The last time I met a fake girl in the telegram group, it was a big blow to me, and I fell into the abyss of pain for a while. But it’s not my character to let go of the flames. After my emotions stabilized, I resolutely decided to go out and look for pornographic venues.
It was raining lightly, and I walked down the street without even holding an umbrella.
Soon, a motorcycle driver came to talk to me. The driver claimed that he could introduce young ladies if he wanted to have sex. It was so late, and it was half the effort to wander around by myself, so I decided to follow the driver.
The driver took me to a hotel near the Dragon Bridge. The hotel looks nice.
The motorcycle driver left soon after getting the referral fee from the security guard sitting at the door of the store.
The big-waisted security took me to the elevator.
When I went upstairs to the entrance of the massage shop, the security guard asked me to pay 1 million VND for the massage. I insisted on seeing Miss, and asserted that I wanted Young Miss.
Security guard: “The lady must be young. After paying the money, you can choose the lady.” They refused to give in to each other. I thought it was too risky to pay first, so I wanted to leave the store.
At this time, an old man with extraordinary appearance came on the stage and walked straight to me.
“Why do you speak American English? Have you ever been to America? I lived in California before.” The old man spoke fluent English and seemed to be the owner of the store.
I complained to him that it was unreasonable for the security guard to ask me to pay the money first and then see the lady. After hearing this, the boss instructed the waiter to bring the lady here.
The security guard retreated, and the waiter immediately went to call the lady.
Soon, many ladies appeared on the stage. The overall appearance of the ladies is good.
The ladies are all in their twenties. Although there is nothing to say about their looks, I feel that none of them are my favorite type.
I said to the boss, “I’m sorry, I’ll come back next time.” The boss nodded without complaint. The ladies withdrew immediately.
Seeing that the boss was very reasonable, I chatted with him. According to the boss, due to the impact of covid-19, foreign tourists have dropped sharply, and many young girls have gone to Ho Chi Minh City, so it is very difficult to do nightclub business in small places. He talked endlessly about the current situation in Vietnam, how he felt when he was in the United States, and so on, chatting for nearly an hour.
It was getting late, and I got up to leave the store. At this time, two young ladies walked by us, and the two girls kept staring at me, which made my eyes shine.
The boss also pointed to one of the ladies and strongly recommended her to me.
Indeed, the lady recommended by the boss was young and cute, with plump buttocks, so I immediately chose it.
After paying the gun fee, I went to the gun room with the lady. Take a closer look at Miss, she is indeed very cute, and she looks like a girl from the countryside, very simple and kind.
Get into bed and get ready for sex. Although the lady’s bed skills are average, she has a gentle attitude, and she complies with all my requests, and I am very satisfied.
The price for intercourse is 1 million VND, including the kickback from the motorcycle driver. The price for customers who come to the store by themselves should be 800,000-900,000 VND. Prices are very reasonable.
The ladies are young and lovely and have a friendly attitude.
All in all, this is a massage parlor worth recommending.

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