In Australia, the sex industry is a legal industry and all nightclubs are legally operated. In Cairns, located in the North East Queensland region, the most popular nightclubs are erotic massage and strip clubs.


Cairns Nightclub 1: Erotic Massage Oiled Massage

Oiled Massage massage parlor not only provides erotic massage, but also provides professional and formal massage. Because of this, many customers are attracted to the store for consumption.

After Xiaosheng entered the store, the waiter briefly introduced the services in the store. There are two packages, namely 30-minute and 45-minute packages. Xiaosheng chose the 30-minute set meal. You cannot choose a young lady.

Then, Xiaosheng was taken to the massage room. Soon, the lady appeared. The lady is plump, of medium height, and has a cute smile.


First of all, the lady used massage oil to massage Xiaosheng, and her technique was really good. Before the young man was ready, the young lady started blowing the flute without a condom, and it was a vacuum blowjob. Seeing that the time has come, the lady put on a condom to fit her body. The young lady is taking the lead in everything, and the young man is just following along. However, this does not affect the quality of the sex. The young lady screamed loudly and acted wildly. Under the influence of the young lady, the young man was in high spirits and could not help but let out an embarrassing gasp. Before he could change his position, the young man began to explode inside the young lady’s body.

I enjoyed the massage and had a good sex, and I felt very happy.


“The Price of Oiled Massage”

Massage & blowjob & condom, 30 minutes: AUD 100
Massage & blowjob & condom, 45 minutes: AUD 130

“Oiled Massage Locations”

“Points to note when using Oiled Massage”

The store has both a regular massage department and an erotic massage department, so after entering the store, you have to declare that you need a special massage before you will be taken to the erotic massage area.


Cairns Nightclub 2: Cover Girls, the city’s most prestigious strip club

When it comes to strip clubs in Cairns, Cover Girls is what immediately comes to mind. This shows the status and prestige of Cover Girls in strip clubs.

At Cover Girls, the escorts are of high caliber, the performances are wonderful and all services are of high quality.


Xiaosheng went to Cover Girls in the evening.

After paying the ticket of AUD 25, enter.

Buy a beer, sit back and watch the show on stage. When the performance came to an end, the ladies came off the stage and asked for tips. Xiaosheng met a tall blonde beauty, negotiated with her and went to a private room together.

After entering the private room, the lady went straight to the point and started playing the flute for the young boy. Soon, the little brother entered the fighting state, put on the condom, and then got into position. The young man slapped the young lady’s buttocks swaying from side to side while sprinting hard. It didn’t take long before the cannon was fired.

It seems that here, the ladies are pursuing quick and clean results. After all, this is a strip club, and sex can only be regarded as a side job, so you can’t have high expectations.


“The Price of Cover Girls”

Tickets: AUD 25
Private dance (sex): AUD 90

“Cover Girls Locations”

Take bus No. 110 and get off at the “Cairns City” stop, and it’s a 4-minute walk away.

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