It is recommended to visit during the daytime on weekends, when there are most girls and it is easy to choose girls.
Address: R. Conselheiro Furtado, 151 – Liberdade, São Paulo – SP, 01511-000, Brazil
This brothel has not raised prices for 8 years, and it is a conscientious shop. Although the lady’s level is average, it’s worth spending $4 for sex. It is worth going to experience.

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