The city of Villach is located in the south of Austria, bordering Italy and Slovenia. The famous FKK Wellcum is located in Villach.
I took the tram from Vienna to Villach in about 5 hours; then I took the S4 tram to Arnoldstein station in 20 minutes; then I called (+43 664 19 86 777) and called a taxi from the Express Taxi company to Wellcum. (For detailed path introduction, please refer to Jiaojiao’s notes)
FKK Wellcum is at the foot of a mountain, surrounded by forests, and the view is spectacular.
Approaching FKK is like being in a secret place, with a feeling of rapid heartbeat. First check in to the hotel in FKK, 85 euros a night, the room is very clean and tidy.
After a short rest, go to FKK. Pay 90 euros for the ticket and enter the store.
The time is around 2:00 pm. At this time, there are very few ladies, only 5-6 people.
Go to the sauna first, there are 4 kinds of saunas, each with different temperature and humidity settings. I love hot saunas.
After steaming in the sauna, go to the courtyard, sit on a deck chair, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and enjoy the sun bath. Too bad.
The cafeteria opens at 6:00 p.m. I go to the cafeteria to eat, and the food is delicious.
After the meal, we inspected the girls, and the number of girls was obviously more than before. At around 8:00, there were about 20 girls and about 25 guests, most of whom were Italians.
Most of the ladies are from Romania, but there are also Hispanic and South American ladies. The lady is very friendly and enthusiastic, and likes to have long conversations with customers, but she is very restrained in soliciting customers.
The problem is that the young ladies are quite old. It is obvious that some young ladies have sagging buttocks, some young ladies have wrinkles on their faces, and the young ladies who are above the passing line are in the minority.
I ended up with a 23-year-old Miss Romania. The lady has blond hair, a delicate face, and a curvy body, which is my favorite type. She has been working here for 5 months. The negotiated price is 70 euros for 30 minutes, including oral sex without a condom and changing positions at will.
The two entered the room. After a skin-to-skin kiss, the lady began to perform bareback oral sex. The technique of the blowjob is very high, and the penis quickly enters the battle state.
Normal sex with condom. I pushed while stroking the breasts, but soon, the lady called me to stop stroking the breasts, claiming that my breasts hurt.
After changing into place. In this position, I can obviously feel the expansion and contraction function of the lady’s vagina is very strong; in addition, the unbearable face of myself and the blonde beauty in the mirror made me very excited, and I ejaculated soon.
Miss Battle Evaluation
Miss appearance: 80 points;
Service: 75 points;
Comprehensive: 75 points.
The lady is not bad, but I don’t like touching the breasts. Whatever the prohibition, at least it should be explained in the negotiation stage.
Current status of FKK Wellcum (late July 2022)
It seemed a little quieter than before. There are only about 20 ladies on weekdays, and the level of the girls is also average.
According to Miss, the number of Miss weekends is close to 100. Maybe I came at the wrong time, if you visit on weekends, you may meet high-level ladies.
There is nothing to say about the natural scenery here, the magnificent landscape and beautiful natural environment will make you linger.
All kinds of saunas are complete, and the food is super delicious.
On-site hotel: EUR 85 per night
Tickets: 90 Euros
Intercourse: 70 euros (30 minutes)

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