In Australia, the sex industry is a legal industry, and all nightclubs are legally operated. In Cairns, in north-east Queensland, the most popular nightspots are erotic massage and strip clubs.
Cairns Nightclub 1: Erotic Massage Oiled Massage
Oiled Massage offers not only erotic massages, but also professional formal massages. Because of this, many customers are attracted to shop for consumption.
After the author entered the store, the waiter briefly introduced the service items in the store. There are two packages, 30-minute and 45-minute packages. The author chose the 30-minute package. Ms. cannot be chosen.
Then, the author was taken to the massage room. Soon, the lady will appear. The lady is relatively plump, of medium height, and has a cute smile.
First of all, the lady massaged the author with massage oil, which is really good. Before the author was ready, the lady started blowjob without condom, and it was the kind of vacuum blowjob. Seeing that the time has come, the young lady has sex with a female superior wearing a condom. Everything is led by the lady, and the author is just following along. However, this does not affect the quality of sexual intercourse. The young lady barked loudly and acted wildly. Influenced by the lady, the author was in high spirits, and couldn’t help but let out an embarrassing gasp. Before I had time to change my position, the author ejaculated inside the lady’s vagina.
Not only enjoyed the massage, but also had sexual intercourse to my heart’s content, and I felt very refreshed.
《Price of Oiled Massage》
Massage & Blowjob & Condom, 30 minutes: AUD 100
Massage & Blowjob & Condom, 45 minutes: A$130
Location of Oiled Massage
“Points to note when using Oiled Massage”
The shop has both regular and erotic massage departments, so when you enter the shop, you must declare that you need a special massage before being taken to the erotic massage area.
Nightclub 2 in Cairns: Cover Girls, the most prestigious strip club in the city
When mentioning strip clubs in Cairns, the first thing that comes to mind is Cover Girls. It can be seen that the status and prestige of Cover Girls in strip clubs.
At Cover Girls, the hostesses are of a high standard, the performances are excellent, and the services are of the highest quality.
I went to Cover Girls at night.
After paying the entrance fee of 25 Australian dollars, enter.
Buy a beer, sit down and watch the show on stage. The performance came to an end, and the ladies came off the stage to ask for tips. The author met a tall blonde beauty, and after negotiating with her, we went to the private room together.
After entering the private room, the young lady went straight to the point and started blowing the dick for the writer. Soon, the penis is ready for battle, put on the condom, and have sex later. The author sprinted hard while slapping the lady’s buttocks which were swaying from side to side. I ejaculated shortly after.
It seems that here, the ladies are all pursuing quick and clean results. After all, this is a strip club, and sex is only a sideline, so don’t expect too much from it.
The Price of Cover Girls
Tickets: 25 Australian dollars
Private dance (sexual intercourse): 90 Australian dollars
Location of Cover Girls
Take bus No. 110 and get off at “Cairns City” stop, then walk for 4 minutes.

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